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Cassie Rodish Interview

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In Cassie Rodish's last fight she got the first victory ever for Invicta FC, and she did so in impressive fashion. Finally in less than a week Cassie will return to the cage for Midwest Cage Championships when she takes on Summer Artherton in Artherton's pro debut. This fight features two talented fighters who are more than capable wherever the fight goes. Cassie will be fighting in her home town giving her the chance to put on a performance in front of family in friends in a fight that is sure to be exciting.

Q: You have been having some trouble getting fights, how frustrating has that been?
A: That For years now that has been the story of my life. I don't know if I am not putting myself out there correctly, recently I signed with Addison Sports Management to help me get going. But man, it really has been. This next fight I had to take at a higher weight, so it is super frustrating. I know with Invicta things are starting to move along and more shows are taking on more and more women and that is super exciting. I just haven't had that big push for me and it is frustrating.

Q: With having trouble getting fights, is there days when after you have a hard day training where you wonder if it is worth it?
A: I hate to say that, but yeah. You get down on yourself when you go six months at a time. Especially if you come off a really good win or impressive fight and nothing happens for months at a time. It does get you down, but I think that makes the difference between a real fighter and just someone who is a novelty. I love the sport, I don't know how to give it up, it is not in my nature to not be in the gym. That is what keeps me going, my love of doing it.

Q: You are fighting Summer Artherton and you mentioned it is at a higher weight, have you done anything different training wise for the higher weight?
A: I have fought at this weight before so it is not a drastic thing. I feel much more stronger at 105 and more agile and quick to recover. But I did a lot of strength training, I haven't had to freak out on the diet which is nice. Mentally I know she is having to cut weight and do stuff where I am not that stressed. I just have to watch my diet and be healthy, which I do on a normal basis. I have been able to enjoy a little more food than normally.

Q: Are you excited to fight so close to home?
A: Yeah, this is why I took the fight at this weight. It is my home town so I get to have all my family, friends and coaches there. I have a few teammates on the card, the cheering section will be huge for me and that will make me fight so much more. You can't fight bad when your parents are in the crowd haha.

Q: Does having all your family and friends there make you any more nervous or put any more pressure on you?
A: I wouldn't say pressure but I have this relationship with my parents where I never wanna do wrong by them. Even when I was little, I always wanted to make my dad proud of me and be the tough boy-type person. I have always been trying to prove myself to him. It doesn't make me nervous but boy does it fuel my fire knowing my dad is in the audience. I would have to be hurt to not keep going.

Q: Do you know much about Summer?
A: I know that she is super strong and super tenacious. I have watched some video on her, I know she doesn't mind to stand and bang. Looks like she has good hips on the ground. There are a few things we have watched and picked apart, just wanna focus on not making mistakes some of her other opponents have. We are trying to catch some of the things she hasn't quite done in a couple of her fights that hopefully I can take advantage of. I know she is strong, she is coming at me, it is her pro debut, so it is gonna be a brawl.

Q: With it being her pro debut, going back to yours, is there anything like nerves or anything that she will have to deal with that you wont have to worry about?
A: I have to give it up to her. She is making her pro debut out of her home town. She is coming to someone elses ground. Every different venue, the weigh-ins are different, she is not familiar with it, so that might add a little to it. But I have to give her big props for going somewhere, especially since they have a show in Omaha, for stepping out of her comfort zone. It sounds like she is mentally tough enough to take the fight wherever. She has had quite a few fights as an amateur so I think she will handle it fine. There is some stress wondering if the pro level is much higher because you don't know till you get there. You always wonder if you are ready, but I think she will be.

Q: She has had many amateur fights and some nice wins, do you have to be careful not to under-estimate her?
A: I don't really think much about titles and records. If you look at some awesome women who don't have great records, I wouldn't be in a dark alley with them. So I don't focus too much on that. You cant focus on my record either, I don't have a stellar record, I have a losing record. The record doesn't do it, you have to look at who they are, how they fight and the heart they bring to the cage. I don't care about records, if you are a bad-ass and come at me then you are a bad-ass.

Q: Is there an area where you feel you hold the biggest advantage in this fight?
A: I think there are a couple areas. I think I have been in some more scrappier high level technical fights. My first three fights were with incredible technical stand-up fighters and I don't know if she has had quite that level yet. She has never had anyone who hits like Michele Gutierrez with that kind of speed or some of the Karate fighters I have been against. I think that will be different. She throws super hard, but I don't know if she is quite that far. On the ground she has good hips, I just haven't seen her do a lot as far as Jiu-Jitsu, she is a really good wrestler. A couple different areas, but she might see a couple areas where she thinks she can get me.

Q: Last night you saw Carla Esparza win, when you see a friend win, does that motivate you for an up-coming fight?
A: Yeah, it is super hard to watch a friend fight. You know the nerves, you are more nervous for them than your fight. I knew she was gonna pull out that win, she came came out and smashed the girl, I am so proud of her. I texted her right away and she said "now it's your turn girl, go get it". That helps me. Sarah Maloy fought the other day and she helps build me up all the time, now we saw Carla and all the Invicta girls fight, I am excited to get my turn to do it.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: I would like to have a really good knock-out. But, it is probably gonna end up on the ground so hopefully I win by submission.

Q: After this, any idea what you want next?
A: I would really like to get back on Invicta in the 105 pound division. They had some really good fights at 105 this week. I just want an opportunity, once more chance. I feel I had a good fight and performance on super short notice. I want one more call back, please Janet (Martin).

Q: Anyone you want to thank or mention?
A: I have to thank my awesome coach Jarrod Taylor. I wanna thank the MCC for giving me another fight at home, it is hard to get girls on the card so I appreciate them always backing me and putting females on the card. My sponsors Insanity Wear and Cardio force, local companies who have been behind me and do whatever they can for me for my fights. All my fans and family and my husband. I have been so mean to him this week, I love him and apologize, we are almost there haha.

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