Thursday, March 10, 2011

Deep Squats and Deep Thoughts by Brea Sharron

Deep Squats and Deep Thoughts

Arnold Impressions
So finally getting around to writing this and I've got one word for this years Arnold Sports Festival: Fan-freakin-tastic! I've gotta say I had the best weekend of my life hands down! I see some of my most favorite idols in the business, got a lot of inspiration, got my motivation kicked up a notch, and most importantly got to spend time with some of the most amazing people I'm blessed to call friends, old and new!
This was my first Arnold Experience and I gotta say it's quite overwhelming, I heard it was big... but were talking like take a national level show and multiply it times 100,I now add in some fencing, gymnastics, arm wrestling, a marathon a painting gallery of all this madness and about 20 more other events I was to busy to see let alone even hear about... Now the expo was filled with over 700 hundred booths from everything from nutrition to personal training to supplements to suit designers to clothing lines and thats just what I could see. Friday was quite busy, and I was busy being beautifully blinged out at the Silverback Krew booth and literally didn't sit down all day, and I was like wow, this is crazy, then came Saturday.... Were talking shoulder to shoulder all dayyyy long, I don't know how they got so many people in one city let alone one convention center which with over 1.5million square feet, was not small! 175,000 were apparently in attendance! And let me tell you, samples everywhere, but don't worry if you made it around to all the booths you got enough cardio in to burn off whatever you waited in lines long enough to try! I majorly dropped the ball on this one and didn't get any goodies to take back home because the Silverback booth was so popular, but it's all for the best because I love protein bars more than life and technically I'm less than 6 weeks out from a show so protein bar cheats and such are long gone.... I did manage a shaker cup at the after party at a place called BOMA, which got a name change to Bluestone or something like that.... Anyway also an experience there, it was a old historic Church turned into a club, fortunately for me again with the no cheating thing alcohol included, I didn't partake in drinking in Church. LOL! Lots of fun there too, lots of big names and big boys were in appearance and even Dave Palumbo braved the freezing rain turned snow to come out!
I would go ahead and advise everyone to go ahead and book their tickets and hotels now for next year! Like I said best weekend of my life, got to hang with my Silverback Krew as well as meet some more awesome people! I finally got to meet Mr. Jason Adams himself, and gotta say what an awesome and genuine great guy as well as a few other ladies from this site, Sandy and Ali who are just as beautiful as they are sweet! Shout outs to my new friends Mr. and Mrs Isaac and Jennifer Chapman, who kept me laughing all weekend; watch out they will both have pro cards in the very near future, and my Silverback Krew booth buddy the one and only Ms. Ashley King and of course everyone else who came and said hey!!! :o)

Until later ya'll,

Quote of the day:
"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength." ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

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