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Tecia Torres Interview

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Tecia Torres will look to remain undefeated as she takes on Ashley Greenway in North Carolina for the USFFC on June 23rd. Torres has been on a roll beating some quality opposition. With each fight her competition gets tougher and that will continue when she takes on Greenway. Torres is one of the top amateurs fighters in the country and has a tremendously bright future in MMA.

Q: You just recently did a photo shoot, is that something you enjoyed?
A: Yeah, actually I would like to get into some type of fitness modeling. If there is anybody out there, look at my pictures, and if you like them contact me haha. It's an aspect of the whole package I want to try out.

Q: I have said before, and I know that industry, that you would be really good at fitness modeling. So that is something you want to pursue?
A: Yes, I would definitely like pursue some type of fitness modeling and on my bucket list of things is to do some type of fitness competition in the future.

Q: Moving to the fighting, your last three wins have been by decision, including the fight with Sarah McLeod, wehre everyone expected someone to get knocked out. Are people seeing what you are capable of such as the Rebecca Gruitza fight, and are fighting more careful with you standing?
A: Most definitely I feel that is correct. My last fights have all gone to decision, I think they know my striking is what I excel at, so what they tend to try to do is tie me up on the cage. If that was me going into the cage, I would do the same thing, I wouldn't want to strike with me. So I have to come up with a different game plan where I can get in and get out and not have them tie up with me.

Q: But you are still winning the decisions, are they maybe underestimating your ground?
A: Quite honestly, yes. I do have stand-up, but I would like to have a fight that takes place on the ground. So far my stand-up has allowed me to keep it off the ground and to get up when I am taken down. There is more to see with my Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling, and there is more to learn.

Q: This will be your fourth fight this year, are you comfortable fighting that often?
A: Actually, yes. As an amateur yes, when I go pro I don't see me fighting as often as I am now. Maybe every three to four months taking a fight. I am trying to get as many as I can right now cause my pro debut will be soon. I have a fight lined up for June, July and August and then looking into some bigger things.

Q: So no worries of burning yourself out?
A: At this point no. I enjoy training and competition. Between the fights I do Jiu-Jitsu tournaments and things. I am always competing. When I go pro, it's a different level and I will take it step by step so I won't be competing as much as I am now.

Q: You have Ashley Greenway coming up, what do you know about her?
A: From what I see, I only found one thing on YouTube, a Muay-Thai fight. I know she comes from a Muay-Thai background, not sure how many fights she has. She likes to strike and looks taller and thinner than me. I think she will try and tie me up and see if she can strike with me. But I believe once she sees my striking ability she will try and take me down. She looks a little unorthodox, I see she starts out as a lefty and once she gets a girl on the cage she turns into a righty, so practicing for that and whatever she wants to do.

Q: You are used to being the shorter fighter by now aren't you?
A: Yeah, they are all taller than me. I am not sure how tall she is, maybe 5'5" or 5'6". I shouldn't have any problem.

Q: Do you like to do a lot of research on an opponent or just worry about your game plan?
A: I do like to find out as much as I can. I Google them to death I guess haha. I like to be ready, look at what they are doing. It always helps to know what they have done before, but they could always have a different game plan. So I go in ready for what I have seen them do and what they may do.

Q: Does it being a title fight make this fight more appealing for you?
A: It makes it more fun and nicer to know that at the end of the night I could be going home with a shiny belt. It is another win. Just to go out and show my abilities.

Q: She was won by tko and by submission, does that indicate she would be comfortable wherever it goes?
A: I guess, I am not sure who her opponents were before me. Like I said, I could only find that one Muay-Thai fight, not much information. I've heard people underestimate her Jiu-Jitsu, which is fine, I have good Jiu-Jitsu. I am ready for whatever she wants to do. If it does become a Jiu-Jitsu game, more fun and power to me, I can use ground and pound.

Q: Each fight you have stepped up the level of competition, was that the plan to each fight, fight someone a little better than before?
A: Yes most definitely. I will not take a fight, no disrespect to anyone, take a fight with someone with a losing record or who I don't see as someone with potential. I only want to fight better opponents. I am not looking to beat up anybody, I am looking for solid wins. She is 3-0, we are both undefeated, it will look good for me and be a solid win. I want to be the number one amateur before I go pro, and I believe I will accomplish that with this fight. Once I earn that number one spot I will leave the amateurs, until then I will not go pro.

Q: Whats the key to winning this fight?
A: Like every fight, use my size and power to my advantage. I am small and quick, so I can get in and get out, and I have a lot of power, so if I can connect I can maybe stop the fight. Like you said, people know me so they try and come in and tie me up and work in the clinch. I have been working on things to get out of the clinch and possibly end it early standing or on the ground.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: Right now I am just gonna go with a decision again haha. I don't wanna call anything wrong.

Q: I have a friend with a good record who says how she wants to finish someone finally. But I tell her, there is something to be said for dominating three rounds, do you take any satisfaction in beating someone like that for three rounds?
A: Oh yeah. It means that opponent was a tough opponent. I'm tapping myself on the shoulder and tapping her on the shoulder for standing three rounds with me and not letting me finish. Fortunately I have gotten a unanimous win in all my decisions and I felt in every round I did dominate and did what I had to do to show the judges that.

Q: I have been on record saying pound for pound, I think you are the best amateur in the sport. You said you want to win this and be number one, some have you ranked two, but do you feel yourself that you are number one right now or do you need to win this fight for that?
A: Actually I don't feel I need to win this to be number one. I would say I am number one right now. I would like to fight the other girl but I heard she is going pro. I look forward to maybe fighting her for my pro debut or in the pro rankings. She is a solid fighter, Stephanie Gonzalez, I'll put her name out there, she is an awesome fighter and I look forward to one day meeting her in the cage.

Q: With the reputation you are getting are you surprised you get so many fights?
A: At this point, yes, because for a minute I wasn't getting any fights, everyone kept saying no to me, then when I got this fight in July, fights kept coming in. I am just choosing which ones to take. Title fights just keep coming in.

Q: We have gone over coming fights, anything else you have coming up?
A: I have the three title fights coming up, I wanted to do the IKS tournament in July but it's between the fights. I wanted to defend my title but don't think I will make it. I will probably do one or two Jiu-Jitsu tournaments.

Q: You have gotten a lot of attention of late and do what many cant do, which is not let it go to your head. Is that hard sometimes?
A: I try to stay humble. Some days I am like "wow", getting attention, my fan page growing, and getting messages from people and I try and answer them all. I just try and stay humble. There are girls out there I really look up to and some who I looked up to and don't like there attitude. I want to be a role model, I don't drink or smoke pr party. I have my Bachelor's degree, fighting is one aspect of my life, I have other goals. I wanna show young people you can do this and still be educated and not smoke, drink or party to get somewhere in life.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: God, my family and friends, fans, American Top Team Coconut Creek, my coaches Bill Spicer, Rian Gittman, Master Ricardo Liborio, Bob Deluca, Tussle and Slade Bittler, and of course you for this awesome interview.

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