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NAAFS Midwest Combat Challenge 13 Report

On Saturday March 12th the NAAFS put on Midwest Combat Challenge 13. Another great NAAFS card highlighted by a fight of the year contender in Stefan Mullins vs Matt Street. These two put on an amazing battle both throwing and landing hard wild strikes. Greg Kalikas, Nichole Long, and the NAAFS staff always make sure to put on a fan friendly show, and this was no exception.

1. Amateur Light Heavyweight
Pat Callaway (0-1 Hill MMA) vs Mike MacDonald (0-1 GriffonRawl)

RD 1: Calloway feints and then lands some good punches. They clinch on the cage and Callaway gets a takedown. He postures up and lands some good ground and pound. MacDonald pulls him close to avoid damage. Callaway then lands some great body shots. MacDonald tries for a triangle but Callaway pushes him against the cage and lands some good shots. MacDonald gets an armbar. He is active from the bottom. The armbar looks tight but Callaway escapes as the round ends.
I scored round 1: 10-9 Callaway

RD 2: A leg kick by Callaway followed by another. Callaway clinches against the cage and lands some good knees to the leg. One knee goes low and forces a stop in the action as MacDonald looks really hurt from the low blow. After a long break they resume. MacDonald lands a leg kick and Callaway answers with a great right. MacDonald fakes a leg kick and Callway lands a nice two punch combo. MacDonald lands a hard leg kick. They clinch and Callaway pushes it to the cage and lands body shots. Callaway separates and lands some strikes. Callaway gets a takedown to end the round.
I scored round 2: 10-9 Callaway

RD 3: Nice jab by Callaway followed by a leg kick. He then lands a nice cross. They clinch against the cage and then separate. Callaway lands a beautiful cross. Again they clinch on the cage. Callaway is looking for a guillotine but MacDonald pulls out. Callaway lands a big uppercut to drop him and goes for more but the ref stops it.

Result: Pat Callaway by TKO at 2:03 of round 3

2. Amateur Bantamweight
Josh Burr (0-0 Team Hofstraboro) vs Ryan Arce (0-0 Evolve)

RD 1: Arce lands great strikes to hurt him. Then he lands a vicious uppercut knocking him down and the ref stops it.

Result: Ryan Arce by TKO at :31 of round 1

3. Amateur Welterweight
Julius Bello (0-1 Independent) vs Brad Bukovics (0-0 GriffonRawl)

RD 1: Bukovics gets a takedown and Bello goes for a guillotine from the bottom. Bukovics postures up and lands ground and pound. He continues to land nice strikes. Bello is doing his best to survive. Bukovics lands more ground and pound. Bello gets up as the round ends.
I scored round 1: 10-9 Bukovics

RD 2: Lots of circling. Bukovics misses a right and Bello lands a leg kick. A wild swing by Bello misses and Bukovics takes it down. Bukovics starts landing punches on the ground. He tries to use wrist control to stop Bello from defending. He gets full mount and lands nice punches. Bello is trying to buck him off. More ground and pound by Bukovics and the ref stops it.

Result: Brad Bukovics by TKO (not sure of time) in round 2

4. Amateur Lightweight
Brian Brooks (0-0 Relson Gracie Cleveland) vs Dan Vandevender (0-0 GriffonRawl)

RD 1: Vandevender shoots in but doesn't get the takedown. Brooks gets a takedown and gets side control. Battling for position. They stand up. Nice leg kick by Brooks. Brooks gets a takedown. Vandevender sweeps and gets on top. Brooks grabs an armbar and gets the tap.

Result: Brian Brooks by tapout (armbar) at 2:25 of round 1

5. Amateur Heavyweight
Jesse Milliman (1-0 Air Gad-fly) vs Seth Sharp (0-0 Zahand's Martial Arts)

RD 1: Sharp throws a punch and then goes for a takedown. After trying hard he gets the takedown and lands in guard. Sharp gets warned for holding the cage. Milliman sweeps and gets on top. Not a lot of activity here. Sharp tries to get up but instead gives up his back. Sharp rolls over and gets back on top. Milliman has guard and wrist control so takes no damage. Sharp does land one good punch before getting tied up again. Sharp lands a couple shots then one real hard one after the bell getting another warning from the ref.
I scored round 1: 10-9 Sharp

RD 2: Sharp shoots for the takedown and instead they clinch on the cage. Milliman gets his back and gets a rear naked choke as the fall to the floor. Sharp using wrist control to survive but finally has to tap.

Result: Jesse Milliman by tapout (rear naked choke) at 1:37 of round 1

6. Amateur Welterweight
Tony Dipietro (0-0 Shraders MMA) vs Dave Overton (1-0 Ohio BJJC)

RD 1: They clinch on the cage but quickly separate. Overton forces another clinch and goes for a single leg but can't get it. They clinch again and Overton again goes for the takedown and gets it this time. They stand back up and Dipietro goes for a guillotine. He seemed to have it but lost it. Overton lands a knee low forcing a stop in action. They resume and Overton lands good punches. They both lands wild strikes. Overton lands a great knee to the body and Dipietro hurts him with good strikes. Overton drops him with a punch and lands a couple more as the round ends.
I scored round 1: 10-9 Overton

RD 2: Overton lands a couple strikes against the cage. He lands several more and the ref has to stop it.

