Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spotlight Interview: Kira Neuman

Kira Neuman is one of the Bodybuilders every fan and competitor seems to like. Its not hard to see why either. She always rings a great physique to the stage, but she also brings a great positive attitude to everything she does. In 2011 she competed twice finishing 6th and 8th but as you will read, she realized she wasn't in the right weight class for her. That being said, it's pretty impressive that she looked as good as anyone on that stage when competing in a weight class that wasn't right for her. Kira Neuman is one of those people who you can't say it's not about IF she wins her Pro card, its a matter of WHEN she gets it.

Q: Can you start out just talking about how you got started weight training?
A: Well, I've always been an athlete. I specifically got into training when I went to Ball State. They have an amateur show their every year. I said "that's cool, I wanna look like those girls, they look so good". I really got into weight training then and decided to do that show the next year.

Q: So you knew you wanted to be on stage before you even started?
A: Yeah, which is kind of weird. Those girls looked amazing and that's what inspired me to start. When I got into the weight room I was specifically training for a show.

Q: A lot of people say after their first show, it becomes addicting. Was that the case with you?
A: Yea, the first time obviously I didn't look as good as I have recently. But it was so much fun, the process, the food, all of it. It was totally for me.

Q: Obviously some don't consider bodybuilding a female sport. Was competing something the people close to you were in favor of or understood?
A: Oh hell yeah My dad used to compete, nothing big, but he did some local shows. He was super into it and it got my two older brothers back in the gym. My entire family thought it was cool and they are still all about it for me.

Q: This year you did USA's and took 6th and North Americans and took 8th. Overall, not the placings, but how you looked, how satisfied were you?
A: Well, I was bummed out, only because I wanted top five and it was the best I ever looked. At first I was like "shit, this sucks" but then I realized, it's the best I ever looked and I can be happy with that. But I definitely wanted top five and it was a bummer.

Q: When you look at pictures, for example at USA's I thought you should have placed higher, and you don't place top five, is it hard to keep your emotions in check?
A: Thank you for thinking I should have been higher. Yeah kind of. Luckily no one sees it. The way it happened, and it happened in 2009, which is another reason I was disappointed, they pulled six of us out and then compared us. So I thought I had a chance at top five, and everyone was look "you got top five" or "you got top three". But they didn't move us and I wasn't super confident. So really, you don't know until you walk off stage and they don't call you top five. Then that's when you know are are like "shit", so its hard to keep it in check, but no one was gonna see me so I didn't care.

Q: I look at pictures from 2009 and compare them to now, and to me, your biggest improvement is just overall symmetry, would you agree?
A: Yeah! I definitely think conditioning, that is always my weak point. I lost a little size at the time, but conditioning for me was better this year and I was happy about that. My legs looked a lot better, which is always my weak point.

Q: What improvements do you want for 2012?
A: Well, this will sound so weird and ass backwards, but I realize I am not big enough to be a light heavyweight and that's probably why I didn't place top five, so I am gonna down size a little and go back to middleweight. I feel like I look best at middleweight and am not light heavyweight material. So I am gonna down size and physique wise, be a little smaller.

Q: You mentioned down sizing, with that in mind, would you consider physique or are you happy with bodybuilding?
A: Oh my gosh, I love bodybuilding. That's where my heart is. I think physique is awesome to, cause it gives girls who wouldn't have a chance in bodybuilding to compete and do well. But, it will sound weird, but there are so many girls in physique that I would rather stick to bodybuilding. I so want a Pro card, and feel I have a better chance in bodybuilding. Plus I would have to really down size for physique.

Q: When you are in the gym, beautiful girl and great physique, do you get any unwanted attention?
A: Aww thank you. Not really. My girlfriend owns a gym and I train there and we both work there. It's fairly small so everyone knows everybody. At first I did, but now everyone just knows us, so we are old news now. But if I would go to another gym, yeah, I would get a lot of unwanted attention. And I get it outside the gym to. We both do, cause she is pretty muscular to.

Q: Outside the gym, do you dress to show it, or conceal it to avoid attention?
A: I dress to show it off. My thing is, I worked hard for it, I know I look good, I am proud of the way I look. I have no problem showing off a fit, healthy physique. I know I get a lot of looks, and yeah its annoying, but if I really gave a shit, I would cover up. Even when then I found people say "you look fit" or whatever, and I'm like "I don't know how you can tell, I'm wearing sweats", but whatever. But yeah I dress to show it off.

Q: I am a fan of your back. Can you give an example of what you do for back?
A: Well, the biggest thing is deadlifting. When I trained as a powerlifter, my back, I did deadlifting, and that's all I did for back, heavy deadlifting, makes a huge difference. I always go back to old school pull-ups. I keep it simple unless I am bored.

Q: You are popular with fans and other competitors. People say its because of your attitude and are personable, is that something important to you?
A: Hell yeah! I am always positive, rarely have anything negative to say about anyone. My thing is, I just am a big goof ball backstage. I like to have fun. Being uptight isn't me. I keep a positive attitude, no matter how shitty I feel. I am grateful I can do this because there are a lot of people who think they can't or won't for whatever reason, so I am grateful.

Q: For 2012, any idea what shows you want to do, or just playing it by ear?
A: Right now I am playing it by ear. We are going on vacation in April so I am dieting anyway so I can get in better shape, and I wanna keep in better shape for the off season. I will probably do another local show, it helps bring in business for me and the gym, and also I will probably do nationals, its in Atlanta and a short drive.

Q: Before we finish, anyone you want to thank?
A: Well, you of course, you are always supportive of all of us, and I appreciate it and know all the girls do. Thanks for letting me do this, I am flattered. My girlfriend, she puts up with my shit and mood swings, so definitely her. My friends and my family.

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