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Andria Caplan Interview

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Coming off her first pro loss, and first loss since her amateur debut, Andria Caplan will be stepping back in the cage on March 16th when she faces Cassie Crissano for Cage Fury Fighting Championships. Caplan is known for her always coming forward and exciting fights and this is a fight that has a chance to be just like the majority of Caplan's fights, meaning exciting.

Q: Your last fight you lost a decision to Gabrielle Holloway. Looking back at that fight, anything you wish you had maybe done differently?
A: Everything was just off. There is a lot I could have done differently but cant pinpoint one thing. The whole time I knew I was losing but didn't think I was going to lose. Everything in my head was a step behind what was actually happen. It was "that" fight haha. So I got "that" out of the way.

Q: You have gotten used to winning, not losing since your amateur debut, was it hard to not get down on yourself?
A: I was for a little bit but I had so much going on that I didn't even have time to think too too hard about it. Gotta keep moving along. Now I just think this one has to be better.

Q: With all that you do have going on, did it maybe play into the last fight and prevent you from getting your head into it?
A: Plenty of people have made that excuse for me. Plenty of people have said that I shouldn't have fought and all that stuff. I don't any of that would have been a good reason to pull out of the fight or an excuse for not performing. Wasn't my night that's all.

Q: You have Cassie Crissano coming up, what do you know about her?
A: She's a wrestler. She's been fighting for awhile.

Q: She is coming off a couple wins and probably feeling confident, do you go in trying to break her confidence real early?
A: I'm just gonna go in and fight. I know she will be super confident. We both should have a good amount of people there watching. The crowd should be good. I am just going out and fight, do what I do. If she feels confident after fighting, fine, if I break her confidence, even better.

Q: What do you bring to the cage that maybe she has not had to deal with yet?
A: It is a big show in a big venue. A really awesome venue. It is gonna be televised and I am used to that. That is the only thing I am thinking. She's had CNN following her and this, that and the other thing, but I don't know that she has had so much going on, like all the production. It gets in some peoples heads. She might think nothing of it. It used to bother me and I don't think twice about it now.

Q: You are known for having some stand-up wars, if it stays standing, do you think she can hang there with you?
A: I doubt it. I don't think that is where she wants to fight or how she will deal with it if she has to stay there.

Q: Is there a key for you to win this fight?
A: I think I am just gonna be that much more mentally prepared. I wont break.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: I would like to see my hand raised at the end. I would like that.

Q: ave you put any thought into how many times you would like to fight this year?
A: I have been thinking about it a lot actually. Ideally I would love to fight in March and then May and then July, every other month. Whether I can actually do that, between keeping up a camp, doing mom stuff and getting the fights booked haha. I would like to fight three or four times this year.

Q: O.k., now for the important questions. Which cartoon character would make the best fighter?
A: I am gonna go with Buggs Bunny. He always outsmarts everyone right? There is a mental aspect to fighting, being the trickier one.

Q: Which reality show would you be the best fit for?
A: Maybe Amazing Race or something like that would be fun. I would do alright at Survivor, except I suck at the backstabbing stuff haha. My son told me I would do well on Survivor cause I am too much of a hippy.

Q: You are on an island with Dana White, Ronda Rousey, Mike Tyson, Snooki, Jay Leno and Hulk Hogan, who do you vote off first?
A: Snooki.

Q: Who do you vote off last?
A: Probably Ronda cause it would be cool to train with her right? She is pretty good...

Q: That is what I've heard.
A: I heard she has done pretty good for herself haha. So I would keep her around and be like "wanna train?"

Q: Now, you are alone on that island, what three items do you need?
A: If there was a way to make music, that would be one. I would need a way to make fire, a fishing pole, and something to tie my fucking hair back cause it's always in my face.

Q: If they made a horror movie using fighters, who would play the psycho killer, the nice guy who tries to save the day, and the heroine who kills the killer at the end?
A: The psycho would be Nick Diaz. He has a look to him. The nice guy who wants to save the day would be Brian Stann. The heroine would be.... it is awesome that so many are coming to mind, but what about Shayna Baszler.

Q: What movie needs to be re-made?
A: I actually hate remakes. I really don't like re-makes.

Q: What non-fighter athlete would you like to see fight?
A: I have actually thought about this before. Jordan Burroughs the guy who took the Gold at the Olympics in Wrestling.

Q: What celebrity would you most like to see fight and get their ass kicked?
A: There is quite a few. I don't like Russel Brand. He would be number one. He is annoying.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: I would like to thank Confrontational Clothing is sponsoring em again, they are awesome. Antonelli and Company in Buena, New Jersey. Rockstar Ink in Absecon, New Jersey. My team, Daddis Fight Camp, everyone there. This camp has been awesome, such a positive vibe in the gym. Cage Fury for putting me on the card, I wont disappoint. My parents for putting up with me and my strange diet habits.

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