Monday, January 23, 2012

My better late than never Combat Challenge 18 Results
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145 lbs – Male Featherweight
Josh Myers 0-2 (Independent) vs. Derek Wright 0-0 (Dragons Den)

1st - Wright comes out quick to land a few shots, pulls guard and sinks in a guillotine.  Myers doesn’t get a chance to tap, and is out cold.

Win:  Derek Wright
Reason: KO Guillotine
Time: 0:17 Round 1

135 lbs – Male Bantamweight
Robbie Wilson 0-0 (Team Impact) vs. Nick Espinoza 0-0 (Brown Pride MMA)

1st  - Both are trading a few punches until Wilson shoots in for the takedown,  Espinoza stuffs and adjusts to start working from the back, holding Wilson to the ground in a turtle position.  Espinoza advances into side control, as Wilson is fighting to gain better positioning, but Espinoza lands in the mount position continuing to work his ground and pound mixing in a few hard knees to the body of Wilson until the end of the round.
Espinoza worked Wilson’s right eye over enough to leave it swollen shut at the end of round 1.  The doctor has been called in to check, and apparently Wilson won’t be continuing on.

Win:  Nick Espinoza
Reason: Medical Stoppage

205 lbs – Male Light Heavyweight
Chris Hogue 0-0 (Independent) vs. Nick Halkides 1-0 (Evolve MMA)

1st- Quick heavy hands and Hogue goes right in for the takedown, he gets caught in arm bar positioning but slams out it to land into half guard, works to mount, and back to half.   Halkides is controlling Hogue’s posture well but Hogue is able to work a few shots in on Halkides.   Chris Hogue has control of first round.

2nd – The fighters clinch up quick working back and forth for fence positioning, and even sneaking in a few foot stomps as well as Hogue landing a nice flying knee to the body of Halkides.  Hogue is working for the single leg as Halkides works to sink in a Guillotine.  Hogue gets the takedown he’s been working for, lands in half guard and is able to land a few more heavy hands onto Halkides before the bell rings.

3rd – Hogue gets the take down at the beginning of the round, working in to full mount.   Hogue works through Halkides attempt to control is posture and landing a few heavy shots to the face.   Halkides attempts to get in a better spot but Hogue continues to control the ground and keep Halkides on his back.

Win:  Chris Hogue
Score: 30-27 Unanimous Decision

 135 lbs – Female Welterweight
Angie Reinhardt 1-1 (Power of One MMA) vs. Norma Rueda 2-0 (Cenrockda Siam Muay Thai Attack Force)

1st – Round starts off with the exchange of punches, they clinch and Rueda works her knees into the picture.   Referee resets the fighters, and Rueda lands a heavy 1-2 clinches, and throws an accidental knew to Reinhardt’s face.   Quick break, and they’re back at it with Rueda getting the takedown landing in Reinhardt’s guard and working her ground and pound while Reinhardt attempts to control posture until end of round 1.

2nd – Rueda starts out the round with leg kicks but Reinhardt answers with an over hand right.  Fighter’s trade punches into the clinch and Reinhardt pulls guard with a guillotine attempt.   Rueda is able to pull he head out and starts to work her ground and pound until the referee feels it’s time to reset.  Punches are traded to the cage where Rueda is able to pin Reinhardt and get her takedown.  From the ground Rueda is able to work to side control, landing pretty heavy on Reinhardt.  Rueda gives a good attempt on the Americana, but can’t pull it off before the bell rings.

3rd. Reinhardt comes out landing a heavy spinning back fist, which leads to Rueda clinching up on the cage and scoring another takedown.  Rueda works knees to the body, reaching full mount position.  Reinhardt tries to climb the cage in effort to get out from underneath, but leaves an arm out for an arm bar attempt for Rueda.   It almost looks like Rueda can finish it, but Reinhardt rolls out, and the round ends with Rueda in side control.  Great round on both ends.

Win: Norma Rueda
Score: 30-27 Unanimous Decision

135 lbs – Male Bantamweight
Allan Froelich 0-1 (VIP D-Boyz) vs. William Freedson 1-3 (Vanyo Fight Team)

1st – Froelich starts the round off with a roundhouse which opened up for Freedson to go in for the takedown and work himself into full mount landing quick and heaving giving Froelich no other choice but to give up his back.  Freedson has both hooks in and is working for the guillotine.  Froelich is able to fight out, but leaves an arm out for Freedson to latch on and apply a nasty arm bar.

Win:  Allan Froelich
Submission: Arm bar
Time:  1:51 Round 1

170 lbs – Male Welterweight
Kyle Fenton 0-0 (Team Impact) vs. Larry Merriweather 0-0 (Instigator Fight Team)

1st Fenton goes right in and shoots for the takedown, Merriweather sprawls and lands a few heavy shots but Fenton still pushes forward and gets the Takedown.   Back on their feet, Fenton lands heavy and knocks Merriweather to the mats, leaving Fenton working for a Guillotine.   Merriweather moves him to the cage, and gets his head out standing up just go get taken back down.   Fenton works to full mount, and attaining Merriweather's back to sink in the rear naked and get the tap.

