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Amanda Genao Interview

Early on in this blog I interviewed Amanda Genao. Before that I was a fan of Amanda the competitor, then I became a fan of Amanda the person. Amanda is easily a personal favorite of mine. Beautiful, smart, great physique, and very kind. What is there not to like? So now that there are so many more readers, I decided it was time to interview Amanda again and show even more people why Amanda is so special.

Q: Amanda thanks for taking the time to do another interview
A: No problem. It’s always great to be one of the people who get interviewed on your blog.

Q: For those not familiar can you tell a little about yourself.
A: I have been in the fitness industry for over 7 years, and have been competing for about the same amount of time. I am a mother to 2 wonderful children ages 12 and 14. I am also a geek at heart so I’m very passionate about education. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Student Development with a concentration in Social Justice Education. I am a huge advocate of higher education!

Q: Can you update people on whats been going on with you since our last interview, on and off the stage.
A: On stage, I competed in April at the Steve Stone Metropolitan and then in June at the Atlantic States, both in NYC. I didn’t place at all in April and the feedback was that I was too muscular. So I had my boyfriend help me with my diet and training, tweaked a few things and we brought a different package in June. I placed 3rd right behind 2 women who turned pro shortly after. I was very happy and proud of myself. Off the stage a lot of changes – new job, and changes in family structure that have been very overwhelming and challenging. Through it all I have remained strong and even though I had my moments, I am very happy where I am and what I’ve accomplished in life.

Q: Have you been watching any of the competitions lately? Anyone impress you?
A: I do keep myself glued to during nationals and other pro competitions for live coverage. I was the most pleased to see Erin Stern win the Figure O. There are so many women I know at the pro and national level that continue to impress me and improve that I couldn’t even begin to name all of them! I am always looking though!

Q: On a scale of 1-10, what would you ate this year for you as far as competing and why?
A: Definitely a 10! I was able to get on stage at my last competition while enduring so much I had going on in my personal life, with a lot of confidence and with a better package. My family, friends and boyfriend were all extremely supportive and that meant the world to me.

Q: Have you noticed any one part of your physique that you really improved on in 2010?
A: My booty! Thanks to my mother I have a very genetically generous amount of booty. I was always told to “bring down the glutes”. Genetics sometimes are hard to fight but again, the tweaks that were done worked well this year and down came the glutes!

Q: Heading to 2011, what do you want to improve on?
A: Better conditioning, harder for sure.

Q: Obviously you are very beautiful. Is fitness modeling something that interests you?
A: If the opportunity is the right fit, of course!

Q: Depending on who you talk to, some think women in the industry are getting more respect, then others say less? Which side do you fall on?
A: I am split on this issue. I think the birth of bikini took something out of the women’s side of the industry – perhaps the athleticism…I still can’t put my finger on it. The fact remains that the posing, the suits, the overall presentation for most of the women in bikini is rather suggestive and when they come on stage, the comments and whistling doesn’t sit well with me. On the other hand, I think the new division seems promising and perhaps will draw in a new genre of competitors that will revive the athleticism and type of training and dieting that is supposed to be demonstrated by those of us who compete.

Q: Often people who do not follow the industry hear a woman competes in Figure and automatically just think "bodybuilder". DO you find yourself having to explain the difference to people very often?
A: Yup. I usually just say bodybuilder and every now and then someone would make the “I don’t look big and jacked” like a bodybuilder. That’s usually when I have to go in and explain the difference.

Q: Can you give people an idea of what your typical training routine and diet are like.
Day 1 Arms
Day 2 Legs
Day 3 Shoulders (or depending on my leg workout maybe just cardio)
Day 4 Cardio
Day 5 Back
Day 6 and 7 Cardio
This is typically during pre-contest mode and I haven’t stirred too far away from this, except maybe a day or 2 off.
As far as diet, even when I am off I haven’t gone super crazy and not watched what I eat. I try not to become too obsessive over my eating but rather keep a balance and be mindful of when I start going overboard. I find this method to be so much better for me once I have to ease into my pre contest diet. I eat tons of tuna (for the easy factor), chicken, and now I eat steak! For carbs I haven’t changed that much in years – mainly oats and sweet potatoes. I also keep a moderate amount of fats on my diet.

Q: What is your favorite healthy meal and favorite cheat meal
A: Healthy – chicken and sweet potatoes and my boyfriend’s steak! Cheat meal hands down cheeseburger and fries.

Q: What body part do you most enjoy training?
A: Shoulders and Legs!

Q: Which do you least enjoy training?
A: Uggh, hate training calves cuz no matter what I do, nothing happens to them (thanks mom) and triceps because after breast augmentation surgery it’s still a bit painful to train them.

Q: When it comes time for off season, how long do you consider your off season, and how far over contest weight do you like to go?
A: I try not to go too crazy during my off season and I found this to be way easier on me when I start dieting down. Ironically I don't get on scales but I go by how tight my jeans are. LOL. If my booty is suffocating I know I’m hitting the “girl, you need to lay off the ice cream” mark.

Q: Do you prefer training alone or with a partner and why?
A: Just me, my lifting gloves and my Ipod. It’s my only time to be in solitude with my own body. I usually have tons going on and my schedule cannot depend on anyone else’s time. I roll solo.

Q: Usually I ask what the biggest misconception about competitors is. This time I will ask whats the biggest misconception about you?
A: I don’t think many people, especially the men that approach me know that I’m very educated. It gets on my nerves and sometimes I feel like I have to over-expose that about myself so that I’m not treated like I’m “stupid”.

Q: I have seen a couple videos of you in the gym, and you seem intense. Do you get a lot of people at the gym asking for advice and does it bother you when they do it during the workout?
A: First of all thank you for watching my videos! And yes, I do get people making comments or asking me random questions just to start a conversation. It does bother me when it’s someone who wants to talk just to talk but when it’s a legitimate question about training or competing, I have no problems opening up and talking.

Q: What is a typical day like for you?
A: Busy. Up until a couple of weeks ago my day was packed with running around and work. I wake up at around 5:30 am, get the kids and myself ready to be out the door, and then I do my cardio after I get them to school. I would then head off to work and be there until 5. By the time I’d get home it’d be close to 6 and I would have to make dinner for the kids and head to the gym hopefully by 7pm. Then home, check on the kids’ homework, showers, etc.

Q: Finish this sentence. In five years I will be____?
A: Running my own non-profit, still competing, and working on my PhD in counseling psychology.

Q: You have a great website. Can you give out the address and tell people what they can find there.
A: Right now it’s a bit outdated but I do have a session dedicated to helping competitors. I also have tons of photos.

Q: Anything else you want to plug or promote?
A: I also have a facebook fan page – SweetCapri and a blog where I write things about my life, and everything in it. The blog is

Q: Looking for sponsors? If so how can they reach you and what do they get in sponsoring you as an athlete?
A: I find myself to be one of the very few women of color in the industry and I think it’s a population that potential sponsors should tap into! I think I’d be a great representative and spokesperson for just about any company that wants to reach out to women, particular women of color! I can be reached by email at

Q: Amanda, again, thanks so much for doing this. Any last words before you go?
A: You are very welcome. I just want to thank you for the opportunity and thank you for allowing us to learn about so many other women in the industry via your blog. Thank you!

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