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Laura Kline Interview

In these blogs and posts you will see my call people role models, inspirations, motivations, or favorites. Laura Kline is all those things, but on top of that she is the only person you will ever hear me call "HERO". I ahve a degenerative hip that needs replaced. I used it as an excuse to become lazy and out of shape. 3 months or so ago I had enough and decided to get in shape. I fell in love with it and started bodybuilding, wich I also am in love with. I also have had a lot of negative people in my life. People who used drugs and things. People who I could have let mess with my life. I do not associate with those people. I am still learning the sport, and still losing bodyfat. But when I met Laura on Facebook, I found out she is an advanced version of what I want to be. Simply put she is what I want to be. Lots of people in bodybuilding, fitness, figure, inspire me and motivate me and help me with advice to achieve my goals. Goals I will achieve. But daily I read posts by her and am inspired. There have been times where at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, I read something she posted and it makes me feel like going into the basement and lifting weights even though I did my full day at the gym earlier. The world need's more Laura Kline's. As you can see by the photos I posted, Laura is amazingly beautiful. But take that beauty and multiply it by ten and that is Laura's inner beauty. She is an intelligent, kind, driven, motivated, inspirational, and caring woman. At 25, she is 8 years younger than me, but I can say when/if I ever grow up, I want to be like her.
Laura is preparing to make her figure debut. Read this interview and see how far and where she came from, and you will be amazed and inspired. While new to bodybuilding, I am a long time fan and admirer of the fitness industry. I can tell what is good and what isn't. I can tell who has potential and who doesn't. I can tell when someone is going to be a star in the industry. Laura is not going to be a star. She is going to be a SUPERSTAR. There are a few things I want to do in life. I want to be as muscular as I can, I want to win the lottery, I want to one day hear one person say their life is better because they knew me, I want to get the hip replacement I need, and one that is very important to me, is one day I want to meet Laura in person just so I can look her in the eye and say "thank you".

Q: FIrst Laura, thank you for taking the time to do this. I ahve told you that I find you to be such an inspiration for me because you ahve sucha simliar story to me.
A: you're welcome :) . I love it that we both share such a life changing situation in common.

Q: Let's start by sharing a little basic information. WHere you are from, family, job, things like that.
A: I am originally from Durham, North Carolina. I was born there and moved to Dallas, Texas in 1993 (when I was 9). My parents both live in Texas, my mom in North Dallas and my father is up in Denison, near the Oklahoma border. My sisters (Erica is 30, Emily is 27 next months) both live in North Dallas. Erica is a nurse along with me and my sister Emily is in accounting. I also ahve a dog named Nina, she is a miniature dachshund and I lvoe her ver much!!!
I have a Bachelor's degree in Science with a major in nursing and I have my RN license. I work in one of the top 10 pediatric hospitals in the Nation as an Operating Room nurse. I lvoe my job except that I have a hard time with my eating schedule and drinking enough water while I am there. I survive each day though and make sure I get everything in!
My birthday was December 1st and I turned 25 this year! I am really anticipating a lot of fun this enxt year of my life.

Q: Now your journey into the world of fitness is a really very inspirationalstory, and I could never do it justice by asking about different parts of it. So can you explain why you got into the gym.
A: Allright so here is the story. I was 17 years old and into all of the wrong things. I had horrible friends, highs school dropouts, druggies, people of that sort. I was very overweight and very unhealthy considering the drugs, alocohol and alck of any healthy diet. I knew my life was headed in the wrong direction and I was so unhappy and unsure of what to do. I remember the exact night it all changed, July 26th 2002. That night, before I went to bed I stayed up crying and weighing my options. It was either continue a life consumed with drugs and alocohol or make a real cahnge and let go of everything. Hte enxt morning I woke up and knew what to do. I quit smoking, I quit drugs, I quit drinking, I quit my old friends, and I started eating healthier and working out. Before you knew it I was a member of a gym and Iwas going every day. It took me a while to figure thigns out. I battled a little bit of anorexia but luckily I ahd someone's attention and they caught me before I spiraled out of control. I lsot a total of 45 pounds within a year or so and then I got into college. During college I still was working out and eating healthy, but I also did a little bit of partying too. I got into nursing school and at that point I told myself when I was done and graduated I needed to tie myself to a goal with my fitness because I ahve so much passion for it. So last December (2008) I graduated and in January I started my new position as an OR nurse. I don't remember how it struck me but one day I decided I was going to start trainign for a figure competition. I think it was in April or May. Anyway, since then I ahve been working on building more muscle (wonderfull off season) and in February I will start my first pre-contest season.

