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IFBB Pro Jeni Briscoe New York Pro Interview

Jeni Briscoe did the New York Pro and as always looked phenomenal. Jeni is one of those people you cant help but support. She has a love and passion for what she does, with competing, her own training, and training others. Jeni is a shinning example of what made me first start doing this blog. An amazing woman who I think everyone should no about. And as long as she keeps doing what she is doing everyone IS going to know about her.

Q: Jeni, thanks for taking the time out to do a second interview.
A: Its my pleasure! Its great what you are doing for us female athletes. Keep up the good work.

Q: For those who may have missed the first interview, can you tell a little about yourself?
A: I'm an IFBB Pro Figure competitor here in Canada.I won the overall at the Canadian Nationals in 2007 to win the card. It was one of the most exciting moments of my life. I own a fitness center and am a full time personal trainer. I've been competing for over 10 years now and love every minute of it. I don't see myself quiting anytime soon.

Q: First I must say congrats on NY Pro. I thought you looked incredible.
A: Thank you very much. I was pleased with my conditioning.

Q: As a show itself what did you think of it?
A: Considering it was coupled with the USA's, I thought it was very well run. It was a bit crowded backstage with that many people and not alot of room to hang, but all in all I thought it was a good show. I would definitely do it again. Who wouldn't? A trip to New York? How fun can that be? Let me tell you....lots!!

Q: How confident were you going in?
A: I was really confident up until 2 weeks out when I gave myself a hernia. Then that changed everything. My Doctor didn't want me to compete at all and have surgery right away. She was really worried about the complications of it. But of course I wasn't going to quit after putting in that much time and effort, so we set out a plan for me. I had to take some time off and then just do strictly light cardio. So for the last 2 weeks I couldn't lift anything and couldn't push hard cardio wise either. Like a lot of girls, I make most of my changes at the end... so I was super upset with how I had to train and not push it like I usually do. But my health is more important, so I had to take it easy.

Q: After pre-judging how were you feeling about your chances?
A: After the prejudging I knew I was somewhere in the middle of the pack. It was a huge show with 33 girls, so anything in the top half is a great showing. It was only my 4th pro show, so I'm still learning what they are looking for. Each show I get better and better and more confident.

Q: How did you feel about the overall package your brought to the stage?
A: I would of liked to be about 4 lbs tighter, but with my restrictions it just wasn't
possible. So considering the challenge I was under super happy with how I looked. I loved my suits this year (CJ did it again), had Elaine do my makeup and went with my natural long curls. So I liked the overall look I brought.

Q: What part of your physique would you say was the one you have improved the most the last year?
A: Working with Kim Oddo this year, we were really able to streamline more. I had way less bulk in my back and was able to make my butt rounder. I've always been known for my "Briscoe Bootie" but this time it was higher and tighter. It was really fun, I got to put more of the weight training back into my workouts, not so much cardio, I really enjoyed this years prep. Because here in Canada we need to have so much muscle to win our pro cards, it takes time to reshape and I really think we are heading in the right direction. We made most of the changes in 12 weeks, I cant wait to see what the next year will bring.

Q: Was there one aspect of your physique you thought could have been better or you wan to improve on?
A: My legs are always my hardest to get smaller. I have big legs so it takes a lot to get them to look leaner. And I have to be super careful because they will grow like crazy. It was ok when I did bodybuilding, but not for figure.

Q: Did your prep go as smoothly as hoped for?
A: As good as it could be yes. I made the most of what I had to work with and still plugged along. I made sure I kept myself safe, no show is worth hurting your health for.

Q: Is there a point in the prep process where you say "O.K. I am ready"?
A: For me its always the last day or two, other than that I keep going hard. I don't
want to fool myself into thinking I am early....that could not be good. I may slow down.

Q: Anything about the prep process that you can say you want to do different next time?
A: Well this time was so different than in the past. So I'm looking forward to doing more of the same. Maybe going a bit longer next time. I got ready in 12 weeks, I like to do 16, just have that extra buffer time. And I'm going to stay tighter this year in the off season as well. That will help for sure.

