Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sara Allen Interview

Q: First, Sara I want to thank you for taking the time to do this.
A: You are welcome and thank you for this opportunity, it is a pleasure and honor to be interviewed by you.

Q: Can you start out by telling a little about yourself.
A: I am a 33 year old mother of 2 beautiful girls and married to the most amazing man any woman could ever ask for. I started training about 2 years ago and started fighting last year. I am currently a title holder in the 165lb weight class and hold a 4-0 record. I train in Kickboxing and Jujitsu along with boxing, judo and some muay thai. I train out of Warrior Training Center in Warrensburg, Missouri. We share our house with two female boxers (Carwin and Couture) who make sure I am always active even when I don’t want to be. I am grateful for everything my parents taught me and provided for me as a child and feel that they created the strong, confident person that I am today. I feel that my husband has continued where my parents left off and has provided me unconditional love and support for what makes me happy and what makes me, “me”. I could not do or be what I am today without him or his love and support.

Q: Were you especially athletic growing up? Play any sports?
A: I played soccer but that was as far as my athletic abilities went.

Q: What initially got you started training for MMA?
A: I started training kickboxing after I completed Grad School for tension release and from there a new me was created.

Q: Was the training something you picked up fairly easy?
A: It was not super easy for me at first, I was not in good shape and I started completely from scratch. I found what I was good at though and with a lot of hard work and dedication it got easier and I found what techniques I was strongest at and built myself from there. I still have my signature moves that I continue to make stronger and more damaging.

Q: How long did you train before your first fight?
A: I trained for a year before my first fight.

Q: Was fighting something your family and friends supported?
A: When I started training in kickboxing everyone supported me and thought it would great exercise for me but when I told them I wanted to move beyond that and start Jujitsu and training for my first fight the support was lower. I did gain all their support completely when they came to my first fight and saw all my hard work put into effect. Since then they come to all my fights and wear my shirt for support. I love them all and wouldn’t be able to continue the way I do without them. I know my mom is ready for me to retire soon though lol.

Q: Where do you train at now?
A: I train at Warrior Training Center in Warrensburg, Missouri. My trainer is Billy Matheny.

Q: Can you give your overall record so far?
A: I am 4-0 and I recently took the 165lb title belt at my last fight. I have my first title defense on January 14th.

Q: Is there one fight you would say you are most proud of?
A: I am most proud of my second fight, the fight went to the ground and I used one of my favorite moves, “ground and pound”. It was at this fight I got my nickname, The Hammer”. I finished the fight with hammer fists. I was really happy and proud of that fight. Hammer fists have been my fight stoppers since.

Q: What would you say is your biggest strength and the one thing you most want to improve?
A: My biggest strength is my power; I train weights hard and make sure that all my weight training serves a purpose with either a kicking, punching or submitting technique. The one thing I want to improve this year is my flexibility. I am pretty flexible right now but always want to take myself to that next level and being strong in every aspect of fighting is the only way to get there.

Q: Name the one fight you have seen that you will always remember?
A: The one fight that I saw and I will never forget was the Shane Carwin v. Brock Lesnar fight. I was so disappointed that they didn’t stop the fight during Carwin’s ground and pound to Lesnar. I feel that if it was any other fighter they would have stopped it. I have to admit though I did like seeing him pound on Lesnar. Carwin hasn’t fought the same since and it makes me feel that he won’t be the same again and may retire. I would hate to see that.

Q: Are there any fighters you are a fan of or love to watch?
A: I am a fan of Shane Carwin and Cris “Cyborg” Santos. I love the power and strength that they both present and the hard work that each put into their training. I admire pure strength and power and the ability to overpower another person.

Q: In your opinion, who are the top five female fighters in the sport pound for pound?
A: Of course, Cris Santos, that is a given. Along with her I think Ronda Rousey (I didn’t like her latest comments about Santos though), Kim Couture, Erin Toughill, and Shayna Baszler.

Q: Do you ever see a major U.S. women’s only company being viable?
A: I think that every company needs both men and women. Each sex has strengths and weaknesses and having both involved in the company allows all benefits to be offered and success to be achieved. I think it is wrong to say we are deserve a company ran only by women when we would be upset if a man said he deserves the right to have a company run only by men. We have to accept equality on both sides.

Q: Often you watch a show that has one women's fight. Somehow that fight always turns out to be the most exciting fight on the card. Why do you think that is?
A: I think that it seems to be the most exciting because female fighting hasn’t become part of the norm and when you have two talented female fighters competing against each other it becomes instant attraction.

Q: What is the biggest misconception about female fighters?
A: The biggest misconception I think is that we want to be like men. I don’t fight because I want to be more manly or that I think I am as tough as a man, I fight because I want to and I can still be a “girl” and enjoy stepping into the cage.

Q: If another woman told you she wanted to train for the sport, what’s the biggest piece of advice you would give her?
A: Be prepared to train hard and realize that training doesn’t just happen in the gym, it becomes your life.

Q: Outside of training and fighting, any other hobbies or activities you enjoy?
A: I also enjoy learning and expanding my knowledge about anything I can and I love to quilt and other craft products. I love to sew and find it can be just as mentally challenging as winning a fight over an opponent.

Q: Can you describe a typical day in the life of Sara Allen?
A: I wake up early, workout, get food ready for the day, take all my supplements and pack the rest, eat breakfast and shower to go to work or school depending on the day. As soon as I get off work, I hurry home to make dinner, take my daughter to her kids MMA class, workout at the training center and then have either my Stand-Up MMA or Jujitsu, depending on the day. After class, I come home, do homework and get everyone ready for bed and then head to bed myself. I am usually dead tired.

Q: What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
A: It always surprises people to hear that I am not only a banker during the day but I am also a quilter and crafter. I hope it makes the girls feels safer at work having me there lol.

Q: Describe Sara Allen in five words.
A: Confident, dedicated, achievement, eager, and powerhouse.

Q: So what’s next for you? Any idea when you will be fighting again?
A: I fight again on January 14; it will be my first title defense.

Q: Anything you want to take this time to plug or promote?
A:I would like to thank everyone at the Warrior Training Center, they have helped create the fighter that I am now, my amazing trainer Billy Matheny and finally the best supplements guy on the market Dave French at Advanced Nutrition and Fitness, his advice and expertise helped me achieve my goals every step of the way.

Q: Are you looking for sponsors? If so, how can they reach you and what are they getting in Sara Allen the fighter and person?
A: I am currently an amateur but always looking for sponsors to move to my next level. You can reach me at and with me you not only get someone that works hard for the love of the sport but also someone that continues to improve herself physically and skill wise and someone you would be proud to be part of your team and to be part of mine. I don’t disappoint.

Q: Sara, I want to thank you for doing this. Any last words before you go?
A: I just want to say thank you again for this amazing opportunity and for all you do promoting women in what can sometimes be seen as a “man’s world”. I hope to talk to you again soon and good luck in your workouts and goals for this year.

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