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IFBB Pro Vanessa Prebyl Tournament of Champions (Pro Debut) Interview

Two weeks after winning her IFBB Pro card at Jr. USA's, Vanessa Prebyl made her Pro debut at the Tournament of Champions, and as always Vanessa looked incredible. I said the other day, the Bikini division seems to have been made for Vanessa. What I mean by that, is it allows someone to look as amazing as she does, with the body she wants, earned, and is proud of, to go on stage and do what she loves. My fondness of Vanessa is no secret. I believe she is both an amazing woman and competitor. It was Vanessa who taught me to love the Bikini division. Mark my words, Vanessa will soon be on that Olympia stage.

Q: Vanessa, thanks for taking the time out to do this.
A: I’m happy to do the interview Jason.

Q: For those who may not be familiar, can you tell a little about yourself?
A: I am a 28 year old Bikini competitor who started competing about a year ago.
I am a small-town girl. I was raised on a ranch in Southern California. My sister and I rode horses, built forts, played hide-and-go-seek on 22 acres. Of course, living on a ranch also comes with the mandatory chores such as; feeding all of the animals, getting the chicken eggs, building fences, cleaning up the pens (you know the fun stuff).
My mother raised my sister and me by herself. She is a very strong woman who was never afraid to get things done and taught me also to be a strong and determined woman. I have always been one for a challenge. When I was in eighth grade I signed-up at the Boys and Girls Club for Freestyle Wrestling. I loved the challenging workouts and when I started High School I joined the Cabrillo Wrestling team. I wrestled all four years of High School and it was the best learning experience I have ever had. I learned so much about who I am and how far I could push myself no matter what anyone said.
After I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Accountancy from CSU Northridge, I was hired on at a great Accounting firm in Los Angeles where I preformed Audits on public and private companies. I learned so much within my first year, however, the long hours and stress levels added to my waistline to say the least. One day I looked in the mirror and I asked myself “Am I happy”? I knew if I was asking myself, I already knew the answer. That was it; I put in my notice without having any other employment lined up.
I had worked out before on my own, but after gaining over 20lbs from the long hours of accounting; I knew I needed help to shed the excess in a healthy way. My husband did some research and found Kim Oddo’s web site. Kim helped me become fit and gain muscle. I must give credit where it is due “Thank you Kim Oddo for everything”.
I now am a Personal Trainer in Santa Barbara County, Ca. and an IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor. I can truly say I am “living my dream”.

Q: Congrats on your first Pro show, the Tournament of Champions. You looked incredible as always.
A: Thank you so much! I was very eager to hit the pro stage for the first time.

Q: Was there a different feeling the days leading up, knowing that now you are competing as a Pro?
A: I actually had to remind myself to keep everything the same. I wanted to bring the same package as I brought when I won Jr. USA’s.

Q: Did you take any time at all off between this show and Jr. USA's?
A: I wanted to jump right in the mix on the pro stage and see where I stand among the pros. I only had 2 weeks in between my pro card win and my first pro show.

Q: As a show itself what did you think of it?
A: I LOVED it!! I live in California about 3 hours from the venue so I didn’t have to travel too far. The show did however go faster than I expected.

Q: How confident were you going in?
A: I am always confident in myself and my body. I was more curious than anything on the comparisons to top bikini competitors.

Q: After pre-judging how were you feeling about your chances?
A: Well, this was the first time I had not been picked for the first call out. I must admit I was bummed, however for my pro debut being called out second I was soooooo HAPPY!! :)

Q: How did you feel about the overall package your brought to the stage?
A: I felt very confident because I stuck to the same hair, makeup, suit, and routine.

Q: You take an extra sense of responsibility in representing the Bikini division as a Pro now don't you?
A: Yes I do. I feel that I should. I am very grateful that the judges picked me to represent the Pro Bikini Division and I want to show them that they made a GREAT decision.

Q: Having competed as a Pro now, is there anything you feel you need to improve on to compete at that level and continue being the success you have been?
A: Yes. After the competition the head judge Lee Thompson made himself available for the bikini pros to ask him for critiques of their performance. He would like me to build a few muscle groups in order to move up the ranks. Also on a personal note, I noticed many of the pro bikini women had spicy routines so I may play around with different poses and see what works well with my body.

