Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Women's MMA 25 Most Influential

This is a list that was compiled by myself as well as 15 pro and amateur fighters and one more insider. This is not a list about who has done the most for women's MMA. That list would no doubt have many differences from this one. This list is about right now who is the most influential. It is all opinion and totally for fun, as if I had 15 different people help the list could end up entirely different. The way it was done is each person made their top 25 and from there a point system was used to make the final 25. Also, I was voted onto this list, but decided since it is on my own blog, it would be better to not list myself nor reveal where I would have been placed. Remember, this is totally for fun, and is not to be taken as anything serious.

1. Shannon Knapp- President of Invicta FC

2. Dana White- President of UFC

3. Sam Wilson- WMMA advocate/Matchmaker

4. Janet Martin- Matchmaker for Invicta FC

5. Ronda Rousey- Pro fighter

6. Miesha Tate- Pro fighter

7. Cris Cyborg- Pro fighter

8. Liz Carmouche- Pro fighter

9. Greg Jackson- Trainer at Jackson's MMA

10. Nichole Castillo- Matchmaker for NAAFS

11. Robert Sargent- Owner of MMA Rising

12. Carla Esparza- Pro fighter

13. Marloes Coenen- Pro fighter

14. Jessica Eye- Pro fighter

15. Tim Peterson- Owner of Women's MMA Today

16. Kaitlin Young- Pro fighter

17. Gina Begley- Amatuer fighter/Host of Pro WMMA Now

18. Marq Piocos- Owner of Wombat Sports

19. Rose Namajunas- Pro fighter

20. Slade Bittler- Owner of Tussle Fight Gear

21. Felice Herrig- Pro fighter

22. Alexis Davis- Pro fighter

23. Megumi Fuji- Pro fighter

24. Julie Kedzie- Pro fighter

25. Tecia Torres- Pro fighter

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