Wednesday, June 6, 2018

UFC 225 Predictions

We are back with our UFC 225 predictions. UFC 225 takes place in Chicago on June 9th and can be seen on Pay Per View or UFC Fight Pass. Joining myself (Jason Adams) is Alyssa Vasquez, Amy Montenegro, Andy Nguyen, Ashley Hawkins, Chris Gregory, Emily Andzulis, Jehnn Stumborg, Jenna Bernick, Jenna Skinner, Jessenia Quinones, Jessica Dinch, Jillian DeCoursey, Kate Brummitt, Katherine Grasshopper, Katie Casimir, Kerry Hughes, Kia Lola, Lacey Hancock, Layla Newton, Leigh-Ann Baskey, Lindsey VanZandt, Mallory Kane, Missy Pontbriand, Monica Franco, Olivia Parker, Rach Frehe, Rachael Smith, Sarah Shell, Serena DeJesus, Shamir Peshewa, Sophie Sharp, Stephanie Skinner, Tamikka Brents and Teri Brents.

1. Claudia Gadelha (15-3) vs Carla Esparza (14-4)
Alyssa: Gadelha
Amy: Gadelha
Andy: Gadelha
Ashley: Gadelha
Chris: Gadelha
Emily: Esparza
Jason: Esparza
Jehnn: Gadelha
Jenna B: Gadelha
Jenna S: Gadelha
Jessenia: Esparza
Jessica: Gadelha
Jillian: Gadelha
Kate: Gadelha
Katherine: Gadelha
Katie: Gadelha
Kerry: Gadelha
Kia: Gadelha
Lacey: Gadelha
Layla: Gadelha
Leigh-Ann: Esparza
Lindsey: Gadelha
Mallory: Gadelha
Missy: Gadelha
Monica: Gadelha
Olivia: Gadelha
Rach: Gadelha
Rachael: Gadelha
Sarah: Gadelha
Serena: Gadelha
Shamir: Gadelha
Sophie: Gadelha
Stephanie: Gadelha
Tamikka: Gadelha
Teri: Gadelha
Totals: Gadelha- 31 Esparza- 4

2. Alistair Overeem (43-16, 1NC) vs Curtis Blaydes (9-1, 1NC)
Alyssa: Blaydes
Amy: Blaydes
Andy: Overeem
Ashley: Overeem
Chris: Overeem
Emily: Blaydes
Jason: Overeem
Jehnn: Overeem
Jenna B: Overeem
Jenna S: Overeem
Jessenia: Blaydes
Jessica: Blaydes
Jillian: Overeem
Kate: Blaydes
Katherine: Overeem
Katie: Blaydes
Kerry: Overeem
Kia: Overeem
Lacey: Blaydes
Layla: Overeem
Leigh-Ann: Overeem
Lindsey: Blaydes
Mallory: Overeem
Missy: Blaydes
Monica: Overeem
Olivia: Overeem
Rach: Blaydes
Rachael: Overeem
Sarah: Overeem
Serena: Overeem
Shamir: Blaydes
Sophie: Blaydes
Stephanie: Overeem
Tamikka: Blaydes
Teri: Overeem
Totals: Overeem- 21 Blaydes- 14

3. CM Punk (0-1) vs Mike Jackson (0-1)
Alyssa: Jackson
Amy: Punk
Andy: Jackson
Ashley: Punk
Chris: Punk
Emily: Jackson
Jason: Punk
Jehnn: Jackson
Jenna B: Jackson
Jenna S: Jackson
Jessenia: Punk
Jessica: Jackson
Jillian: Punk
Kate: Punk
Katherine: Jackson
Katie: Punk
Kerry: Punk
Kia: Jackson
Lacey: Punk
Layla: Punk
Leigh-Ann: Jackson
Lindsey: Jackson
Mallory: Jackson
Missy: Jackson
Monica: Punk
Olivia: Jackson
Rach: Jackson
Rachael: Jackson
Sarah: Jackson
Serena: Jackson
Shamir: Jackson
Sophie: Jackson
Stephanie: Jackson
Tamikka: Jackson
Teri: Punk
Totals: Punk- 13 Jackson- 22