Q: Was training something you picked up easy or was it a struggle at first?
A: At first I was embarassed, but as I got going and learning, it became easier and easier. When you are an overweight teenager who gets picked on all the time, I think that makes you mroe vulnerableand it is scary at first. I made in through that though.

Q: I ahve seen instances were young attractive women like yourself have trouble being taken seriously in the gym. Is that something you ever have to deal with?
A: Hehe, that is something I ahve gotten over, especially since now I am lifting more and progressing more than some of the guys at the gym. It is funny how when I was younger and more naive everyone would try and teach me the "right way" to train and I was so easilyconvinced. Nowadays it is like maybe they should be taking my advice.

Q: Now recently you decided to enter your first figure show. What made you decide to do that and who show have you decided to do?
A: Well as I said before I just knew that I needed to tie myself to a gaol after I graduated because I ahve more time to dedicate to it and luckily, figure just kind of fell into my lap. I remember looking at a picture of Lyzabeth Lopez thingking "gosh, I was a body likes hers", and then I decided, okay, I am going to avhe a body like hers! I was thinking of doing the Europa Super Show here in Dallas in August as my first show, but I think I will either go for Junior Nationals in June or USA's in July (both NPC competitions). I am putting on good muscle right now and I think I will defintely be ready to prep for both of these shows next year.

Q: Is competing something your family and friends support?
A: My sister Erica is supportive and a little weirded out at the same time but I know she is happy for me. My dad doesn't really realize how serious I am about doing this I think. My mom knows but we don't talk much, and same with my sister Emily.

Q: ANyone in the sport who really inspires you or you are a fan of?
A: Aaah! Let's see, Krissy Chin I really admire because we have similar stats. Sue Upson is amazing. Michelle Craven, Heather Mae French, the lsit could go on and on.

Q: What is your favorite and least favorite part of the sport.
A: Favorite is the training and I don't mind the diet at all, least favorite is teh cost of everything (paying for my NPC card, posing suit, tanning, prep coach, etc etc etc) arghh.

Q: At this point what do you consider your best bodypart or one that get's the most compliments.
A: Hmm... I am rally proud of how well my biceps and triceps are coming along. My shoulders really need to start popping but they are coming along well. I like my butt too hehehe!

Q: Do you avhe a favorite part to train or favorite exercise?
A: Legs!!!!! Leg presses!!!!

Q: What is your normal training routien and diet like, and how do you plan on changing it the closer you get to the show.
A: 5 day split. Tuesday-back, Wednesday-arms and some legs, Thursday- shoulders, Saturday-LEGS!!, and Sunday- chest and shoulders. I do cardio 2-3 days a week and just do SS so that when it comes time to prep I will respond better to the change in my diet and hopefully won't be doing to much cardio. I wills tart prep probably 14 or 16 weeks out and am not 100% on a coach but I have a couple in mind :)

Q: When people first see your figure or first hear that you train, what is the most common response. Is it more positive or negative?
A: "are you a bodybuilder", is a common question. I don't mind that they ask me that, but then they go on to tell me that they think I will be geting as huge as their older brother who lifts weights LOL. Peeople are a little weirded out at work. They ALWAYS bother me about my diet and is it so freaking annoying, but oh well. I just keep on doing what I am doing and ignore the negative. I love training so whatever.

Q: When they see it that first time, what is the one question youa re sick of hearing?
A: Besides the bodybuilding question (wich I don't mind because figure and bodybuilding are so similar anyway), I don't like it when peopleask me (about every day at work) why I am eating what I am eating and why I eat so often. Oh! Once I was asked if I was drinking eggs. I kind of wanted to say yes, but I just gave this girl a sweet little smirk, and said no (I was having a protein shake)

Q: Do you think there are any misconeptions about women who train?
A: Yes. I think for once, men don't understand it or are turned off but it because women in the media are portrayed as being stick thin and unhealthy looking and that is supposed to be "attractive". I don't want to be skinyy at all anymore (teenage years). I want to be in shape and healthy... and a figure competitor. Women just seem to be asscociated with 5 pound pink weights and cardio equipment, ot 45 poiunds dumbbells and dead lifts :)

Q: Why figure over fitness or bodybuilding?
A: I don't ahve a gymnastics background unfortunately, otherwise I would do fitness. I would love to learn gymnastics in the future but my budget just can not support that right now! Hell, I may end up doing fitness or lightweight bodybuilding in the futture, but I think that for myself, figure is a great place to start.

