Saturday, March 23, 2013

20 Random Questions with Nicole Gray

Q: You are on an island with Snooki, Dr. Phil, Judge Judy, Hulk Hogan, Justin Beiber and a mime, who do you vote off first?
A: Dr. Phil, but I'd probably push him off

Q: Who do you vote off last?
A: Hulk Hogan of course!

Q: You are alone on that island, what four items do you need?
A: Items?I'm a simple girl, I don't need much. I assume my dogs don't count....Cell (let's say I'll have wifi), someone who can hunt/fish cause I can't and my best friends would make my island perfect!

Q: If you could have the body part of another person, who and what would it be?
A: Juliana Malacarne's legs..DAYUM!

Q: The best part of competing is?
A: The entire journey is what makes it so special. From the off season through stepping on stage. Seeing my body transform in ways that I never thought possible, pushing myself mentally and physically in ways that I couldn't have imagined and the rewarding sense of accomplishment that is indescribable.

Q: If a restaurant made a sandwich called the "Nicole Gray", what five items would be on it?
A: It would be a dessert "sandwich"...Brownies (the bread if you will), Peanut butter-filled pretzels mixed with ice cream, nuts and warm caramel and chocolate fudge. That would be one hell of a sandwich.

Q: Muscles on a woman is?

Q: What would the move of your life be called and who would play you?
A: This is by far the hardest question...You've stumped me here lol As far as title.."Crazy/Beautiful"..sums up my journey, it's been a crazy one lots of ups and down but at the end of the day, it's a beautiful ride. The actress would be a little combo of Uma Thurman (think Kill Bill) but with the wit and attitude of Ellen Page from Juno...Both ladies a little bit of a smart ass, hard shell but a passionate heart.

Q: What is the worst movie you ever saw?
A: Wow, I've watched a ton of bad movies hard to pick the worst...Probably Twilight. That shit was BAD!

Q: Better filling of topping for a candy bar, chocolate, peanut butter, caramel or something fruit flavored?
A: Peanut butter...chunky and hell, add a little caramel on there too

Q: If real men wear black, what do real women wear?
A: Whatever the fuck they want :)

Q: Favorite exercise?
A: Deadlifts..without question.

Q: Best flavor Popsicle?
A: Does a fudgesicle count?

Q: Have you ever played an entire game of Monopoly?
A: I don't recall ever finishing, but I can tell you I am TERRIBLE at Monopoly.

Q: On average, how many times a day to you pose in a mirror?
A: Just a mirror? I pose in ANYTHING that I can see my reflection in. The leaner I am, the more often I do it lol

Q: Supplement you cant live without?
A: Champion Nutrition Chocolate PB and Cookies & Cream Whey...Makes my Greek yogurt dessert every night! NOMZ!

Q: Creepiest or funniest comment, compliment or pick-up line you ever got?
A: I would say "lame" comments pretty much sum it up. Anything covering me being stronger than a guy, or bigger than a guy or wanting to wrestle etc. No, I have ZERO interest in arm wrestling or choking a dude so let's save us all the time..please and thank you :)

Q: Have you ever got jiggy with it?
A: When I have not would be a better question. (and yes, now I'm singing lol)

Q: If they made a horror movie using fitness industry people, who would play the psycho killer, the naive non-believer, the guy who tries to save the day but keeps messing up and the girl who eventually defeats the killer?
A: The killer: Branch Warren, he looks a little unhinged lol; The non-believer: Nicole Wilkins, she seems really sweet; Guy who tries to save the day: Phil Heath, he tries to be the good guy, the hero and the bad ass chick who steps up and wrecks shit is Alina explanation necessary.

Q: Why are the Kardashian's famous?
A: Hell if I know! I cannot for the life of me figure out why society cares about these people and what they do or what they wear etc.

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  1. I guess I dont have to ask if I will be on your island <3