Q: After a show like that, are you mentally drained at all?
A: Haha, no I was in New York with three of my friends!!! There was no time to think, we hit the street running and checked out all the sites. When I got home though and remembered that I could lift or workout and had to have surgery and couldn't compete again this year...then it all hit me. I was/am pretty sad. But I will just take the time to heal properly and hit the stage next Feb, better than ever!

Q: The week before a show like that, what were you thinking about? Nervous or excited, or what?
A: I never get nervous until right as I'm hitting the stage. Bad timing for sure! haha. But up until that point, I'm so focused that I don't get nervous. I guess excited though. I love meeting new friends and the traveling and this sport allows me to do both.

Q: How about those last 5 minutes before you hit the stage, what were you thinking about?
A: Like I said that's when I get a bit nervous. But I just keep thinking about how I'm going to pose and present myself at that point. Try to stay nice and calm. The posing is a little different than what we do up here in Canada, so its taking some getting used to.

Q: When you are on stage did you try and read the judges reactions at all or just focus on what you are doing?
A: I would say both. You want their attention, but when there are 33 beautiful girls on stage, all you can do it give it your best, keep confident and pose well.

Q: Whats the first thing you ate once it was over?
A: We went to the cheese cake factory of course. I had a few appys and of course a steak!I haven't had red meat in 12 weeks and wanted a steak sooo bad. And you cant go there without having cheesecake....ummm white choc, macadamia!! I was pretty sick. I couldn't even eat all my treats from Carlos Bakery I had boughten earlier that day.

Q: Was there any other competitors you noticed who really impressed you ?
A: Cheryl Brown of course for one, I got to meet her in Kim's room before the show. She looked amazing and is super sweet. There were so many to even name. I wouldn't of wanted to be a judge there. It was a tough line up for sure.

Q: Anyone you got to meet or see for the first time that you were excited about?
A: Well I got to meet my trainer Kim Oddo in person finally, that was exciting for me. And all of the pros. Its always exciting to be standing right in the middle of all these ladies you get to read about. Its kind of surreal. Meeting Vicki Nixon was also a highlight. To see her transform herself this year was truly amazing. She is a beautiful woman inside and out.

Q: How important is support from family and friends at a show like this?
A: I have a huge support team here at home. From my members and clients, to my friends and family. They always show me huge support and help me make contest prep as easy as possible. I really don't think a person can do this sport with a good support system. You need it to keep yourself mentally in a good place.

Q: Have you decided when you will be on stage next?
A: I'm looking at the Fort Lauderdale Pro if I can get my tummy healed in time. I had surgery three weeks ago and am now on the mend. I have to not do any exercise for 6 weeks so we'll see how it goes. If it doesn't workout, then I'll wait and do something in Feb.

Q: Anyone you want to thank for helping you in the process?
A: I want to give a huge thank you to my sponsors BioX Nutrition. They have been supporting me for over 6 years now and they have fantastic products! And all my friends and family. Without them I couldn't do this. And a big thank you goes out to my husband Darcy... poor guy has been putting up with me dieting for 10 years.... that's a good man!

Q: Anything you want to take this time to plug or promote?
A: I am currently getting ready for the 10th Northern Classic next June. I cant believe its going to be 10 years since I started hosting the event. Its a BC qualifier and I love hosting it. I have helped well over 130 girls make it to the stage. That is my true passion, training girls for shows. I'm like a proud mama when they get up there. Always so proud of them! I have clients from beginners to national level. Hopefully one day, one of my girls gets her pro card too!
Am I allowed to plug the contest I'm in?
http://www.statusfitnessmagazine.com/jeni-briscoe-1 I'm trying to win a cover shoot. Everyone is allowed to vote 5 times per day. It would be a dream come true if I made it on Status Fitness Mag.

Q: Jeni, again congrats, I really thought you looked great. Any last words before you go?
A: Thanks so much! I felt good and cant wait to show everyone an even better package next year. Maybe even get an Arnold Invite! Wouldn't that be lovely!

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