Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spotlight Interview: Stephanie Frausto

Following in her sisters footsteps, Stephanie Frausto quickly jumped into MMA. While owning a modest record, she has improved in each fight, including a split decision loss to Paulina Ramirez, a decision that was highly questionable. On January 28th she will step into the cage with Ashley Cummins in what should be an exciting fight. This is an opportunity for Stephanie to show that she too is a skilled fighter like her sister with a very bright future in the sport.

Q: Can you start out by talking about how you got started in the sport?
A: Well I was with my sister talking about how she wanted to start doing MMA. We watched some of Cyborg's fights and then a couple weeks later she took me to a gym in Fresno. I started training in Jiu-Jitsu there and trying out Muay Thai. After that they tried to get me a few sparring matches with people from other teams. Then some girl from our team was supposed to fight but ended up getting hurt and they had me fight instead and it ended up being a pro match. So I started fighting then. Pretty much my sister influenced me. She had me doing sports since I was little. She put me in cross country to help loose weight. Then I followed in her foot steps in the MMA world.

Q: You mentioned Zoila, she is recognized as one of the pound for pound best in the sport. How much does it help you as a fighter to have someone at that level so close to you?
A: It has helped me a lot in my career. Her being there and supporting me in my fights. She gives me a lot of advice on techniques and combinations. Its helped me through everything.

Q: Its been awhile since your last fight, a split decision loss to Paulina Ramirez. From that fight till now, how are you a better fighter?
A: Well since then, I had been going from gym to gym. So I was trying to focus on being in one place before I fought again. My sister got married and we moved to Ohio and I stared at Jorge Gurgel MMA. I have been there for seven or eight months, working a lot on my Jiu-Jitsu. Two of my fights I lost by submission so I decided to start working on my Jiu-Jitsu more and that part of my game has improved and my striking has as well.

Q: You are fighting Ashley Cummins later this month. What do you know about her?
A: I know she has a really good amateur record and is 1-0 and is well known.

Q: Would you call her your toughest opponent to date?
A: I think she is one of the toughest, but I like the challenge.

Q: This is the first Pro female fight in West Virginia. Does that mean anything to you or any significance?
A: Yeah! It is an honor to be the first sanctioned fight in West Virginia.

Q: Do you have a prediction on how it ends?
A: No! Anything can happen.

Q: How does a win over her help you in your career?
A: It would be a big win for me to start my career again.

Q: Assuming you win, any idea what you want next or are you just focused on this?
A: I am just focused on this fight right now. Then we will find out what happens next.

Q: With your last name, do you think it puts a target on your head, where people think its an extra big win if they beat you?
A: I don't think so. Actually it has been harder for me to find fights because of my last name. So all my fights will be tough ones.

Q: Is the future goal to fight with Bellator or Strikeforce or anything?
A: Definitely I would like to fight for Bellator again. I would like to have a better fight than the last one.

Q: Before we finish, anyone you want to thank?
A: I want to thank my coaches, especially Jorge Gurgel and Jon Stutzman, my sister for helping me through camps and motivating me. My strength and conditioning coach Mike Ferguson, and all my teammates who help me through the pro practices.

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