Q: The days leading up to it, did you feel you were ready for the Pro stage?
A: I felt ready for the stage as I always do. I have always brought my best package NPC stage or Pro stage.

Q: Was there a point at all in the day were you said “I belong here" or did you already know?
A: I know this may sound weird, but in a way I was ready for the Pro stage. I feel like I had climbed the ladder and yes I felt I did and do belong there.

Q: Was there anything different competing as a Pro that maybe some people who have yet to do that would be surprised about?
A: The surprising thing is that it feels exactly like competing in the NPC. The best way I can describe it is the day before your birthday and then the day of your birthday. Yes, you are a year older; however, it feels just like yesterday. I have always had a passion for competing, but yes this show felt extra special ;)

Q: After a show like that, are you mentally drained at all?
A: Nope. I was just very happy I didn’t have to jump on a plane to get back to my home :)

Q: I know you, and I know you love competing and are always excited, but do you ever get nervous at any point?
A: Haha well I wouldn’t say nervous more like rushed.

Q: I know your routine for the minutes before you step on that stage, but did you do anything different this time?
A: Yes, the minutes leading up to prejudging were very rushed. The show was moving super fast due to the 4 Masters classes before us only having a few people. They actually had to come get me when I was getting my hair done. So my amazing hair stylist Nancy Jambazian (Who is amazing by the way) through some volume in the back and hair sprayed it. Then I flew out of her chair thinking “Well I better rock this hair” and I ran to the Pro Bikini dressing room. All of the girls are already lined up except for two other girls rushing around as well. I start taking off my Oddos Angels shirt and find my heels. Ok. Mental Check list: bikini, heels, lip gloss, wait…wait… my earrings and bracelets. Alright I head out to get in line and a very kind worker backstage asks “where is your number?”. Geez!! I really can’t forget that! Haha run back to the dressing room (They are starting to call out numbers for the line-up check) I pin my number on. I let the workers know I was there while Kim Oddo fixed my suit. Haha WOW!!! And I still rocked the heck out of that stage!!! That is what I personally consider a PRO. No matter what is going on back stage you always give the audience what they paid for “the BEST show you can possibly give no matter what”.

Q: When you were on stage did you try and read the judges reactions at all or just focus on what you are doing?
A: I just smile at the judges and audience. I truly feel like I am beaming on stage. It is an AMAZING feeling.

Q: What’s the first thing you ate once it was over?
A: Well I had booked a photo shoot the week after so I had the same dinner as I always have chicken, asparagus, and almonds.

Q: Was there any other competitors you noticed who really impressed you?
A: Well let’s just say all of the women impressed me. There is a reason these women are pros and each one of them looked so good.

Q: What will be your biggest memory from the entire weekend?
A: My biggest memory is meeting so beautiful bikini pros with great bodies and great personalities and sharing the stage with them. I am very proud.

Q: Has it sunk in yet you are a Pro?
A: Quick pinch me!!! Haha Nope. Wow, Vanessa Prebyl, IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor. I cannot begin to explain how those words make me feel ;)

Q: Have you decided when you will be on stage next?
A: Yes, The Sacramento Pro Bikini Grand Prix on Saturday, November 6. So if anyone is in the area feel free to watch the show!! :)

Q: Anyone you want to thank for helping you in the process or want to take this time to plug or promote?
A: Yes, I would like to say thank you to my trainer Kim Oddo
Promoters Jon Lindsay for putting on the Tournament Of Champions
and IFBB for making the Bikini Division
Further thanks to my family, friends and of course my fans. One of my biggest and most supportive fans Jason and “Promoting Real Women”
Jan Tana for an amazing stage color
My amazing hair and makeup artist Nancy Jambazian.
Thank you soooooo much to all of you!!

Q: Vanessa, each time you get on stage, you look better than the last time. I have told everyone, I have learned my love and respect for the Bikini division because of you, and really was impressed with your Pro debut, and I know it will keep getting better. Any last words before you go?
A: Thank you for all of your support!!!!! :)

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