Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rachel Gilmore Interview

Photo Credits:
Photo 1: Dan Ray
Photos 2-3: Her Biceps
Photos 4-5: RX Muscle

From time to time I come across a girl such as seeing a photo of her and just know immediately I have to have her on my blog. While I knew of Rachel Gilmore, I didn't know much. I saw a photo shoot photo of her and immediately knew I had to get her on here. I really was impressed by her physique. Rachel recently took second place at the Emerald Cup and I really think has that pro potential. She has the physique for it and definitely has the attitude for it. I think we will be seeing a lot of Rachel on stage and in fitness modeling in the future.

Q: Can you talk about how you got started in the gym?
A: I have a friend and when I met his dad, he was a personal trainer. He saw potential in me and he made me his project. I started bodybuilding and did my first show when I was eighteen. I did good but didn't have the frame or muscle mass for it. I enjoyed the whole experience, the dieting and being on stage, it was fun for me. Then I got pregnant and got out of it for three years. I wanted to get back in shape and decided to pick it back up. It was mainly just to get back in shape but I missed the stage as well. I did my first figure show and haven't been able to stop since.

Q: When you first started back then, was the plan to compete all along?
A: Yes it was. It was "you're gonna enter the show", and three months out was just dieting, I didn't have a prep, just "go with what you have", and then I cut and went on stage. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing.

Q: Were you nervous at all?
A: I was very nervous. In bodybuilding you do the routine and I am very very very shy. So to get on stage and do a routine was scary for me.

Q: What is it about competing that is addicting for you?
A: I like the structure of it. Having something I am heading for. I like to achieve goals and see progress. Also the end result of stepping on stage and presenting yourself and being proud of yourself. Your body is like a work of art. I like to see how much you can change your body.

Q: Last year you did a few shows and even won a couple, coming into this year, what improvements were you looking to make?
A: Mainly trying to be more of a figure body. I have a tendency to carry too much muscle, so I am trying to tone down my muscle and in the same process look more defined and bring a harder look, but not be borderline physique. I don't wanna go into physique yet. So I am trying to get more streamlined and the muscle more mature.

Q: You do seem to hold muscle, have you considered physique?
A: I work with my trainer, Kevin English. I presented it to him cause a lot of people have said I have a physique body. I thought about it. I am still burning muscle off, where most people doing figure are trying to gain muscle. I thought about it but he isn't for it. He says in the national and pro level they have to carry more muscle like I do. So our plan for now is stay with figure and in the national level I will blend in better.

Q: You just did the Emerald Cup and took second against some really good competition. In a situation like that are you more happy you did so well or is it more "oh, so close"?
A: I was disappointed. Everyone goes in to win of course. The girl who won is a great competitor and a good friend of mine. I am happy for her, but I felt I made such major changes to my body and I felt I had it. I was a little disappointed.

Q: Do you know what shows you are doing next?
A: Yes, we will be doing Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia on November 9th, that's all my trainer has planned. I want to go further and do Jr. Nationals and USA's but I don't know if he is for it. I let him make all my decisions.

Q: When you do a show, how far out do you like o start prep?
A: Well, I am just over twenty weeks and already started my prep. For Emerald's I did fifteen weeks, it was supposed to be sixteen, but things didn't happen as we planned. Kevin wants to start earlier, so I started my pre-diet, and will really start at eighteen weeks.

Q: For that show, where do you want to improve?
A: I wanna bring my legs down a little, they are still to muscular. I wanna come in tighter but not leaner. I wanna get my mid-section a little more streamlined. Also more depth in my back.

Q: You have done photo shoots and seem comfortable, is that something you enjoy?
A: I do. I wanna explore it further and break into fitness modeling. I really enjoy the camera and get positive feedback from photographers. So I do want to continue.

Q: Do you get any more nervous for that than the stage?
A: No, I am comfortable with the camera. I am not nervous with the stage anymore either. The only time I am nervous is if it's something I haven't done before and is out of my comfort zone. So if I did a more revealing shoot I would be nervous.

Q: When you are at the gym do you get a lot of attention or stares?
A: Believe it or not, I don't get approached much. I work by myself, I don't have a training partner. I do have one person who has recently helped me, but mostly by myself. I get stares but no one ever says anything.

Q: Are you good at ignoring the stares?
A: Yeah, I am pretty focused and oblivious. The only time I notice is if I am training with someone and they say 'Oh my God, everyone is watching as you walk by". I don't notice. I am very busy. I have two hours in the gym, that's my time, I am not there to show like the girls in their little shorts, I am there to get it done.

Q: In public, are you more of a dress to cover it up and avoid attention or more proud of it and want to show it off?
A: I am more of a cover up person. There are times I am happy to present it, like right before a show. If it's warm I wear shorts or a tank top, but generally I am not a show it type person.

Q: Long term goal is a pro card correct?
A: Yes a pro card. My ultimate goal is to compete in the Olympia.

Q: If you could train with any one person in the industry for a day, who would you pick?
A: I really like Kai Greene. His documentaries are motivational. I would really love to see what its like to train with him. His story is inspirational. He has come from such a long way. You think you struggle until you hear his story.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: Yeah, my trainer and sponsor and nutritionist, Kevin English. All my competing friends in Spokane, Washington who pick me up when I need it. My friends who help me through cardio.

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