Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bree Emery Interview

For many people, you hear the word "model" and automatically think of someone who is unhealthily skinny. One thing I like about Bree Emery is that not only is she a ring card girl, she is a model who shows you do not have to be unhealthily skinny to be beautiful and work in modeling. Another thing is that sometimes people have dreams but won't reach for them, Bree has continued to reach for them, and achieved them and from listening to her you know she will continue to reach for and achieve her goals.

Q: Can you start out just giving a little background info on yourself?A: I am twenty years old and I have a two year old. I have been a CNA for about two months now. I have lived in Kansas my whole life.

Q: What got you interested in modeling?
A: I have always been a pageant type of girl from the second I was able to watch t.v. My mom never had enough money to put me in a pageant because it is really expensive, so growing up it has always been my dream to be model. I got pregnant when I was seventeen and most of the modeling I do you have to be eighteen. I had my daughter and after I had her, I decided to pursue my dreams as a model. Not only for me, but also for her, to better her life and childhood.

Q: When you started to pursue it, was it hard at first or did opportunities come quick?
A: My uncle made a status on Facebook saying I wanted to be a model and one of his friends knew a model. She gave me her contact and I got in touch with her and that's how that all began.

Q: The first time you worked, was it what you expected?
A: I actually worked for a non-profit organization for charity. It was basically sex appeal for charities. We would go and work for endangered animals or child abuse and neglect, all these charities. We were called the Brooklyn Bombshells and had are sexy uniforms. We made a ton of money but gave it all to charity. It was really fun and everything I hoped for.

Q: Were you nervous the first time?
A: No because I love being around people.

Q: You have done a variety of photo shoots, is there a style you like to do the most?
A: My personal favorite and what I will pursue further would be glamor, bikini and lingerie.

Q: Is there a reason you like that kind?
A: Yeah, when I started out I shot with plenty of photographers and did a range of things from punk rock to implied. I decided which looked best for me and what I was good at. I love looking beautiful, I love posing sexy for the camera and I love the attention I get.

Q: One thing I like is that you show you don't have to be unhealthily skinny to model, is that something important to you?
A: Yeah! I talk with so many people and agencies. Different agencies want you to be skin and bone and anorexic. I know well enough to know you can be any size you want to model. You don't have to be a size zero and you don't have to be a size fifteen so I chose to be the size that I want to be. As long as I know my pictures are good and I am getting jobs, that is all that matters.

Q: Now that you have done a lot and say you are always comfortable, do you ever get nervous?
A: Always when you shoot with a new photographer. It is nerve-racking for the first twenty minutes and then you warm up to each other and say silly jokes back and forth and start getting good images. That goes for every photographer, even if I haven't shot with him for a year, there is always that awkwardness in the beginning. You don't know how he shot or how I shot, so there is always that awkward moment in the beginning.

Q: How did you got started working as a ring card girl?
A: Scott Heston actually. He contacted me and asked if I want to be a Gladiator Fighting Association girl. I was like "oh yeah, sure!" I went to a photo shoot and then did my first Organized Chaos event and it exploded ever since.

Q: Were you a fan of the sport before then?
A: I never really knew about the sport. I always watched UFC and wanted to be a UFC ring girl and when Scott asked me, it was an open door.

Q: Are there any similarities between the two?
A: yeah, there are a ton. They both work hand in hand for me. When I modeled, that got Scott's attention for me to be a ring girl. Being a ring girl, there are so many promoters and photographers and people around and they know who I am and know me as a model and have seen me and want to shoot me. I see other promoters and they want me to be a ring girl for them. It works hand in hand.

Q: When you are sitting there, do you ever get caught up in the fight and forget what you are supposed to do?
A: Not necessarily what I am supposed to do. You walk in the cage in the beginning of the fight and between rounds. There are usually three different girls. You are excited to get in the cage. I have always gotten into the fight but never got side-tracked. It is my passion, I love being in the cage and walking around and the crowd yelling. All the girls are eager to get in the cage so they wait for the next round and hope it goes to round three so we all get in the cage.

Q: What is more fun, being in front of the camera or being in the cage?
A: I have to say being in the cage. I love all the attention and people. I love the sport. It is like a brother and sisterhood. Everyone is so close, whether fighting or getting ready to fight. I love it and love all the people.

Q: For someone who may want to get into modeling or ring girl work, how comfortable do you have to be with your own body?
A: You have to be one hundred percent as confident as you can to pursue anything in this world I feel. It doesn't have to be modeling. I am a very confident person, I don't care what people think about me, I am gonna do me and succeed with me. I can only help myself. In a swimsuit in a ring around five thousand people, you have to be comfortable with yourself and your body.

Q: You ever have any uncomfortable moment, someone say something rude?
A: Honestly, I have not. I have never been around super drunk people. Most of the drunk people just yell and scream and whistle and tell me I am hot. A girl hears that a million times so it's not uncomfortable. We have bodyguards to handle my drama if I have any.

Q: Besides the UFC ring girl, are there any other long-term goals?
A: I am moving to Florida and want to pursue my modeling and hopefully the fight scene out there. It is my goal to be a full-time model and hopefully ring girl a ton of shows and work my way up to the top.

Q: Is there anyone you look up to or admire?
A: I have a lot of friends in MMA. I have to say my two favorite women fighters I look up to are Rach Wiley and Jaycee Wells. They have so much passion for the sport. I wish I had so much dedication to do it but I am not a fighter and would rather be on the pretty side of the fight scene. They just have so much dedication and confidence and just nail it. I one hundred percent look up to that because I wish i could do that.

Q: If someone was looking to contact you about modeling, what is the best way?
A: If you wanna see some of my work, I would say Facebook. I am getting ready to set up a website. I will post a link on Facebook when it gets set up.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: I want to thank you for contacting me. It made me excited to know that someone is out there looking from the inside out.

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