Friday, March 18, 2011

Jessica Scofield Column

The struggle that comes with being an American woman consumed in a society that's suffocated with image is exhausting. We are bombarded with Barbies, boobies, and the size of our belly's since we came screaming out of our mothers. Even then we wanted out from this pressure and stigma that's been branded to our bodies.

Fast forward fifteen, twenty, thirty years later from your birth. Things didn't change. Except now we're women who've decided to burn our Barbies and pick up dumbbells. The modern woman is no longer the 1970s "Wonder Woman" who does it all with an apron on and a smile on her face, waiting home for her "husband." She is some "super- hydrated" She Hulk who has decided to give birth to the concept of "more weight on the bar" rather than babies...and Barbies.

But for those women who couldn't burn their Barbies, they became fitness and bikini models. Those who wanted to say "fuck it" but inside really did care, they became bodybuilders aka, bigger Barbies. And then theres that tortured subgroup I live in รข the one that has literally burned her Barbies. The girls who and decided to take that innate anger out on the weights - the powerlifter. Once and still considered "the ugly step sister" in the fitness arena, this power-princess is coming alive. Shes hot, feminine, and is like one of the guys or can at least throw up the same amount of weights as them, but where does she belong? This is where the power-fueled woman's struggle starts - wanting it all, having it, but not seeing any of it and still wanting more.

Can someone tell me, who has made the modern woman's manual about how to play both the part of beauty and the beast? I am Jessica Power-Princess Scofield and I'm writing it.

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