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Cara Marel Interview

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Cara Marel wanted to wait till she had more competing experience before she did an interview with me. Now, after four shows she was ready. Four shows is not a ton of experience, but it was enough shows for Cara to tremendously improve her physique. At the Metropolitans Cara brought her best ever package to the stage and gave people their first glimpse at the future pro potential that she definitely has.

Q: Can you talk about how you got started in the gym?
A: Basically when I was a kid I was pretty athletic. Once I got into adult-hood I got a little out of shape. I wasn't fat, but I was heavier than I was comfortable with. I started working out on my own at my apartment complex gym a couple days a week. Once I started to see results it was motivating. I had a friend who talked me into joining an actual gym. She was gonna compete in a figure show and I had no idea what that was. So I joined and started training January of last year with my first trainer. I knew nothing about competing or anything. I did my first show April of last year and placed sixth which was o.k., but I wasn't thrilled. It gave me motivation to go further and I fell in love with it. I love seeing what hard work and eating right and dedication does for the body.

Q: What got you to compete?
A: I didn't really know much about the sport but once my friend and trainer explained it, I thought if I could do it, it would be something I could prove to myself and everyone else. I had some issues with anxiety and self-esteem like many people do. Getting on stage and doing that would be an accomplishment. That's the driving force behind me competing now, each time striving to be better than I was before.

Q: To the uninformed, bikini means T&A, did family and friends understand the difference and what you were doing?
A: I did take explanation. Like you said, the phrase itself, bikini, you don't know what that means. The sport itself has only been around a couple years, so a lot of times, when I meet new people, or tell my friends and when I originally told my family, there was some explaining to do. I had to describe that there is more than just stepping on stage and looking cute in a bikini. Its a life-style, from the way I eat, to social activities, to the people I associate with, it's all centered around having a healthy life-style. There was a little confusion and I still get some strange looks when I tell them I do bikini. They say "whats that", and I say "its a division of bodybuilding, we go for the sculpted, sexy, tight and toned look". They start to understand more.

Q: Recently you did the Metropolitans and took fourth. How satisfied were you with what you brought to the stage?
A: I feel like to date that was my best personal package. I really was pleasantly surprised, in a show that caliber I would have been happy with top ten. Competing with a bunch of beautiful talented athletes, I felt blessed to have placed fourth.

Q: Compared to other shows, in what way were you better?
A: Well, it was my fourth show in my entire career, and the first show since I joined Team Bombshell in December. It changed my whole way of training and diet. I guess, overall, I brought a more tight, toned and proportioned package. In previous shows I was a bit softer, still kind of dealing with the skinny fat. I came more proportioned and balanced. I know the things I need to improve in the future.

Q: Do you know what shows you want to do next?
A: Currently I am training for the Southern States show in Florida in July. As of now, that's the show, I may do a local show before then in June just to get a little extra experience.

Q: What improvements would you like to make for Southern States?
A: Basically, my overall presentation. Fine tune my presentation and present a more polished package. I want to be improved as far as looking comfortable on stage. I feel like I have gotten better about not being nervous, but I still look back and say "I could have done that better". So just overall presentation and continue to tighten up.

Q: You seem to have the frame to hold muscle, do you have to be careful to not add too much?
A: I used to be, like I said, athletic growing up, but when I lost a lot of weight, I didn't have a lot of muscle. Now that I have put more on, it is starting to stay there. I don't go out of my way, but it is truly a balance. But my training routine has variety, lifting heavy, lifting light, so I don't have to worry too much.

Q: Would you consider figure or are you happy with bikini?
A: When I first decided to compete it was for figure, I didn't know about bikini. As I learned more about bikini and my body at the time, we decided it was best to start with bikini and then move to figure. However after a couple shows I loved bikini, its fun and suits me. Figure is something I would consider, but right now I am content in bikini. I would like to master myself before I move on to another division.

Q: Long term, is a pro card the goal?
A: Yes! I definitely would like to turn pro someday. I feel i am taking the right steps and improving with the help of coaches and teammates.

Q: At the gym, beautiful girl, lifting with guys, do you get a lot of attention or stares?
A: Sometimes. I work at the same gym as I did at the beginning. So a lot of people there I know, so most of the time its positive attention. people asking what I do and am training for. I explain it and they are positive. Every now and then I get strange looks, but I tune it out. When I am in my zone it doesn't matter whats going on around me. There are not a lot of girls lifting with the guys, but once I got comfortable an experience I became more comfortable with myself.

Q: Do you have a routine you stick with or do you like to change it up?
A: Generally my routine changes. There is some that is steady like morning cardio and in the afternoon weights and second cardio. But it changes week to week. one day lifting light and one lifting heavy. Its important for me cause I don't get bored and its good for muscle confusion. I like my current plan. Before that it got repetitive, but I like the change.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A:I want to say I blessed to be able to do what I do. I respect anyone who competes. It takes guts, time and dedication. I appreciate what the others bring to the table. I am glad to be part of Team Bombshell, with my coaches Shannon Dey, Robert, Vanessa, Gen, Kristen and Aniedra and my teammates. They are a great support system. I encourage those looking into competing to look into joining or they can contact me on facebook. Also my first trainer Neko Roberson And my family and friends for their support.

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