Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Diane's Diary by Diane Mueller

This past weekend I was given an opportunity which brought me pride beyond measure. I was given the opportunity to present awards to the female bodybuilders at the 2011 ABA Natural North America in Bolingbrook, Illinois. It was such a thrill and a great honor for me to represent female bodybuilding and Natural Athletics. I love the sport of bodybuilding and I’m always proud to show my support whenever possible. In addition to representing female bodybuilding, I was able to support my wonderful Coach, Jennifer Abrams, and my fellow teammates with Team Abrams. Team Abrams is the name for a group of individuals that Jennifer coaches and prepares for competitions. She works with both male and female bodybuilders, as well as, figure competitors. Coach Jen takes care of all our competition needs; from detailing our training and nutrition programs, to choreographing our routine, and perfecting our posing. Jennifer has us so well prepared for our competitions that we have no choice but to be successful. Here I am raising the hand of my teammate, Cortney Schmitt, in victory as she was the Female Bodybuilding Novice Class Champion.

Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

This is one of my favorite verses, as it provides a simplistic blueprint for achieving success in life. If you live your life in the most positive manner possible, good things are sure to follow. I’m certainly not a perfect person, nor do I claim to be. I do strive, however, to be a better person each day, than I was the day before. That’s called positive progression. Negative thoughts will never produce positive results. There’s a lot to be said for the power of positive thinking, and I am a perfect example of this. The more positive my outlook has become, the more wonderful opportunities have come my way. My life has been exceptionally blessed this year. I’ve received more blessings than I ever could have imagined, or even thought to ask for. The Lord was testing me by providing me with a few gifts to begin with. As I demonstrated that I was responsible enough to be trusted with more responsibilities, He provided them for me. I had proven that I was capable of using my achieved status to help strengthen and empower others, and not use them for malice. I had exemplified positive progression, and right now, it feels as though my opportunities are limitless. My fate is in my own hands, of course. Opportunities don’t last forever. It’s up to me to prove that I can continue to be worthy of receiving such blessings, or they will be taken away. I can continue to grow and uplift others, or to create my own downfall by becoming arrogant and conceited. Since I don’t foresee the latter happening anytime soon, I believe I will continue to receive great bounty and be able to share my blessings with others. Booker T. Washington said it the best when he said, “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

Bodybuilding has given so much to me that I am proud to give back to the sport whenever possible. I will always be an advocate and supporter of Natural Athletics. There is no greater pride than knowing all your achievements, and all your accomplishments, came from hard work and dedication to your sport. Your gains may take longer to materialize, but you can take pride in knowing that all the gains you have achieved, were earned in an ethical manner. Being successful in your own right, will give you a far greater sense of pride in your triumphs than knowing you compromised your morals, and cheated, in order to win. “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?” Matthew 16:26. That’s a powerful verse, but if you take a few minutes to reflect upon it, you will see that it perfectly describes the thoughts and emotions of a Natural competitor. A Natural competitor is willing to sacrifice building freaky amounts of muscle mass, for a more streamlined, lean mass of muscularity. In the opinion of majority, the physique of a Natural competitor is much more appealing to the eye, as it is the way the human body was intended to appear. Not to mention the profusion of health benefits for refraining from using chemical enhancements. Where is the pride in winning a show, if you know deep in your heart, that you cheated to win? It’s not just a legal topic; it’s a matter of personal morals. If you’re willing to compromise your principles to compete, where will you draw the line? Are you willing to sacrifice your soul for ANY goal that you desire? Always remember, you may be able to fool the majority, but there is also a greater power watching over you and monitoring your choices. While you are on this earth, you will always have to live with yourself and with the consequences your decisions. So my recommendation would be to make choices that aren’t difficult to live with, that don’t compromise your morals, and won’t negatively impact your health. Train Heavy, Train Hard, and TRAIN NATURAL.

As always, thank you to my sponsors: 911Strong.com and Big Rig Supplements for your continued support of me and of my bodybuilding goals. You have opened doors for me that I never dreamed possible. And thank you to my mentor and coach, Jennifer Abrams (www.jenniferabrams.net) for your guidance and support, and for making me believe that even the sky is NOT the limit.

Jennifer Abrams offers many services through her personal training business. Whether your goals are to get back into shape after having children, add muscle mass to your frame, shed that stubborn body fat, or to compete, Coach Jen can guide you on your path to success! She approaches each client as a unique individual and doesn’t believe there are any cookie cutter recipes for success. She believes in catering to the needs of every individual’s personal situation. To do this, she offers many different options to help you reach your goals. These options include: One-on-One Personal Training, Buddy Training, On-Line Training and Coaching, Phone Coaching, Contest Prep Coaching and Choreography. Jennifer also available for: Motivational Speaking, Guest Posing, and Modeling or Promotional Work.

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