Win:  Kyle Fenton
Submission: Rear Naked Choke
Time: 2:47 1st Round

145 lbs – Male Featherweight
Roosevelt Archie 2-3 (PA Brawlers) vs. Sean Clair 1-0 (Renzo Gracie Pittsburgh)

1st - Clair starts the fight off immediately going for the take down, working from half guard landing a few knees to the body.  Archie attempts to get out from the bottom but Clair has full control of this round, finishing off with another takedown and some heavy ground and pound.

2nd - Clair scores another take down, to side control while Archie attempts to walk the cage to get out from the bottom, but Clair uses this opportunity to take full mount.  Clair is able to use his ground and pound against Archie’s failed attempts to escape.   Round ends with Clair on top again.

3rd – Archie comes out of the gate landing a heavy right which stuns Clair,  Clair shoots in taking Archie to the cage and gets the takedown.   Archie is trying to work the guillotine but Clair is in no serious threat.   Referee stands them up.   Clair goes right back in for the takedown, back to side control, and mount trying to work against Archie’s effort to control his posture, landing a few punches and ending the round with an arm bar attempt but Archie is able to hold on until the bell rings.

Win:  Sean Clair
Score:  30-27 Unanimous Decision

155 lbs - Male Lightweight
Fadi Shuman 0-0 (Mad Dog Fight Team vs. Eddie Dayok 0-0 (Independent)

 1st – Shuman comes out landing a right roundhouse but Dayok quickly responds with his hands,   Dayok tries to clinch and pin Shuman to the cage in attempt to stop the flurry of punches and roundhouses Shuman is landing.  Shuman picks Dayok for the slam, and works to mount and back landing hammers to sink in a rear naked choke but bailed on it to land a few more heavy hands to Dayok’s face.   I’d say an easy 30/27 round for Shuman.

2nd – Instant replay of first round “ Shuman comes out landing kicks but Dayok responds with his hands”  Fighters clinch up and are working for cage positioning, Shuman is landing knees to the body while defending Dayok's takedown attempt.   Dayok switches to the single leg and gets his takedown he’s been working for. The round ends as Dayok is landing heavy hands from his feet while Shuman is on his back.  

3rd – Round starts off with a few wild punches, and ends up on the ground again to give Shuman another chance to work ground and pound to give Dayok no choice but to give up his back again.   Dayok is trying to protect himself while Shuman has him in a body triangle and is landing heavy to his head.   Shuman sinks in the RNC but Dayok isn’t quitting, Shuman bails on the RNC and throws blows until the referee is forced to call the fight.

Win:  Fadi Shuman
Reason:  TKO – Strikes
Time: 2:52 3rd

135 lbs – Male Bantamweight
 Zach Forrester 1-2 (PA-Brawlers) vs. Josh Burr 1-2 (Independent)

1st - A few heavy right hands were exchanged as Burr shoots and is stuffed.  Looks like they’re testing each other out, not throwing too much of anything until Forrester lands a wild right hook.  Shoot, Stuff, wild hooks.

2nd – Burr shoots again, and Forrester sprawls.  They’re fighting for positioning on the ground as Burr gets to side control but his head is caught by Forrester.  Burr trying to work the body until the fight makes it to the feet again.  By Burr’s 3rd shot in on Forrester he gets the legs and lands in Forrester’s guard.  Burr works a little bit of the body and head against Forrester’s attempt to control his posture.

3rd – Burr opens the round with another take down attempts, and Forrester lands one or two heavy to end up with Burr fighting to get out of Forrester’s triangle attempt.   Burr gets his arms out after taking a few clean punches to the face.  Referee stands them up, and Burr gets the takedown into half guard and is holding positioning until the bell

Win:  Zack Forrester
Score:  Split Decision, 29/28 Burr, 29/28 Forrester, 29/28 Forrester

170 lbs – Male Welterweight
Nick Adkins 1-1 (Team Impact) v s Kirk Cranks haw 1-0 (Vanyo Fight Team)

1st – Cranks haw gets a takedown after a light exchange and working to get head out of Adkins standing guillotine attempt.  Crankshaw is working Adkin's back before he gets dumped off of the top, and the fight goes back to their feet.   Crankshaw has Adkins pinned to the fence, working for the takedown as the round ends.

2nd - Crankshaw is working his kicks into the clinch working knees back and forth from the cage.  Few attempts for takedowns as the fight went from the fence to the center and back and forth until Crankshaw lands a few kicks and they have just enough time to clinch again before the bell rings.

3rd – This round starts out with nothing landing and fighters going back and forth clinching on the cage.  Crankshaw has his head down but Adkins can’t sink in the guillotine – they’re working knees just before Crankshaw goes down for a double leg and gets the takedown, landing himself into back control on Adkins.   Crankshaw has his hooks in, and looking to sink in the rear naked choke but Adkins is able to get his head free to end the round.

