Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 2010 Cover Model Nichole Long

Nichole Long is a woman who has done and continues to do many different things in MMA. Among those things are managing fighters, announcing, and being the best amateur matchmaker around. Often you hear me praise the NAAFS on this page and on my blog. Nichole is a major reason for that praise. Rarely will you see such a tireless hard worker. Often an overlooked person in any MMA promotion is the matchmaker because people don't often care about the behind the scenes aspect of the sport. They just want to see good exciting fights. In the NAAFS you always see those fights, and you get to see them because of Nichole's ability to put those fights together. What sets Nichole apart from most people who perform the same job in other promotions, is her genuine concern and caring for the fighters. The fighters are not just "fighters" to her and that is evident when talker to fighters who have fought for the NAAFS and hearing the praise the fighters give to her and the respect they have for her. Being a matchmaker is not as simple as saying "o.k., this guy will fight this guy, or this girl can fight this girl". It takes a lot of phone calls, texts, and work dealing with fighters, managers, trainers, and dealing with late replacements, negotiations, not to mention all the running around and getting things done on fight night.
But there is more to Nichole. Look at the photos. She also does modeling photo shoots and her unique and beautiful look combined with a great camera presence make her photos stand out. She is someone any photographer should want in their portfolio.
You often hear people say they wish there was more time in the day, and in Nichole's case, I bet that statement really applies to her, but if there was more time in the day, Nichole would probably spend it not relaxing, but working even more to make sure the NAAFS continues to be a great promotion that will only continue to get bigger and bigger.
Nichole can also be contacted if you are looking for an announcer, as she is accomplished at that, and also can be contacted for photo shoots.
Nichole is a woman of many talents and does many different things, but each thing she does, she does with professionalism and puts everything she has into everything she does.

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