Monday, March 19, 2018

Invicta FC 28 Predictions

We are back again with our Invicta FC 28 predictions. In the interest of full disclosure, I must point out I am the manager of Jillian DeCoursey who is fighting on this card. I will also note, that in no instances did I encourage anyone to pick her. So take the predictions in that bout for whatever they are worth. All that being said, joining myself (Jason Adams) is Alyssa Vasquez, Amy Montenegro, Ashley Hawkins, Emily Andzulis, Jehnn Stumborg, Jenna Bernick, Jenna Skinner, Jessica Dinch, Kate Brummitt, Katherine Grasshopper, Katie Casimir, Kia Lola, Lacey Hancock, Layla Newton, Leigh-Ann Baskey, Mallory Kane, Missy Pontbriand, Monica Franco, Olivia Parker, Rach Wiley, Rachael Smith, Sarah Shell, Serena Dejesus, Shamir Peshewa, Sophie Sharp, Stephanie Skinner and Tamikka Brents.

1. Tracy Cortez (1-1) vs Kaytlin Neil (1-2)
Alyssa: Cortez
Amy: Neil
Ashley: Neil
Emily: Cortez
Jason: Cortez
Jehnn: Cortez
Jenna B: Neil
Jenna S: Cortez
Jessica: Cortez
Kate: Cortez
Katherine: Neil
Katie: Cortez
Kia: Cortez
Lacey: Cortez
Layla: Cortez
Leigh-Ann: Neil
Mallory: Neil
Missy: Cortez
Monica: Cortez
Olivia: Neil
Rach: Cortez
Rachael: Neil
Sarah: Cortez
Serena: Cortez
Shamir: Neil
Sophie: Neil
Stephanie: Cortez
Tamikka: Cortez
Totals: Cortez- 18 Neil- 10

2. Jillian DeCoursey (1-0) vs Rebekah Levine (1-0)
Alyssa: DeCoursey
Amy: DeCoursey
Ashley: DeCoursey
Emily: DeCoursey
Jason: DeCoursey
Jehnn: Levine
Jenna B: DeCoursey
Jenna S: DeCoursey
Jessica: DeCoursey
Kate: DeCoursey
Katherine: DeCoursey
Katie: DeCoursey
Kia: DeCoursey
Lacey: DeCoursey
Layla: DeCoursey
Leigh-Ann: DeCoursey
Mallory: DeCoursey
Missy: DeCoursey
Monica: DeCoursey
Olivia: DeCoursey
Rach: DeCoursey
Rachael: DeCoursey
Sarah: DeCoursey
Serena: DeCoursey
Shamir: DeCoursey
Sophie: DeCoursey
Stephanie: DeCoursey
Tamikka: DeCoursey
Totals: DeCoursey- 27 Levine-1

3. Kerri Kenneson (2-0) vs Chelsea Chandler (0-0)
Alyssa: Kenneson
Amy: Chandler
Ashley: Kenneson
Emily: Chandler
Jason: Kenneson
Jehnn: Kenneson
Jenna B: Chandler
Jenna S: Kenneson
Jessica: Chandler
Kate: Chandler
Katherine: Chandler
Katie: Kenneson
Kia: Kenneson
Lacey: Kenneson
Layla: Kenneson
Leigh-Ann: Chandler
Mallory: Kenneson
Missy: Chandler
Monica: Chandler
Olivia: Kenneson
Rach: Kenneson
Rachael: Kenneson
Sarah: Chandler
Serena: Kenneson
Shamir: Kenneson
Sophie: Chandler
Stephanie: Chandler
Tamikka: Kenneson
Totals: Kenneson- 16 Chandler- 12

4. Kal Schwartz (1-1) vs Kay Hansen (1-0)
Alyssa: Hansen
Amy: Hansen
Ashley: Schwartz
Emily: Schwartz
Jason: Schwartz
Jehnn: Hansen
Jenna B: Schwartz
Jenna S: Schwartz
Jessica: Hansen
Kate: Hansen
Katherine: Schwartz
Katie: Schwartz
Kia: Hansen
Lacey: Hansen
Layla: Hansen
Leigh-Ann: Schwartz
Mallory: Schwartz
Missy: Hansen
Monica: Hansen
Olivia: Hansen
Rach: Hansen
Rachael: Schwartz
Sarah: Schwartz
Serena: Schwartz
Shamir: Hansen
Sophie: Schwartz
Stephanie: Schwartz
Tamikka: Hansen
Totals: Schwartz- 14 Hansen- 14

