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Jamey Peters Interview

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Jamey Peters is newer to competing. Perhaps that is why I wasn't aware of her. But I saw a single picture of her and knew right away I had to have her do an interview and be on my blog. In her short time competing she has been quite successful including starting out 2012 with a very impressive third place at the Emerald Cup. Keep an eye on Jamey, she has a bright future in the industry.

Q: Can you talk about how you got started in the gym?
A: Always an athlete in high school. I played volleyball, basketball and track. Then stuck to year round volleyball. I was that cardio girl, I didn't lift weights. Did a lot of running and endurance training. I went to college and was on the female rodeo team. I realized strength is important, especially when picking up ninety pound goats and tying them in eight seconds. I started lifting a little here and there. I met a gal who introduced me to her nutritionist Pete Grubbs, who I work with. I walked in and he looked and said "are you gonna be a bikini girl? and I said "no, I wanna compete in figure", he said "really?" and I said "yeah". I met him weighing maybe a buck fifteen with very little muscle. He said "you better start hitting the weights". I started training with all guys and lifting as heavy as I could. That's what got me started. I started my first diet the week of Thanksgiving and competed last April in my first show at the NPC Vancouver.

Q: So the plan all along was to compete?
A: When I met Pete, yeah the plan was to compete. Before that it was just to take out stress. Once I met Pete and started lifting extremely heavy, the goal was to compete.

Q: The first time competing, were you nervous?
A: Extremely nervous. Anything that could go wrong, went wrong. Starting the day before, we got tanned, and they batch of tan was bad. After three coats, I had a tank top on and our coach was doing room checks and asked me to take it off, I couldn't get it off, it was glued to me. It ripped most of my tan off, and this is 3:00AM. I had to shower and re-paint myself. I was late for hair and make-up, it was a disaster. By the time I hit the stage, all the nerves of everything going wrong, by then it was "o.k., here we go."

Q: A lot of people say after the first show it becomes an addiction, was that the case for you?
A: Absolutely! My first year competing, 2011, I did six shows. I did Vancouver, two weeks later the Emerald Cup, a week alter the Empire Classic, Washington States in July, and a week later USA's, and November the Northern Classic.

Q: You won that last show of 2011, being so new, what did it feel like to win the overall at a show like that?
A: Amazing! My first show, after all that went wrong I won my class and overall and then in November, winning overall was a fantastic feeling. I had just gone back to school and am working on my Master's in Exercise Physiology.So I moved everything from the west side of Washington to the east side. I started a Master's program and was training for that show. Figuring out how to juggle homework, my assistant responsibilities, managing all that with food prep and cardio and training. It was overwhelming, so when I got to the stage I remember breaking into tears winning the overall. The hours juggling, staying up late doing home work to get up early for cardio. It was exciting and rewarding.

Q: From that show to the recent Emerald Cup, what improvements did you want to make?
A: The Emerald Cup was a last minute decision. I decided to do it eight weeks out. Got on a pretty tough diet. My goal was to improve my v-shape and glute tie-ins. Also my legs and overall conditioning. It was a tough prep, dealing with nerve issues in my leg, so cardio was changed to low-intensity. It was a battle and hard emotionally. I just started wearing jeans again because it was a sensory nerve, so any texture that wasn't cotton made my legs feel like a bad sun burn. I saw doctors and therapists and to this day am still figuring it out. I struggled big time for that prep. So I was happy with how it went.

Q: You took third in a big show against a tough field of competitors, so how satisfied were you?
A: Very! There are always shows where you don't have the best prep. I was in school during that prep and was extremely happy with making it and pushing myself beyond limits when there were some days I wanted to give up. I knew there would be tough competition so I was very pleased.

Q: Where do you want to improve form the Emerald Cup?
A: For me, my posing. Coming in with the mentality that I struggled through the prep so when i got to the stage I didn't have my normal character. So I would go back to the basics of posing. Posing makes your physique look that much better.

Q: Do you know what show is next?
A: I am four weeks out from the L.A. Championships and five weeks from USA's.

Q: In the gym do you get a lot of attention or stares?
A: I like to drop into gyms where people don't know me. I get stares, mostly from guys when I am lifting more weight than they are. I do get some from females that maybe isn't the most positive for having a lot of muscle. I get it even in the grocery store coming from the gym in my training clothes. I get some good looks, some smiles, and some not so nice looks. It's my lifestyle and I am proud of what I have achieved.

Q: When you do get the stares is it hard to not say "mind your own business"?
A: I have never said that. I live a healthy lifestyle and try and promote it. Whether a competitor or just wanna be healthy to prevent future disease, especially with children. I think it is important to promote that lifestyle. I just smile and go about my way. If you give someone the time and kindness they will open up to you. It can be intimidating when you see someone more fit. I try and be open and give them the opportunity to approach me. In the gym it is harder cause I am in the zone and training time can be limited. So I tell them to hit me up on facebook and we can chat or join me for cardio.

Q: You have done photo shoots, what do you enjoy about that?
A: My favorite part is if the photographer says "we wanna do this type of scene" or "these type of clothes", because it gives me a reason to go shopping. I love being comfortable in front of the camera. I have gotten a lot more comfortable and willing. You meet a lot of great people. At one shot last year I show with Mike Eckstut and there happened to be three others, so it gets your name out and has been beneficial.

Q: If you could spend one day training with anyone you wanted, who would you pick?
A: It's a toss-up. Male I would go with Arnold. He is one of my idols. I would like to pick his brain. Female, Nicole Wilkins. Have it be anywhere from competing to training to advice on maintaining relationships while competing. It would be inspiring.

Q: Before we finish, anyone you want to thank?
A: My coaches Pete and Apple Grubbs from Construction Zone and Case Tyler and my family and friends.

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