Saturday, November 30, 2019

Quintet: Fight Night 4 Results

Quintet Fight Night 4 took place November 30th from Akita City Cultural Center in Akita City, Japan. Quintet features four teams of five competing in a grappling tournament. Two teams compete against each other and the winners advance. The teams were Team Carpe Diem, Team K-Top BJJ, TEam Sakuraba and Team Paraestra. Here are all your results and our Of The Night Awards.

1. Tomoyuki Hashimoto vs Inseong Jang was declared a Draw.

2. Sotaro Yamada defeated Youngseung Cho via Kneebar at 6:45.

3. Sotaro Yamada defeated Gyeongseop Lee via Rear Naked Choke at 2:44

4. Sotaro Yamada vs Jun Yong Cho was declared a Draw.

5. Masahiro Iwasaki vs Wonki Chae was declared a Draw.

6. Shutaro Debana defeated Ayumu Shioda via Armbar at 2:54

7. Shutaro Debana vs Kohei Yasumi was declared a Double Disqualification.

8. Yoichi Fukumoto vs Yusuke Honma was declared a Draw.

9. Shoki Higuchi defeated Yuji Hoshino via Armbar at 1:25.

10. Daisuke Nakamura defeated Yutaka Saito via Kneebar at 5:17.

11. Haisam Rida defeated Kyle Chambers via Split Decision.

12. Ironman Rules: Minowaman defeated Hideo Tokoro 1-0.

13. Ironman Rules: Kazushi Sakuraba defeated Takanori Gomi 2-1.

14. Tomoshige Sera defeated Kazuhiro Suzuki via Flying Armbar at :43.

15. Tomoshige Sera defeated Shutaro Debana via Kneebar at :26.

16. Tomoshige Sera vs Yuji Hoshino was declared a Draw.

17. Yukinari Tamura vs Daisuke Nakamura was declared a Draw.

18. Sotaro Yamada defeated Yoichi Fukumoto via Ankle Lock at :43.

Submission of the Night: Tomoshige Sera Flying Armbar over Kazuhiro Suzuki

Fight of the Night: Daisuke Nakamura vs Yutaka Saito

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