Win:  Kirk Crankshaw
Score:  Unanimous Decision, 30/27, 30/27, 29/28

 145 lbs – Female Middleweight
Allanna Jones 1-2 (American Muscle MMA) vs. Krissa Timbs 1-0 (Independent MMA & Fitness)

1st - Timbs comes out with a round house but Jones responds with her left.  Timbs shoots but is stuffed, and they’re back to their feet for Timbs to shoot again.   Timbs tries to work the double leg landing in Jones’s guard.  Timbs lands a few to the body and head, but Jones gives it right back and controls the posture.  The round ends with the fighters exchanging blows back and forth on the ground.

2nd - The first part of the round was spent exchanging punches,  Jones is using angles well and landing, so Timbs decides to shoot for another takedown.  She’s got Jones against the cage, still working for the left while she’s getting pounded by the hands of Jones.  Jones lands plenty clean shots while Timbs switches to the single leg, and the round ends.

3rd - Jones comes out landing from a quick flurry while Timbs hides behind her hands.   Jones is still landing hard and heavy leaving Timbs with no choice but to shoot for a double, switches to single leg, with Jones back on the cage again.  Replay of second round, Jones landing heavy clean shots until bell.

 Win: Allanna Jones
Score:  Unanimous Decision – 29/28, 29/28, 30/27

155 lbs – Male Lightweight
Devonte Smith 1-0 (Brickhouse MMA) vs.  Kegan O’Neil 2-0 (Dungeon MMA)

1st – Smith comes out with a front kick right off the bat followed by a flurry of punches, landing a takedown.  O’Neil looks for the heal hook but catches Smith in his guard and quickly grabs onto the arm for an arm bar to finish the fight in just over a minute.

Win:  Kegan O’Neil
Submission: Arm bar
Time: 1:01 1st Round

170 lbs – Male Welterweight
Rick Borowski 2-2 (PFC) vs. Josh Lasiche 2-0 (Evolve MMA)

1st – The round starts with Borowski answering Laschiche’s roundhouse with an overhand right.   Lasiche shoots for a single, hopping to the ground Borowski lands in guard.   Fighters are quickly back on their feet for Borowski to catch a kick to the nuts.  Borowski takes a few minutes to recoup. Back at it lock up and Lasiche gets the takedown, fighters working for ground positioning as the round ends.

The doctor comes in to check above Borowski’s left eye, which was cut somewhere along the way in the first, but he has the ‘ok’ to move forward.

2nd –  Trading punches,  Borowski catches Lasiche’s roundhouse and responds with a solid right resulting in a quick clinch and takedown for Lasiche.   Lasiche is working to the mount and landing punches to take Borowski’s back and finish with a Rear Naked Choke.

Win:  Josh Lasiche
Submission:  Rear Naked Choke
Time:  1:49 2nd

135 lbs – Female Welterweight
Chandra Engel 7-7 (American Muscle MMA) vs. Trisha Barr 4-4 (Team Kana)

1st - Punches are traded between both which led into Engel’s quick takedown landing her into side control.  Barr is working to put Engel into her guard and succeeds while trying to control the posture and arms of Engel.   Referee stands them up.   Barr lands a heavy right hook, and Engel gets back in for her second takedown to land into full mount on Barr.  Barr gives up her back and Engel sinks in the RNC to end the fight.

Win:  Chandra Engel
Submission: Rear Naked Choke
Time:  2:20 1st Round

145 lbs – Male Featherweight
Francis Healy 7-2-1 (Mad Dog Fight Team) vs. Tyler Saltsman 5-2 (Tem Titan)

1st – Healy comes in with the right to knock Saltsman down; he capitalizes and takes the back while Saltsman is still on his feet.  Healy is working for the RNC and finally gets Saltsman to the ground while he holds back positioning against Saltsmans attempts to turn in.   Saltsman sneaks out the back grabs for the single to take Healy to his knees.  First round ends on feet while Saltsman spent the majority of the time protecting his neck.

2nd – Saltsman is trying to set up the takedown with his left, grabs for the single leg and drives.  Saltsman sucks up the legs and advances to take Healy’s back.  Healy spins and works back to his feet.   Saltsman shoots again while Healy lands two solid hammer fists.  Healy has Saltsman’s left arm trapped and is attempting to control the head but Saltsman pops out and lands heavy knees from Healy’s ribs to end the round.

3rd - The round starts off with Saltsman shooting multiple times until he gets the takedown.  Healy is back to his feet quick for Saltsman to land the over hand right and score another takedown.   Saltsman is in guard working to keep out of danger from Healy’s triangle attempt and works to advance positioning.  They’re back on their feet, and Saltsman picks Healy up for the slam.  Saltsman is looking to trap Healy’s legs, working to pass guard but Healy gets his legs free and they’re back on their feet.   The round ends with one last shot from Saltsman.

Win:  Tyler Saltsman
Score: 29/28 Unanimous Decision

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