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Kaitlin Young Interview

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Kaitlin Young is just days away from her rematch with Leslie Smith at Invicta's third event. In their first fight they fought to a draw in a fight of the year candidate. In Young's most recent outing,, after clearly winning round one with great striking, Young lost in round two via rear naked choke to Liz Carmouche. Young is known for her always exciting style that makes her a crowd favorite every time. This fight with Smith should be no exception and should once again be a fight of the year candidate.

Q: You are coming off the loss to Liz Carmouche. You clearly won round one and seemed to have her hurt, did you at any point feel you were close to stopping her?
A: She is pretty tough. I was hoping I would have dropped her with one of those right hands that landed, but no, I didn't feel like I was close to finishing the fight, but I did feel I won that round pretty dominantly.

Q: Do you feel she came out in round two realizing she didn't want to stand with you?
A: Yeah! Especially after watching it a couple times. In the first round she tried to trade a little bit, her intention was to kick-box a little bit. In the second round it was clear she had a change in game-plan and didn't want to stand and trade and went for the takedown.

Q: How was she able to get the choke on you?
A: It was a really good set-up actually. She got to back control and while I was hand-fighting, she started to do these heel kicks. At the time, it didn't hurt at the time as much as it was a distraction and she was able to sink the choke.

Q: How frustrating is it, you clearly won the first round, and then to lose it like that, how long does it stay with you?
A: I was frustrated but I am trying to have a pretty even-handed viewpoint of it. Obviously no competitive person is o.k. with losing, and I'm not, but realizing what I did well and what I need to work on and going from there and not dwelling on a loss is really important. I like what I did standing, and some of the stuff on the ground was o.k, I just made some mistakes and she is obviously very good there so it isn't a place to make mistakes with her.

Q: What does it mean for you that Invicta has brought you in for all three shows?
A: I'm so flattered. It is a huge compliment. I always want to work hard, but not just for myself, but also for them. I want to put on a good show for them as a promotion.

Q: After the loss, did you feel you might still come back for this one?
A: I wasn't sure. I was hoping. They seem to appreciate people who fight hard. It seems that way certainly because everyone that has been reliable they have had back. I guess I wasn't real surprised they wanted me on this one but I am so flattered.

Q: Originally your opponent was Sarah Kaufman, when you found out she was out, was there any disappointment since Sarah is the bigger name and a win over her would have been a bigger deal?
A: Not necessarily that she is a big name, however that fight if I won would have done a lot for me. Just it is a fight I wanted to have, it was supposed to happen four years ago but didn't because Pro Elite tanked. I am excited to fight Leslie for sure, but I wanted to throw down with Kaufman, it would be a great fight.

Q: So would you hope maybe after this one, you could fight Sarah?
A: I would love that. I wonder though if she might be tied up with Strikeforce. I think that is the one thing that is difficult for the Strikeforce fighters coming over, is if they end up with a good for them in Strikeforce. It is definitely a fight I would be up for.

Q: For you, is it any harder or easier to train for someone you have already fought?
A: I think in some ways it is easier. I know what she feels like, what she does, what was difficult for me against her and what was difficult for her against me. However, she has the same advantage, so it takes some of the guess work out of it. Being that they are only six months apart, we have improved but you only change so much in six months. It will be interesting.

Q: Are you expecting her to try something different, to not be the same fighter?
A: Sure! I think both of us plan for this not to be a draw. She felt she did enough to win and I felt like I did enough to win last time. What I am going to do is work on making sure there is no question in anybodies mind and I am sure she has the same mentality.

Q: Do you look at this as unfinished business or just another fight?
A: I guess maybe a little bit. I think it is really just another fight I have. I have a little better insight into her this time.

Q: Often two people have an exciting fight and the second time they are both more cautious and it doesn't live up to the original, but with your two styles, I don't expect that to be the case this time, do you expect it to be like the first one?
A: Yeah, I honestly think if anything it is going to be more intense honestly. You are right though, that is an odd thing haha, about the rematches. I don't think either of us have had many slow fights, so I don't see this being one either.

Q: A lot of people expect this to be a fight of the year contender like the first one, does that play into how you think, trying to live up to that?
A: I'm trying not to let it. If you go into a fight with too much pressure on yourself you can under perform. Just go in and fight and let it all go, like my attitude was the first time.

Q: I have interviewed you enough to know how you will answer this...
A: Haha you cant just fill it in for me?

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: You know I don't make predictions, but I will be looking to finish the fight.

Q: Would you hope a win or two would put you into title consideration with Invicta?
A: Absolutely! I would hope so.

Q: After this, is there anyone specific you would like to fight?
A: Whoever, there is no one I would avoid, but there is no one I have my heart set on. The Kaufman fight would be nice, but I just want to keep fighting. I feel, I sound ridiculous saying twenty-seven is getting up there, but in terms of fighting, once the windows closes, it's closed. I just wanna get a lot of fights in.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: All my teammates at the Academy, they are really helpful. The guys at Spartan Martial Arts for letting me come over and rolling, it has been great. Ryan Murray for helping with my Thai boxing and putting up with me as a girlfriend, Robert Brant for helping with boxing, Tom Schmitz and Greg Nelson for their MMA coaching, Horsepower Strength and Conditioning for getting me in shape. My sponsors, Joe Taverni, Intimidation Clothing, MMA Chick, Horsepower, Team Best Friend MMA, and all the guys I work with at Custom Fitness.

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