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Tecia Torres Interview

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Throughout her amateur career, there was a lot of hype surrounding Tecia Torres, and that hype was justifiable. She went undefeated as an amateur MMA fighter showing constant improvement. She is now ready to take the next step in her career on October 6th when she makes her pro debut for Invicta against a tough opponent in Kaiyana Rain. Even with it being both fighters pro debuts, this is one of the highly anticipated fights on the card and will for sure provide a lot of excitement.

Q: Looking back at your amateur career, what would you say was the biggest highlight for you?
A: I guess transitioning from Muay-Thai to MMA and going undefeated in MMA has made me confident as a striker and confident with my ground game. My ground game is always transitioning, I am always learning. I am happy the outcomes went the way they did. My favorite fight was the fight against Ashley (Greenwway) because it was a four five minute round fight. I definitely dominated the fight but it was the closest I have had to a pro experience. Winning all seven fights and coming out with decisive victories.

Q: There has been a ton of hype around you, is it hard to keep a level head and not get cocky?
A: Not at all. My day is coming, I have lost before, I have had a lot of fights, a lot of experience. I just think it is time to start fighting on a professional level and see how I stand up. I am not un-defeatable, I am gonna lose, but it is all a learning experience. I would like to win them all, but you know haha.

Q: Is there one specific thing you most look forward to as a pro?
A: I am looking forward to being able to throw elbows and knees to the face. I am not looking forward to it happening to me, but it just looks like something fun to do, something different. Besides that, getting to fight on a different level. These girls are on a professional level because they are meant to be there and I feel like I am meant to be there as well.

Q: Invicta is such a big thing for women's MMA, what does it mean for you to be able to fight for them?
A: To be able to fight for them is an honor, to be able to make my pro debut for them is amazing. to me, it shows that my talent, skills and determination has led to this point where an organization like Invicta having the biggest names in women's MMA and them choosing me to make my pro debut on their show, it shows it has all paid off. The way I see Shannon (Knapp) and Janet (Martin) have treated the women and treated me thus far has been amazing. I look forward to showcasing my skills on such a big level.

Q: Are there any fighters on the card you are excited to see in person?
A: There is a lot of girls. I would like to see all the fights. There are some I look forward to like Jessica Penne, Ashley Cummins is really good, Stephanie Frausto is good. Girls around my weight, the girls I have researched and followed. India (Gomes) my teammate I am excited to see her fight. Lot's of girls. The fight I am excited about is Kaitlin Young vs Leslie Smith, the rematch. The first fight was amazing, I look forward to it, they are both strikers and I like striking haha.

Q: You are fighting Kaiyana Rain, what do you know about her?
A: From what I can tell, she is a well-rounded fighter from a good camp. She is physically fit, we have similar styles, similar body types. It is a great match-up. It looks like she likes to strike a little more than the ground, which is fine with me cause I am a striker. She will be ready for everything and so am I. It will be a fun match-up.

Q: A lot of people expect it to be a stand-up war, do you see it that way?
A: Maybe, it depends on what she has up her sleeve. If she wants to try and take me down, so be it. Maybe I will try the same to her, you never know.

Q: People talk about your stand-up, do you feel your ground game gets overlooked?
A: Maybe, just because I haven't been able to showcase it much. The fights in Florida, there is no ground and pound, so there isn't much to see. My Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling is always a learning process, I will never be perfect. I am excited to showcase my skills in that arena as well, so if she wants to take me down, we'll see some ground work.

Q: You are both in great shape, some of your fights you have a third round cardio advantage, with her, do you expect her to keep coming and have her cardio in round three if it goes that long?
A: It looks like she is always moving forward, so I expect her to keep coming. I believe she will be ready for fifteen minutes, as will I. I am more of a counter fighter so my game is a little different. If it goes all fifteen minutes it will be a great show for the audience, but of course ewe would both like to end it early.

Q: With everyone who follows women's MMA, is there a part of you that not only wants to win, but have that show-stealing performance and be the girl everyone talks about after?
A: Of course! Especially since I am a debut fighter, I am the second fight. Usually the fight of the night and bonus goes to the main event. Not saying I am looking forward to that or it will happen, but of course I want to put on a performance where people say "Who is that Tecia Torres girl, she is good, we should watch out for her". I would like that to happen. I am ready to put on a show and show the hard work and put my name out there.

Q: Is there a key to winning this fight?
A: The key to this fight is to stay calm and perfect all the little details. I am an aggressive fighter, I am very bouncy, so play to my game, use my strengths, use my quickness, get in and out, throw my combinations.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: Tecia wins!

Q: A lot of people fight and keep talking trash, you become very friendly with opponents after you fight, is that important to you?
A: Yes, for sure. I love watching women's MMA, I love every aspect of it. That is why I follow the girls on-line. If I win or lose, I look you up and see what you are doing. I want the best for you and the best for me. The better you get, the better I look if I have beaten you, and if you beat me, the better I wanna be. I like being friends. It is something we do, now I am getting paid for it, I want to be professional outside the ring. There is no reason to be catty or anything. We can be friends and when we get in the ring, it's go time.

Q: You have been training with Jessica Aguilar, what is the biggest thing you have learned from her?
A: That the sky is the limit, I can get much better. Besides that, the main thing is she has told me to be calm and play my game, don't over excite yourself, be focused. The little tips and hints she has given me has made me focus more. I thank her and a lot of girls who have helped me lately. I thank those girls a lot, a look up to Jessica, I wanna be like her one day.

Q: After this, what do you want next, I assume fight for Invicta again?
A: Yeah of course I want to fight for Invicta again. Invicta knows what they are doing and I love everything about it. I am here to stay and hope to come out with a victory.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: My team and training partners, India Gomes, Jessica Aguilar, Nina Ansaroff, Jessica Branco and Thais Nega. My sponsors, Tussle Fight Gear, Babes of MMA, Awakening Female Fighters, Slept Fight Wear, Thick as Thieves Fight Co. and Apocalypse MMA.

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