Friday, September 24, 2010

What is Living? by Lindsey McFerran

What is Living? In the Realm of a Training Lifestyle:

I am so sick of people saying and thinking bodybuilders don’t live. What does that even mean? Living a training lifestyle, we don’t live. What is living? Maybe the bodybuilder and the Average Joe have a different concept of what is considered living. So I am going to explain what living for me is. I love this lifestyle, I like eating healthy and feeling that I am in control of my body which in terms leads to a healthy mind.

Living for me, A FIGURE COMPETITOR (Bodybuilder)

1. Rush of being onstage, knowing that you are working towards something

2. The feeling I get when I leave the gym after I had a monster weight workout or an awesome cardio session

3. The fact that I can control myself meaning I have the ability to set goals and achieve them

4. I live for a big bowl of oats with chocolate protein powder instead of a McDonalds Big Mac

5. I live for the feeling of knowing I have worked as hard as I can to achieve something which is a polished physique or anything else I want

Reading these (aside from the oats one of course) do you think they all pertain to training and diet? OF COURS NOT!!!!!!!! Are you blind?

So what is living to the Average Joe that I am apparently lacking?

1. Seeking satisfaction from food or other external sources like alcohol or drugs
2. Not exercising or having a feeling of accomplishment
3. Not Goal-oriented
4. Lack of hard work ethic

And for any competitors, bodybuilders, figure competitors or even athletes the people that criticize this lifestyle are the ones who are not able to live it themselves. Like I have said in previous blogs and I will say it again WE ARE A RARE BREED! Just look around.

I just want to clarify I am not dissing or bagging on people who are not into the whole training and dieting. I am just saying how about you just accept it and leave the CRITICISM AT THE DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s my life and you need to accept it or get the F*** out and stop making assumptions about me not living a fulfilled life!

Sorry if this is a little more real then my usual blogs but it has to be said

AYO AYO AYO Keep training hard and your eye on the prize

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