Sunday, March 13, 2011

Listy Monaghan Interview

My first interview with Listy Monaghan, then Listy Allen, was one of my favorites. With things changing in her life since then, mainly the birth of her beautiful daughter Lily, I wanted to see if she was willing to do sort of an update interview. Was very happy when she said yes. I have such tremendous respect for Listy. A Pro Figure competitor, a great trainer, and now a mom. Here is a chance to learn a little more about a woman I fully expect to one day be on the Olympia stage.

Q: First Listy, thanks for taking the time for another interview.
A: Thank you for the opportunity, it's always a pleasure!

Q: For those who may not be familiar, can you tell a little about yourself.
A: I am an IFBB Figure Professional. I got my pro status at the 2009 NPC USA, winning the overall title at just age 21. I am a mother of a beautiful girl named Lily and a wife to a wonderful husband, Brandon. I am also a personal trainer, nutrition consultant and fitness model.

Q: It is a little late, but congrats on the birth of your beautiful daughter.
A: Thank you very much! Motherhood is amazing! She is a wonderful baby; always content and extremely easy to take care of. Lily is a blessing and I am so thankful for her!

Q: Obvious to anyone who follows the sport, you are always in amazing shape. Was the change in your body during the pregnancy something you had trouble adjusting to?
A: It was extremely hard to adjust. A lot of women told me, "You are going to love being pregnant! It is amazing...etc" To be honest, I hated being pregnant. I believe women that are so in tune with their bodies have a harder time being pregnant. It wasn't necessarily the weight gain that made the experience horrible but the decrease in strength, stretch marks, the all day sickness, nausea, swollen hands and feet, and not to mention, I had a mild case of gestational diabetes. Though I look back now, it was all worth it because I have a healthy and happy baby girl!

Q: Were you able to do any kind of training at all during the pregnancy?
A: I was able to workout a little bit during the first trimester, that's if I wasn't sick. But later in the pregnancy I had a hard time working out because of my wacky sugar levels. I stopped lifting around month 4 but I did try to walk 3-4 days a week.

Q: Was their ever a thought of "This isn't the right time for me" being young with a bright future in the sport?
A: Never did I think "this isn't right for me" but I wish I had more knowledge on how the business worked. I competed on my own from the get go. I made mistakes along the way, none that I regret but I learned from.

Q: Whats been the hardest part of being a new mom?
A: That is a toughie, motherhood has been so easy, thus far. I would say realizing I have a little girl that needs me to care for her 24/7 has been hard because for years it has been just me taking care of myself, so making time for myself has been more difficult.

Q: Are you able to train now, or do mom duties keep you from getting much of a workout in?
A: I am thankful "Gaga" Brandon's mom lives just 5 miles from the gym so I am able to drop Lily off for 1-2 hours and get my workouts in!

Q: Is the plan to at some point be back on stage?
A: Yes I plan to be back on stage in October, if all goes well with training and getting these stretch marks to disappear!!!

Q: Does this give you a new respect for women who are mothers and compete?
A: I have always had the utmost respect for women who have had babies and compete. I look up to the mothers that have challenged themselves and have transformed their bodies, now I hope I can be an inspiration to mothers who want to compete or change their body.

Q: Let's talk a little about the industry. Do you have any thoughts on the new physique division?
A: I like it and am very interested to see what exact physique the judges will be looking for.

Q: You seem to take a lot of pride in letting people know you are natural. Is that an accurate statement?
A: Yes, it is an accurate statement. But I do ask myself what is a natural competitor now-a- day? What one make think is unnatural another may not, it is such a controversy. I have never taken an anabolic substance but I do use over the counter supplements: Dren, VPX Meltdown, Jack3d, etc. Now some people may say I am unnatural b/c I take stimulants but others may say I am natural b/c I don't take anabolic substances. You be the judge?

Q: Do you ever feel any backlash or resentment for making it so clear you are natural?
A: Not really. I have had people say I am lying, even before I started dating my husband he thought I was unnatural, but that's okay, people can think what they want. Now don't get me wrong I have nothing against the competitors that do take anabolic substances, they still have to work their ass off to get what they want. But being a natural competitor I strongly believe you have to work harder to get the results you want.

Q: Have their been any competitors you have seen lately who impress you?
A: I've always idolized Gina Aliotti and I still do. I like Erin Stern's and Candice Keene's physique.

Q: I always ask what the biggest misconception is about competitors. This time I will ask, what is the biggest misconception about you?
A: Many just know me as the young pro figure competitor but what a lot don't realize is that I am also an expert personal trainer and athlete. I've been training people since I was 16. I know the body inside and out. I know the techniques, strategies, and possibilities of many fitness programs. My true passion is helping others achieve their goals, so I like to surround myself with research, certifications and practice to be a well-rounded trainer.

Q: When I see pictures you always seem to enjoy being in front of the camera. Which is more enjoyable to you, being on stage, or in front of a camera?
A: Because of a past bad experience with a photographer I would have to say I enjoy being on stage more! Though I have worked with a lot of great photographers I can't seem to enjoy it more than being on stage, maybe someday that will change.

Q: Obviously since the last interview the answer to this has changed. SO what is a current day in your life like now?
A: 6 am wake-up and feed Lily, back to sleep until 11 am feed her again and eat my first meal of the day. Do some cleaning or work online then get ready for the day. Run some errands, feeding Lily every 3 hours. Drop Lily off at Gaga's, workout for 2 hours. Pick her up, drive 30 minutes home, get settled in for the evening, cook dinner, do some more work online, laundry, etc. off to bed at 10:30 pm.

Q: Anything else going on that I didn't mention that you want to talk about?
A: My husband has just recently joined the Coast Guard! Thank you for your service! That being said, in the years ahead we will be doing a lot of traveling to the different coastlines, which is very exciting for me because I love to travel and go to new places! This also gives me an opportunity to compete in different shows because I typically stick to shows I live closer to and that won't break the bank. This also gives me an opportunity to expand my business and become not only a well rounded trainer but a nationwide trainer too.

Q: Finish this sentence. In five years Listy Monaghan will be__?
A: Happily married, pregnant with her 2nd child, have a career as a personal trainer and xray technician and still proudly competing!

Q: Anything you want to plug or promote?
A: My new website I provide online personal training and I am starting to blog lots of great info that is FREE!! Check it out and sign the guestbook when you get a chance! :)

Q: Listy, again, thanks so much for doing this, and congrats on the new addition to the family. Anything last words before you go?
A: Thank you, I am truly blessed to have such a beautiful and wonderful family! To all that is competing this year, good luck and have fun on that stage! Congratulations to all that have taken the first steps to committing to a health lifestyle! And for those of you working on your fitness goals, keep up the great work! Hard work does pay off and great things happen to the people that give it their all and get back up when they fall!


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