Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Eddie Bravo Invitational 16: The Female Bantamweights

The 16th Eddie Bravo Invitational took place June 24th and featured female bantamweights in the tournament. Sixteen females competing to win the tournament. Here are all your results and our Of The Night Awards.

1. Bantamweight Tournament Round One: Beatriz Mesquita defeated Miri Niedrauer via Armbar at 1:57.

2. Bantamweight Tournament Round One: Amanda Leve defeated Brooke Mayo via Rear Naked Choke at 2:23 of Overtime.

3. Bantamweight Tournament Round One: Talia Marie Vaughan defeated Pamela Boveda via Arm Triangle at 5:11.

4. Bantamweight Tournament Round One: Luanna Alzuguir defeated Jess Feliciano via Rear Naked Choke at :21 of Overtime.

5. Bantamweight Tournament Round One: Bianca Basilio defeated Kayla Patterson via Toe Hold at 1:39.

6. Bantamweight Tournament Round One: Sophia Nordeno defeated Liz Tracy via Calf Slicer at 3:32.

7. Bantamweight Tournament Round One: Nikki Sullivan defeated Tracey Goodell via Escape Time in Overtime.

8. Bantamweight Tournament Round One: Lila Smadja defeated Amanda Ribas via Heel Hook at 3:22.

9. Bantamweight Tournament Quarter-Finals: Beatriz Mesquita defeated Amanda Leve via Triangle Choke at 4:21.

10. Bantamweight Tournament Quarter-Finals: Luanna Alzuguir defeated Talia Marie Vaughan via Knee Bar at 4:06.

11. Bantamweight Tournament Quarter-Finals: Bianca Basilio defeated Sophia Nordeno via Arm Lock at :40.

12. Bantamweight Tournament Quarter-Finals: Nikki Sullivan defeated Lila Smadja via Leg Lock at 1:02.

13. Combat Special Match: P.J. Barch defeated Mikey Gonzalez via Kimura at 2:15.

14. Bantamweight Tournament Semi-Finals: Beatriz Mesquita defeated Luanna Alzuguir via Triangle Choke at 7:45.

15. Bantamweight Tournament Semi-Finals: Bianca Basilio defeated Nikki Sullivan via Armbar at 1:55.

16. Combat Welterweight Title: Richie Martinez defeated Bobby Emmons via D'arce Choke at 6:44.

17. Bantamweight Tournament Finals: Beatriz Mesquita defeated Bianca Basilio via Armbar at :04 of Overtime.

Submission of the Night: Sophia Nordeno Calf Slicer over Liz Tracy

Match of The Night: Beatriz Mesquita vs Luanna Alzuguir

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