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Tracy Adams Interview

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I interview fighters and I interview women in the fitness industry. It is a very rare occurrence when I learn of a fitness competitor through a fighter. But that is what happened in the case of Tracy Adams. Tracy came to my attention and I was very impressed with her and had to ask her for an interview. After beginning training at a young age, Tracy took her competing all the way to the Arnold's in 2010 and will be back on that stage in 2013. While a pro card ins not a top priority-being a mother comes first for Tracy- she definitely has the potential to earn a pro card.

Q: Can you talk about how you got started in the gym?
A: In high school, I was introduced to the gym through a boyfriend who is now my husband. I was sixteen years old and started weight training. One of their instructors didn't show up for class, having a background in dance, they asked me to fill in cause they were stuck. I filled her shoes that evening on the spot and everyone liked my class. From there, I went on to get certified to teach while still in high school. My husband taught me how to lift- his brother was Mr. Pittsburgh twice- and watched me in the gym and thought I had a natural frame for bodybuilding. I did that as a teenager for two years.

Q: When you look back at when you started, would you have ever imagined taking it to the level you have taken it to?
A: No, never.

Q: As far as competing, what made you decide to do that?
A: It was kind of sprung on us. It was in Slippery Rock, it was an NPC Championship and they were looking to win for their gym. They had several bodybuilders in all the divisions and needed a teenage division and needed a teenager. The idea came up "Hey, Shawn and Tracy, I think you guys can do this, the show is four weeks away". We were teenagers so we were lean already and athletes is school, so it didn't take much. He ate a big mac on the way there, I remember like it was yesterday haha, I did the grilled chicken and things for four weeks and lost weight fast. We both did well. Then I didn't do anything cause of school and college. Someone approached me in 2005 and asked me to do a figure show. I did figure and was o.k., but then I saw fitness and thought it was more my style with my dance background and the tricks and costumes was more appealing to me. I have been hooked on fitness ever since.

Q: A lot of people say that after they compete it becomes an addiction, was that the case with you?
A: No, not at all. Mine was more the challenge, the whole discipline part of it. I picked a show once a year so I could keep on my toes. I think a lot of people have goals and get married and events in their life. I was married and had a child and everything was working, so it was a goal for me. Once a year I was working towards something. I worked in fitness part-time as an instructor so it kept my mind occupied. while I was working.

Q: Having competed in multiple divisions, for fitness, prep wise, do you do anything different other than practicing routines?
A: The different federations, like I did Ms. Fitness USA and, the qualifiers you have to do speech round and a gown round and in the NPC and IFBB you don't do that. That is the only difference. Over time I have added more muscle mass so I fit better with the NPC.

Q: In 2010 you did the Arnold's, were you any more nervous for a show that big?
A: I admit I get a little nervous every time. I get the butterfly's in the stomach. That is the part I in a weird way enjoy. You miss those things when you grow up and have a kid, you don't have the butterfly's of being scared to do something. That is what keeps me going and makes me want to step on stage and show the hard work.

Q: Would you ever consider physique, where you can still perform and do a type of routine but not have to add as much muscle?
A: I've looked at it. I don't know much about it. It is mostly fitness I have been following. The Arnold's has been my biggest show, I placed top three Nationally to get there and it was my favorite show I have ever done. I got spray-tanned with Monica Brant, that was a real memorable moment for me.

Q: Any plans to compete soon?
A: Yes, I am doing the Arnold's in fitness next year.

Q: For that show, physique-wise, where do you want to be better?
A: My legs will be leaner. I have been working on my legs. I have very muscular legs from being athletic at a young age. I was a very good speed skater. I was approached by coaches that I could make the Olympics. I ran track, played basketball and then got into weight training. Maybe lifted my legs too heavy so have been trying to trim them down to get them where I want them to be. I picked up spin and have been teaching spin classes and it has made a difference in my legs.

Q: Is the pro card a goal or is it more a case of if it happens it happens?
A: I'm not out for it. Obviously everyone wants one. I would love it, but I don't think of it as having to get my pro card. I pick shows around my family and son. It is a hobby for me, I put one hundred percent in it and would love a pro card, but there are shows I cant make due to my responsibilities and a mom and wife. I pick shows where I know it won't conflict with home life.

Q: Is it hard to balance training and when to be a mom?
A: Being a mom takes priority over training. I do feel that there has been times I could have been leaner or stronger or don't this or that flip. A lot of times I have to cancel a session due to my priorities as a mom and wife. I take that very serious. I have to make that mental note that I know my priorities. One of my goals is to turn pro, but my son gets taking care of first.

Q: What do you enjoy about training others?
A: I get more satisfaction training others than myself. Right now I am working at Fight Club Pittsburgh running a women's program, a weight loss and nutrition program. I have a range of women who do marathon's and also women who are over three hundred pounds, a wide range of fitness levels. I had to develop programs that suit everyone in a comfortable environment. They are looking for one on one attention and not feeling out of place. We have about thirty classes a week. Also, I have to say being around that environment with the fighters and watching them train for fights, it is so motivating and I have such respect for what they do. It is a great environment to be around.

Q: When you are training do you ever get any of the unwanted attention or stares?
A: No! If they are, I am not aware. There are two things I have to have when I lift, my gloves with my straps and my I-Phone with my ear-plugs. When I go in to train, I smile and say hello before I workout and then zone everyone out.

Q: If you could spend a day training with someone you have never trained with, who would it be?
A: Monica Brant.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: I would love to thank all my friends and family for all the love and support they have given me over the years. I would also like to thank my sponsor Biorythem Supplements for providing me with awesome supplements and protein for training.

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