Q: If someone came up to you and said they were going to start weight training, what is the one piece of advice you would want to give them?
A: Eat. Don't starve yourself. East 5-7 times a day and figure out how much you need to eat. Eat clean. Cook your food!! And if you want to put on muscle, chill out on the cardio for a bit. If you feed yourself the right foor and pay attention to your body in the right way, then you can have the body you want. PATIENCE IS THE KEY!!!!!!

Q: Got a favorite cheat food?
A: Cold Stone Creamery, Birthday Cake Remix. YEAHHHH!!!!

Q: Now I told you that you are such an inspiration to me. I am sure you have heard that before. How does it feel for someone to tell you that you inspire them?
A: That is the most rewarding thing for me. I love to help other people, obviosuly being a nurse, but to know that my personal histroy inspires someone is just amazing. I hope that in my lifetime I can inspire millions of people to chagne their lives for themselves and for the better.

Q: Do you have a lot of friends ask for diet tips?
A: HA. Yes of course, but do they listen? No... maybe on occasion...or not.

Q: Out sdie of training, any other hobbis or activites you enjoy?
A: Art, shopping, shopping, shopping, watching movies, and travelling

Q: Describe A typical day in the life of Laura Kline.
A: Work day, up at 4:30, eat breakfast, got to work. Work starts for me at about 6:30 and i get a break around 9:00 or 10:00, so that is when I east again. Then lunch is around 11:00 or 12:00. I usually don't get a greak untill I get off around 5:00, then I east again, and head out to train. After I am done training, I ahve a post workout shake, and then I ahve dinner, and then it's time for bed.
Similiar schedula on my day off except I slepp in and I get to eat when I choose to. Ahh, and I usually do cardio later on in the day on my days off.

Q: After the first show, do you plan to contiue competing, or is it more of an "i just want to try it" thing?
A: After my first show I will continue competing and learning more about what works for me.

Q: You are obivously a very photogenic woman. Is fitness modeling something that interests you?
A: I definatley want to get into fitness modeling. I really hope that someday (next year hopefully) I will be in Oxygen Magazine.

Q: If you were told you could only watch the movies of two actors, watch two tv shows, and listen to two musicians for one year, who would you pick?
A: Seth Rogan and Jennifer Aniston. I don't watch tv BUT I would watch Grey's Anatomy and...well honestly Hoousewives Of Orange County (it's humerous and I don;t have much drama in my won life, so it si fun to watch someone else's!!), John Legend and Jem.

Q: Describe Laura Kline in five words.
A: Strong, intelligent, passionate, fiery, and loving.

Q: Now obviously sponsorship is always important. Is that something you are looking for. If so can you tell what youa re looking for, how they can get ahold of you, and the benefits of sponsorign Laura Kline.
A: I would love to be a sponsored athelte! I lvoe Gaspari Nutrition, so that would be amazing, but really I would love ANY offers! I would be a great investment and whatever I could do to boost the company's name (working booths, product sampling at health stores, etc.) I would make time to do and look great while doing it!. They can reach me at my email address It is quick and easy and the email goes straight through to my phone so I am alwasy available.

Q: Is there anything else you want to take this opportunity to promote?
A: I would love to promote your new blog!! I think it is an amazing opportunity that I am beign given to spread my name a bit into the industry and I APPRECIATE it very very much11 :)

Q: Laura I want to thank you so much for doing this. I am happy for each person that agreed to do it, but very few people saying yes made me this happy. You are an amazing woman and I think youa re going to be a star in the fitness industry. Anything you want to add before you go?
A: Jason, thank you so mucn for all the compliments and constant support and for giveing me the oppurtunity! I wish you thes best of luck in all of your fitness endeavors.
--Laura Kline--

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