Monday, March 26, 2012

Sarah Maloy Interview


You have seen Sarah Maloy on my blog several times and you will see her several more times. There are several reasons, such as, she is a talented fighter, a good positive role model for young fighters, very personable and fun to talk to, and a shinning example of why I do what I do. On April 28th Sarah will fight the talented Michele Gutierrez on the debut Invicta show. It is an all female pro MMA card with several great match-ups and this one will be no exception.

Q: Last time we talked, you had the problem with the Amanda LaVoy fight not happening and everyone temporarily suspended till it was all figured out. Safe to say that's all taken care of?
A: Yes it was. We didn't even have an actually meeting. Location wise it was hard. To my knowledge they never even had a hearing before. So when I got in touch wit the commission he just said "ok you aren't suspended".

Q: This fight coming up is an all female card for Invicta. As a female fighter how exciting is it to be on a card like this?
A: I am extremely excited for so many reasons. This is a huge step for women's MMA to have an entire pro female card, and not just any given pro, you have Strikeforce veterans and Bellator veterans and former champions coming together to fight on this card, and that's amazing in itself. Then to throw in my favorite people like Sam (Wilson) and Janet (Martin) and be able to get on board and help them is an awesome feeling because they do so much for women's MMA. So I am training my hardest and promoting this as much as I can. It's awesome.

Q: You mention the people involved like Janet, Sam and Shannon (Knapp), and they a known to be so supportive of women's MMA. Does that make it more satisfying that people like that are involved?
A: Absolutely. I haven't had much interaction with Shannon, but I look forward to it and have heard great things about her. I have met Janet and Sam and spent time with them and they are amazing people and its an honor to fight for them. It drives my training to give back to them and give them a great fight and make them proud. They are like my MMA God mothers.

Q: Its a loaded card with several big fights. Is there any part of you that says "It sucks, I wanna see those fights but will be warming up or whatever"?
A: Actually I am excited I am not one of the bigger fights. Usually there are one or two female fights so its the main event or close to the end. I don't know about other fighters, but I can't watch fights before me or I get hyped up and come down a then hyped up and come down. With so many fights bigger than me, I will be able to fight and then watch all the amazing fights after me.

Q: Are there any fighters on the card who maybe you haven't seen and are looking forward to?
A: I am excited to see Jessica Philippus make her pro debut. She is someone I have followed, I like to follow as many girls as I can, so I am excited to see her debut. I am excited to see Marloes (Coenen) fight in person. That will be awesome. These are some of the best match-ups have ever seen. They can all go either way and will be action packed fights.

Q: For a promotion that is all female, with women's MMA still considered by some to be a novelty, what will it take to succeed long term?
A: I think to succeed long term women's MMA needs to be what Janet and Shannon are making it. Really promoting it and putting it out there, making the best female fight cards. And they are giving it away for free. Being five or six hours from the venue only a couple car fulls can come watch me fight, and now everyone in my home town can get online and watch the fights That will bring a lot of recognition to female MMA. These fights will be just as good as if not better than some of the male fights they have seen and I think it will just snag them and they will start following.

Q: You are fighting Michele Gutierrez, compared to previous opponents, where would you rank her as far as toughest opponents?
A: I think she's up there. She is a good opponent with good stand-up. She is right up there at the top. I got the opportunity not long ago to fight Sally Krumdiack for a title and she is ranked number five in our weight class. Michele isn't ranked that high but her stand-up skills are right there with Sally, so I am gonna train like I am fighting Cyborg.

Q: You kind of answered my next question, but where do you feel she poses the biggest threat?
A: I think her stand-up, but if she has done research on me she is preparing for the fight to be on the ground as well. I am just gonna be ready for anything. I am training for everything, just got a new wrestling coach I am gonna train with when I get back from Vegas. Just making every aspect of my game better than before.

Q: So is your biggest advantage the ground?
A: I think a little bit. I think my biggest advantage is the unknown of my fight game. There isn't a lot of video out there on me, so the lack of her knowing what my skill level is is going to be my biggest asset.

Q: For a fight like this, how far out do you start game planning for a specific opponent?
A: Usually six to eight weeks out, but this is a big show and can create so many opportunities for me. So we started implementing parts of my game plan while training for my last fight which didn't take place.

Q: Is there a key to winning the fight?
A: I think the key is something that is key for anyone, to dictate where it goes, dictate the pace, take the fight where I want. If t goes where I wasn't expecting, then be prepared for that.

Q: I think I know your answer, but do you have a prediction?
A: Fight of the night.

Q: I expected your "I'm not much of a prediction maker".
A: I am not gonna predict which way it goes cause you never know. I wont predict how it ends, just that we go balls to the wall and get fight of the night.

Q: Any idea what you want after this or not thinking about that now?
A: You know what? I haven't though of what happens after this. I wanna put on a good show and settle into Invicta as a home. Be a part of it coming into its own. But other than that, I haven thought of whats next.

A: You are popular with those of us who cover the women's side of the sport, what do you attribute that to?
A: I don't know haha. I am outgoing, I love to smile, I love people, making new friends and am passionate about what I do. I want to get better and bring positive attention o the sport. I think getting out there and talking to people helps weigh into that.

Q: Before we finish, anyone you want to thank or mention?
A: My husband. He helps with training or teaching classes and is an awesome life partner. My coach Ron and my main training prtners. Chad my manager, he rocks and takes care of business so I can train. My sponsors, Tussle, Slade and Molly are awesome. I wanna give a shout out to Molly. She can fight this breast cancer like a champ. Simpson Family Chiropractic, Branscum Body Shop, Ada Professional Fire Fighters Association, Bcr8tive Designs, Sanctus Fight Gear and BT Fight Management and Marketing. Invicta for giving me this opportunity to fight. All my fans and family who support me. They make things so much better and keep me going when I fall. I wanna thank you Jason. Yo are amazing and do a lot of work for women's MMA and are an inspiration, you show it can be done no matter what.

Q: Thank you for saying that.

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