Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Maura Gay Delaware Open Prep Journal

Blog 2: 7 Weeks Out

Hey everybody! It’s Maura again! I’m now 7 weeks out from the NPC Delaware Open, where I’ll be competing in figure.

I had a request from someone on my Tumblr blog for a no-B.S. look into competition prep, so here it is, straight up, a day in my life:
• 4:20am – wake up
o try to get out the door without forgetting anything
• 4:30am – out the door
o off to the gym
• 5:10am – arrive at gym
o time to train
• 6:15am – hit the shower
o get ready for work
o try to make it look like I didn’t just spend the past hour sweating bullets
• 6:35am – run out the door, protein shake in hand
o head to work
• 7:00am – arrive at work (a desk job in information security)
o eat breakfast (chicken breast and some sort of vegetable, purely because I’d rather have cold chicken than cold eggs)
o check emails
o check systems, begin work
• 12:00pm – lunch
o more chicken and veggies
• 1:00 – back to work
o my job honestly varies day-to-day
• 4:00pm – done work
o head home
• 4:30pm – arrive home
o unpack from the day
• 5:00pm – make dinner
o usually ground beef/bison, rice, and some sort of vegetable
o om nom nom!
• 6:00pm – get ready for the next day
o prep meals
o pack
o prep supplements for shakes
• 7:00 – hang out
o watch tv, Facebook (you can find me at here), Skype, etc
• 10:00 – zonk
So there’s a day in the life of Maura Gay. So exciting, I know.

As a side note, last week was “max effort week,” a.k.a. the best week ever. My big 3 maxes (in pounds) were: 275 deadlift, 125 bench, 240 squat. Awesome!

Let me know via facebook or Tumblr message if you’d like for me to write about some particular aspect of my prep or if you have any questions (about anything, really)!

I’ll leave you guys with a photo from a shoot I did in Baltimore back in March. Love this shot!

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