Sunday, June 10, 2018

May 2018 Fitness Athlete of the Month: Ashley Jenelle

All photos courtesy of NPC News Online/Lloyd Terry Jr.

Since winning her pro card at North American's in 2016, Ashley Jenelle has been at the top of many people's Most Underrated list. There was many shows in 2017 were some, myself included, would see results and think Ashley could've been placed higher.

Her 2017 season with a big one as she competed at the Orlando Pro, Vancouver Pro, Baltimore Grand Prix, Tampa Pro, South Carolina Grand Prix and Sacramento Pro. Outside of a second place finish in Baltimore, Ashley finished no higher than fifth, but you could see the constant improvement and the potential for bigger and bigger things. The sport is very judgmental and therefor, while the argument was there that Ashley could have placed higher, there was no reason to be upset about it either.

So now we move to 2018. Ashley started the year off with the Indy Pro and a very solid third place finish and a package that many like to see in bikini competitors. A hard look but not overly hard combined with a great stage presence and a natural beauty, there was reason to be enthusiastic about Ashley's outlook for 2018. She than had tough competition at the Salt City Showdown and Pittsburgh pro and finished below what would be hoped for before doing the Optimum Classic Pro. Ashley brought her best package to date, looked amazing on stage and walked away with a deserved first place against a very good field.

Ashley, if anything else, has already proven in 2018 that she has that potential that earlier I mentioned people say in her. But now she is beginning to make that potential into a reality. Ashley is easy to root for, not just for aesthetic reasons, but because she's just a very likeable person. Making her success all the more satisfying to watch. She manages to look better each and every show and when their is continued improvement in physique there is continued improvement in placings.

What the rest of 2018 holds for Ashley is unknown but what the future in general holds is very known, this will not be her last win and she will get better and better and be among the sports elite for as long as she chooses.

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