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Jenna Fox Interview

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Fresh of a win in June, Jenna Fox comes to NAAFS Caged Vengeance to take on local favorite Jessica Zomcik in a match-up of two of the top amateur fighters in that weight class. While respectful of her opponent, Fox expects to walk out with a win, a win that would go a long way in showing she is among the best. This has all the makings of a Fight of the Night battle.

Q: Last fight you beat Christina Skinner in June, how important was that win coming off a loss?
A: It was pretty important to me. I just wanted to get back to winning. Losing my title shot in February was hard on me, but I learned a lot from it. I wasn't extremely thrilled with the way my last fight went, but I did enough to win.

Q: This is less than two months later, do you like to be that active?
A: I do, I like to try and fight every other month or so and maybe take a little longer time off in the winter with all the holidays and family stuff. I like to stay as active as possible. One of the big things is keeping my weight in check. It's hard to stay disciplined when I don't have some sort of event coming up.

Q: When you do fight and then fight again so soon, do you try and stay close to fight weight so you aren't always cutting?
A: Definitely! I think my best cut was back in February and two weeks later in March. I don't think my weight has ever been that stable. I didn't have time to screw around.

Q: You are fighting Jessica Zomcik, what do you know about her?
A: I don't know much about her. I tried to look at her videos a little bit. Her stand-up looks decent, I have heard she is really good on the ground. I am excited to fight her, I think she is talented and this will be a good test to see what I am made of.

Q: She has fought like a who's who list of names, when the fight was presented was there any intimidation by that list?
A: No! Looking at her past opponents and wins and losses I was impressed for sure and that made me want it even more. Knowing she has beat some good people and lost to some good people. This will show me where I am at in the big picture.

Q: She has had a lot of fights, but is there something you can bring that maybe she has not dealt with before?
A: I feel like I am a really strong fighter. I know she fought Tamikka Brents who is incredibly strong. She seemed to have trouble the second time, so that could be my edge, that I am stronger than other girls.

Q: She is a local favorite and will have big crowd support, does that affect you at all or can you block that out?
A: I am pretty good at blocking that out. I have never fought this far away from home but I have fought in other fighters town and not had family there and people booing me and being rude to me. I don't expect that in this fight but have had that happen before. Once I get in the cage it is strictly business and whatever happens outside the cage has no effect.

Q: When you are coming in and fighting the hometown favorite, does it make a win more special?
A: A little bit. It is exciting to go somewhere else and show people what you are made of. Especially when people who were cheering for the other person come up and tell you you are good. It is cool to change peoples minds about you.

Q: There are a few female fights on the card, does that make you happy as a female fighter to see multiple female fights on cards?
A: Yeah, that is awesome. The female fights are almost always the most exciting anyway, so the more female fights, the better. Getting to be around other girls who fight who are serious and dedicated, it is cool to meet them.

Q: You are both well-rounded fighters, knowing that, do you go in trying to take it where you want or just know you are confident wherever it goes?
A: I am pretty confident wherever it goes. I know that there are some spots where I am comfortable than others and may try and push it that direction. But anywhere I end up I can get out of that situation or capitalize on it.

Q: You are two of the top two fighters at that weight, do you see it as kind of being for that number one spot?
A: Potentially yeah. I think it will show people where we are at. I feel like this show is bigger than a lot of shows I have fought on and might help get my name out there. Show everyone who I am and hopefully they will be impressed.

Q: NAAFS has had several fighters move on to Bellator and Invicta, does it make it more appealing for you to fight for them?
A: Definitely! I know that no matter what happens, I will give it everything I have and am not easy to make give up. Fighting for NAAFS will put a little spotlight, even if it doesn't go my way, I will show people I deserve to be there.

Q: is there a key to winning this fight?
A: I say my toughness. No matter where she takes it, I am confident I cant get through it. I have done five rounds and been hit harder than I ever imagined I would be.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: I predict me with my hand raised for sure.

Q: After this, any idea what you want next or just taking it one at a time?
A: I always take it one at a time. Every fight is a chance to learn. My past couple I learned things I need to work on. I am getting to a higher level and this fight will help me see where I am. My goal is to pro eventually and this will show me how close I am.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: My team and coach Bob Long, they have been pushing me harder than ever and I think it has made an incredible difference in this camp. My sponsors ObarMuscle, Shandi's Music, Diffusion Hair Studio, the Stine Family, Simkin's Trucking, Grit Mouthguards, The Pathe Center for Healing, Phoenix Tattoo, Haase Embroidery and AJH Photography

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