4. Andrei Arlovski (27-15, 1NC) vs Tai Tuivasa (9-0)
Alyssa: Tuivasa
Amy: Tuivasa
Andy: Tuivasa
Ashley: Tuivasa
Chris: Arlovski
Emily: Tuivasa
Jason: Tuivasa
Jehnn: Arlovski
Jenna B: Tuivasa
Jenna S: Arlovski
Jessenia: Arlovski
Jessica: Tuivasa
Jillian: Tuivasa
Kate: Tuivasa
Katherine: Tuivasa
Katie: Tuivasa
Kerry: Arlovski
Kia: Tuivasa
Lacey: Tuivasa
Layla: Tuivasa
Leigh-Ann: Arlovski
Lindsey: Tuivasa
Mallory: Arlovski
Missy: Arlovski
Monica: Tuivasa
Olivia: Arlovski
Rach: Tuivasa
Rachael: Arlovski
Sarah: Tuivasa
Serena: Arlovski
Shamir: Tuivasa
Sophie: Tuivasa
Stephanie: Arlovski
Tamikka: Arlovski
Teri: Arlovski
Totals: Arlovski- 14 Tuivasa- 21

5. Holly Holm (11-4) vs Megan Anderson (8-2)
Alyssa: Holm
Amy: Anderson
Andy: Holm
Ashley: Holm
Chris: Anderson
Emily: Holm
Jason: Anderson
Jehnn: Holm
Jenna B: Anderson
Jenna S: Holm
Jessenia: Holm
Jessica: Holm
Jillian: Anderson
Kate: Holm
Katherine: Anderson
Katie: Anderson
Kerry: Holm
Kia: Holm
Lacey: Holm
Layla: Holm
Leigh-Ann: Holm
Lindsey: Holm
Mallory: Anderson
Missy: Holm
Monica: Anderson
Olivia: Anderson
Rach: Holm
Rachael: Holm
Sarah: Holm
Serena: Anderson
Shamir: Anderson
Sophie: Anderson
Stephanie: Holm
Tamikka: Anderson
Teri: Anderson
Totals: Holm- 20 Anderson- 15

6. Rafael Dos Anjos (28-9) vs Colby Covington (13-1)
Alyssa: Covington
Amy: Dos Anjos
Andy: Covington
Ashley: Dos Anjos
Chris: Dos Anjos
Emily: Covington
Jason: Dos Anjos
Jehnn: Covington
Jenna B: Dos Anjos
Jenna S: Dos Anjos
Jessenia: Dos Anjos
Jessica: Covington
Jillian: Covington
Kate: Covington
Katherine: Dos Anjos
Katie: Dos Anjos
Kerry: Covington
Kia: Dos Anjos
Lacey: Covington
Layla: Dos Anjos
Leigh-Ann: Dos Anjos
Lindsey: Covington
Mallory: Dos Anjos
Missy: Dos Anjos
Monica: Dos Anjos
Olivia: Dos Anjos
Rach: Covington
Rachael: Covington
Sarah: Covington
Serena: Dos Anjos
Shamir: Dos Anjos
Sophie: Covington
Stephanie: Covington
Tamikka: Dos Anjos
Teri: Dos Anjos
Totals: Dos Anjos- 20 Covington- 15

7. Robert Whittaker (20-4) vs Yoel Romero (13-2)
Alyssa: Romero
Amy: Romero
Andy: Whittaker
Ashley: Whittaker
Chris: Romero
Emily: Romero
Jason: Whittaker
Jehnn: Whittaker
Jenna B: Whittaker
Jenna S: Whittaker
Jessenia: Whittaker
Jessica: Whittaker
Jillian: Whittaker
Kate: Romero
Katherine: Romero
Katie: Whittaker
Kerry: Romero
Kia: Romero
Lacey: Romero
Layla: Whittaker
Leigh-Ann: Romero
Lindsey: Romero
Mallory: Whittaker
Missy: Romero
Monica: Whittaker
Olivia: Romero
Rach: Whittaker
Rachael: Whittaker
Sarah: Whittaker
Serena: Whitaker
Shamir: Romero
Sophie: Whittaker
Stephanie: Whittaker
Tamikka: Whittaker
Teri: Whittaker
Totals: Whittaker- 21 Romero- 14

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