Result: Dave Overton by TKO at :26 of round 2

7. Amateur Welterweight
Matt Ribley (0-0 Nutter MMA) vs Josh Lasiche (0-0 Evolve)

RD 1: They clinch on the cage and a takedown by Lasiche. He puts his knee on Ribley's stomach and lands strikes. He gets a guillotine and forces the tap.

Result: Josh Lasiche by TKO at :39 of round 1

8. Amateur Middleweight
Jesse Greenhalgh (1-0 Air Gad-fly) vs Zoran Laden (1-0 GriffonRawl)

RD 1: Good leg kick by Greenhalgh. They clinch and move around the cage. A good knee by Greenhalgh and another one to the thigh. They separate and both throw strikes. They clinch on the cage and Laden lands a knee, Laden shoots but good sprawl by Greenhalgh. Greenhalgh gets his back and lands good punches to the head and body. Good knees to the body to end the round.
I scored round 1: 10-9 Greenhalgh

RD 2: Good leg kick by Laden. Greenhalgh shoots but a good sprawl by Laden who then gets his back. He lands some strikes. Gets one hook in but can't get the other. He finally gets his second hook in and looks for the choke. Tries throwing strikes to open him up. He continues with the strikes. Hooks in the choke but unable to get it all the way so he goes back to the strikes till the ref stops it.

Result: Zoran Laden by TKO at 2:55 of round 2

9. Amateur Welterweight
Ben Yoder (1-1 Hill MMA) vs AJ Materna (2-1 Mainstreet MMA)

RD 1: Materna lands a jab and then lands a vicious right that drops him. Materna gets on top and lands some strikes. Materna has side control. They stand up. Yoder is bleeding bad from his nose. Materna lands a couple strikes and drops him and the ref stops it.

Result: AJ Materna by TKO at 2:08 of round 1

10. Amateur 120 pounds
Meghan Joyce (0-0 Nutter MMA) vs Rebecca Gruitza (0-0 Team Bundy)

RD 1: Joyce shoots for a takedown but a great sprawl by Gruitza. Gruitza lands a nice knee to the leg. They clinch and Joyce gets a choke for the tap.

Result: Meghan Joyce by tapout (rear naked choke) at 1:00 of round 1

11. Amateur Featherweight
Mike Putnam (2-1 Team Titan) vs Kyle Dunn (3-0 Team Impact)

RD 1: Both are feinting a lot. Putnam gets a takedown but Dunn gets right back up. Lots more feints but not throwing. Good leg kick by Dunn and then another. Putnam gets a beautiful takedown and lands a good punch and then side control. Lands more strike to the body. Putnam stands up and then takes him right back down, this time landing in guard.
I scored round 1: 10-9 Putnam

RD 2: Putnam shoots but gets stuffed. They clinch on the cage and Dunn lands great body shots. They separate and Putnam gets a nice slam and gets north south position, but moves to side control. He lands some nice strikes. Putnam is now in half guard and landing ground and pound. Good body shots to end the round.
I scored round 2: 10-9 Putnam

RD 3: Dun throws and misses a kick and falls down. He throws another kick and Putnam catches it and takes him down. He gets side control and lands body shots. Dunn tries hard to sweep but can't get it. Putnam stands and drops a punch and gets into side control. They stand and Dunn lands a nice shot but Putnam takes him back down. Due to inactivity the ref stands them. Dunn tries a superman punch but Putnam slams him. The ref stops the fight. It appears he got a really bad rib injury and had to be taken away on a stretcher.

Result: Mike Putnam by TKO at 2:56 of round 3

12. Amateur Lightweight
Stefan Mullins (3-0 Nutter MMA) vs Matt Street (2-0 Rock Hard MMA)

RD 1: Both come out throwing power shots. Nice leg kick by Mullins. The clinch on the cage but quickly separate. Again both throw wild strikes till Mullins gets a takedown. Mullins stands back up and Street gets a takedown. Mullins does a good job keeping him close and avoiding damage. Mullins is able to get to his feet. More wild strikes by both men with Street getting a slight advantage. Mullins lands a nice cross, countered by Street.
I scored round 1: 10-9 Mullins

RD 2: Good leg kick by Mullins. They trade wild shots again. Street lands good shots and Mullins goes for a takedown but Street looks for a guillotine. He is unable to secure it. Mullins lands good shots from the top. Good grappling as round ends.
I scored round 2: 10-9 Mullins

RD 3: Street lands some good shots and rocks him. Now both are throwing wild hard shots. Mullins hooks a guillotine and drops down. Street pulls out. Street is on top and throws strikes. The ref stands them up. Good leg kick by Mullins followed by good punches from Street. Mullins lands another good leg kick. They trade power shots. Two good uppercuts by Mullins to end the round. They get a standing ovation for an amazing fight.
I scored round 3: 10-9 Street
My scorecard: 29-28 Mullins

Result: Stefan Mullins by split decision (29-28/28-29/29-28)

13. Amateur Featherweight
Nate Mango (1-6 Excessive Force) vs Chuck Schilling (6-2 GriffonRawl)

RD 1: Nice leg kick by Mango. Schilling shoots in and completes the takedown but Mango hooks a guillotine for the tap.

Result: Nate mango by tapout (guillotine) at :33 of round 1

Submission of the Night: Josh Lasiche

KO of the Night: Ryan Arce

Fight of the Night: Stefan Mullins vs Matt Street

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