Monday, July 8, 2013

Invicta Predictions Results

Photo courtesy of Invicta FC

Here are the final results of the fan voting for Invicta predictions. Keep in mind the India Gomes vs Charmaine Tweet fight is not listed. Tweet is a late replacement for Julia Budd and I did not make a new poll for that fight. Percentages do not add up to exactly 100 percent in each case because they are rounded up or down.

1. Cassie Robb vs Livia Von Plettenberg
Robb: 4% for KO/14% for submission/21% for decision/ 39 % total
Von Plettenberg: 20% for KO/12% for submission/29% for decision/ 61% total

2. Mollie Estes vs Veronica Rothenhausler
Estes: 1% for KO/7% for submission/7% for decision/ 15% total
Rothenshausler: 63% for KO/6% for submission/15% for decision/ 84% total

3. Ashley Cummins vs Emily Kagan
Cummins: 20% for KO/20% for submission/34% for decision/ 74% total
Kagan: 3% for KO/9% for submission/14% for decision/ 26% total

4.Rose Namajunas vs Tecia Torres
Namajunas: 4% for KO/36% for submission/9% for decision/ 49% total
Torres: 12% for KO/5% for submission/31% for decision/ 48% total
3% voted for a draw

5. Miriam Nakamoto vs Duda Yankovich
Nakamoto: 53% for KO/14% for submission/14% for decision/ 81% total
Yankovich: 4% for KO/4% for submission/11% for decision/ 19% total

6. Joanne Calderwood vs Norma Center
Calderwood: 91% for KO/0% for submission/1% for decision/ 92% total
Center: 0% for KO/4% for submission/4% for decision/ 8% total

7. Bec Hyatt vs Mizuki Inoue
Hyatt: 22% for KO/13% for submission/20% for decision/ 55% total
Inoue: 4% for KO/28% for submission/13% for decision/ 45% total

8. Jessica Penne vs Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc
Penne: 25% for KO/44% for submission/23% for decision/ 92% total
Rivera-Calanoc: 4% for KO/3% for submission/1% for decision/ 8% total

9. Leslie Smith vs Jennifer Maia
Smith: 29% for KO/5% for submission/27% for decision/ 61% total
Maia: 7% for KO/13% for submission/16% for decision/ 36% total
3% voted for a draw

10. Sara D'Alelio vs Lauren Taylor
D'Alelio: 13% for KO/25% for submission/13% for decision/ 51% total
Taylor: 19% for KO/8% for submission/21% for decision/ 48% total
1% voted for a draw

11. Ayaka Hamasaki vs Claudia Gadelha
Hamasaki: 6% for KO/29% for submission/21% for decision/ 56% total
Gadelha: 7% for KO/24% for submission/13% for decision/ 44% total

12. Marloes Coenen vs Cris Cyborg
Coenen: 7% for KO/6% for submission/8% for decision/ 21% total
Cyborg: 73% for KO/2% for submission/1% for decision/ 76% total

13. Fight of the Night
Namajunas vs Torres- 52%
Coenen vs Cyborg- 15%
Smith vs Maia- 9%
Hyatt vs Inoue- 4%
Robb vs Von Plettenberg- 4%
Nakamoto vs Yankovich- 4%
Penne vs Rivera-Calanoc- 4%
Hamasaki vs Gadelha- 3%
D'Alelio vs Taylor- 1%

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