Thursday, December 16, 2010

You Asked It with IFBB Pro Stacy Wright

I decided instead of me always asking the questions, why not give fans a chance to ask some questions. SO I came up with the idea for You Asked It. A chance for you to ask the questions. You send the questions and the competitor can pick her favorite ones to answer. I needed to kick it off with a bang. Someone who I knew would do good with it. So I selected IFBB Fitness Pro Stacy Wright. So thanks to Stacy for agreeing to be the first.

Q: What are common weight loss obstacles people must overcome?
A: The change in mindset is the number 1 obstacle. Most people think to lose weight you have to starve yourself and do a lot of cardio! I'm here to tell you that with that mindset, you will get nowhere fast! You may lose weight, but it will be muscle.. and in the long run, your increasing your body fat.. not decreasing it.

Q: Recent mother of 2 so time for self is impossible. 3 years ago I had 8 percent body fat and competed in amateur bodybuilding. I want to get back in it. Any tips on how to fit in?
A: You need to do some juggling and get a very strong support team! Anything we want to do bad enough we find time for.. just a matter of getting SUPER organized and balancing things out. Prepping meals ahead of time, make the most of their nap time and if you can't make it to the gym, start by working out at home. Anything is better than nothing. If you have someone who can be at home before they get up, hit the gym in the morning before the sun comes up.. then nap when they nap to catch up on sleep. There are multiple ways to figure it out.. just a matter of taking the time.

Q: How far out do you suggest is best to start working on a routine for a specific show?
A: Depending on how far out of competition shape you are depends on how far in advance you need to get started. Same goes for the routine. If you already have the mandatories down it'll just get easier and easier to get a routine together as your body weight and conditioning come together. I typically like to give myself some extra time, so once the routine is together and I'm able to get through it all, that I have time to make adjustments as needed if something just isn't working right or doesn't look right in the routine. If you want a number time frame though, some people take anywhere from 6-16 or more weeks to get a routine together.

Q: My goal is not to compete. I have no desire. But I do want the "look" of a competitor. I train at a very hardcore gym. If I don't plan to compete should I switch to a gym that isn't so loaded with competitors? I hate constantly being asked "When is your next show?"
A: I definitely would NOT switch gyms due to the questioning if you like the environment of your current gym. People no matter where you go will probably be asking you that. It comes with the territory. Be proud that you can carry around a physique that draws such positive attention. If it helps, wear headphones and a hat. That always helps calm down the questions and talk in the gym =) To me, I go to the gym that has the equipment that I need the hours and days of the week I need it.

Q: You are very beautiful. Do you find it to be extra important to remain a certain degree of femininity in a physique based sport?
A: To be honest, no! =) I Love muscle and I have a look that I desire to have and work every day towards that. Just like ANY girl, I DO want to be beautiful and feminine and appreciate the compliment. In my eyes, symmetry and balance in muscle ARE beauty, though.

Q: I train with another female friend and she really doesn't like to push as hard. I feel it effects my workout in a negative way. Should I train alone, or even try and find a male training partner?
A: Haha! I have never had a female training partner for the long haul, but have had friends workout with me from time to time. I prefer to keep it that way. When training alone, I'm able to pace myself to get the most out of my workouts, I don't have to take time between sets for discussion or anything. I live such a busy and hectic lifestyle, while I LOVE the gym... absolutely LOVE it, I do not have time to spend hours and hours there.. as I have to go back day after day. It may sound mean, but I don't mean it that way. But I don't go to the gym to make friends. I go to get a job done. To progress my body! To get better and better, and also, I might mention- to decrease stress of actually being so busy and overwhelmed at times. On the other hand, I have trained with my husband, Andrew, on and off for years. The great thing about us training together is we have SUCH a connection that we don't even have to talk. We can give each other a look and know if we need a spot, or how many more reps to do. It doesn't hinder the training session, it helps it! So even though, it's the "thing" to do to have a training partner, for the most part I go against the grain there. Unless you have a person you have a total connection with, it's not worth the sacrifice of a great workout!

Q: I train and lift very heavy, except for some reason I have never been able to bench very heavy. If I am benching light, is it lessening the results, or am I ok if I do enough reps with the right form?
A: I always train with progression in mind. Never compare yourself to someone else..just like we do when we step on stage. Your goal should be to be better than you were the last time you stepped on stage. With that in mind, if you're lifting heavy and keeping strict form, your body will have to improve due to the increased stress on your body. Even if you only get 1 more rep from week to week, that's progression!

Q: Fitness seem to not get the coverage other divisions get. Therefore less and less seem to compete in Fitness. Why do you think that is?
A: I really don't know why fitness doesn't get much coverage. If I had a dollar for every time I hear "the routines are my favorite" I could retire. It seems like with that much interest in the routines.. there would be more. When you think about it, you can't put a full routine in a magazine, and you don't see too many supplement commercials to show off routine skills... so even though people love the routines, it's only something you see live at a show. I will say I don't think the fact fitness doesn't have much "coverage" is why we don't have more competing. Fitness is HARD. Trying to balance getting in hard workouts, routine time (which after the hard workout you're either exhausted, sore, or tight), then cardio (which now you're exhausted from practicing your routine)... it's just very hard. Then you add in life .. work, family, holidays, errands, cooking meals... there's really a struggle to find enough hours in the day. But somehow you learn to make things work! Unless you have a strong desire and dream of being a fitness competitor it's simply "easier" to go for another division.

Q: I will be competing for the first time in 2011. People tell me with the prep comes mood swings. How can I make people understand the reason for this so they don't think I am just being mean?
A: I very much so dislike this excuse. It seems like some people like to use dieting as an excuse to be mean. Yes, it can suck, and you can be cranky sometimes... but prepare yourself! If you KNOW you're going to go through a dieting process, especially if it's new, you need to be overly aware of yourself. Keep yourself under control. Before you say or do ANYTHING, take a second and basically sensor yourself. Me, personally, dieting is fine for me. It's when I get sleep deprived that I get "cranky".. but I am aware of that. And I watch what I do and don't do when I know I'm not getting the sleep I need. That way you don't "change" when you're in a certain phase of your life and people don't resent you and your competition process. Talk with your family and close friends and explain to them what you're doing. Education and preparation are the key to success and even though you're the only one dieting, it DOES effect those around you even if not by choice. So since they didn't choose it, it's not fair to take it out on them. Dieting doesn't have to be a bad thing. If you start to feel a mood swing coming on, just remind yourself that you CHOSE this.. it's a choice. If it's that bad and makes you miserable.. maybe it was the wrong one. Enjoy the process! ;)

Q: When you first started competing, were there any competitors you looked up to?
A: Absolutely! and I still do! I've always been a huge fan of Jen Hendershott's routines! Her personality and attitude she displays on stage is simply amazing! Monica Brant is always one who I've admired physique wise. I love watching her video from when she did train for fitness. There are MANY MANY more that I look up to and have for years... but there are simply too many to name! I can pretty much narrow it down and say that each and every person to ever step on stage I look up to, because that is an accomplishment in and of itself!

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