5. Minna Grusander (5-1) vs Fernanda Priscila (3-1)
Alyssa: Grusander
Amy: Priscila
Ashley: Grusander
Emily: Priscila
Jason: Grusander
JehnnL Grusander
Jenna B: Grusander
Jenna S: Grusander
Jessica: Grusander
Kate: Priscila
Katherine: Priscila
Katie: Grusander
Kia: Grusander
Lacey: Grusander
Layla: Priscila
Leigh-Ann: Grusander
Mallory: Priscila
Missy: Grusander
Monica: Grusander
Olivia: Priscila
Rach: Grusander
Rachael: Grusander
Sarah: Grusander
Serena: Grusander
Shamir: Grusander
Sophie: Grusander
Stephanie: Grusander
Tamikka: Grusander
Totals: Grusander- 21 Priscila- 7

6. Kali Robbins (5-0) vs Pearl Gonzalez (6-3)
Alyssa: Robbins
Amy: Robbins
Ashley: Gonzalez
Emily: Gonzalez
Jason: Robbins
Jehnn: Robbins
Jenna B: Gonzalez
Jenna S: Robbins
Jessica: Gonzalez
Kate: Gonzalez
Katherine: Gonzalez
Katie: Robbins
Kia: Gonzalez
Lacey: Robbins
Layla: Gonzalez
Leigh-Ann: Robbins
Mallory: Gonzalez
Missy: Robbins
Monica: Robins
Olivia: Robbins
Rach: Robbins
Rachael: Gonzalez
Sarah: Robbins
Serena: Gonzalez
Shamir: Gonzalez
Sophie: Robbins
Stephanie: Robbins
Tamikka: Gonzalez
Totals: Robbins- 15 Gonzalez- 13

7. Milana Dudieva (11-7) vs Christina Marks (8-9)
Alyssa: Dudieva
Amy: Dudieva
Ashley: Dudieva
Emily: Dudieva
Jason: Dudieva
Jehnn: Marks
Jenna B: Marks
Jenna S: Dudieva
Jessica: Dudieva
Kate: Marks
Katherine: Dudieva
Katie: Dudieva
Kia: Dudieva
Lacey: Dudieva
Layla: Marks
Leigh-Ann: Marks
Mallory: Dudieva
Missy: Dudieva
Monica: Dudieva
Olivia: Dudieva
Rach: Dudieva
Rachael: Marks
Sarah: Marks
Serena: Dudieva
Shamir: Dudieva
Sophie: Marks
Stephanie: Dudieva
Tamikka: Marks
Totals: Dudieva- 19 Marks- 9

8. DeAnna Bennett (8-3-1) vs Karina Rodriguez (6-2)
Alyssa: Rodriguez
Amy: Rodriguez
Ashley: Bennett
Emily: Rodriguez
Jason: Rodriguez
Jehnn: Bennett
Jenna B: Bennett
Jenna S: Bennett
Jessica: Bennett
Kate: Bennett
Katherine: Bennett
Katie: Rodriguez
Kia: Bennett
Lacey: Rodriguez
Layla: Bennett
Leigh-Ann: Rodriguez
Mallory: Bennett
Missy: Bennett
Monica: Bennett
Olivia: Bennett
Rach: Rodriguez
Rachael: Bennett
Sarah: Bennett
Serena: Bennett
Shamir: Rodriguez
Sophie: Rodriguez
Stephanie: Rodriguez
Tamikka: Bennett
Totals: Bennett- 17 Rodriguez- 11

9. Mizuki Inoue (12-4) vs Virna Jandiroba (12-0)
Alyssa: Inoue
Amy: Jandiroba
Ashley: Inoue
Emily: Jandiroba
Jason: Jandiroba
Jehnn: Jandiroba
Jenna B: Inoue
Jenna S: Jandiroba
Jessica: Inoue
Kate: Jandiroba
Katherine: Inoue
Katie: Inoue
Kia: Inoue
Lacey: Jandiroba
Layla: Inoue
Leigh-Ann: Jandiroba
Mallory: Jandiroba
Missy: Jandiroba
Monica: Inoue
Olivia: Jandiroba
Rach: Jandiroba
Rachael: Jandiroba
Sarah: Inoue
Serena: Inoue
Shamir: Jandiroba
Sophie: Jandiroba
Stephanie: Jandiroba
Tamikka: Inoue
Totals: Inoue- 12 Jandiroba- 16

10. Fight of the Night
Alyssa: DeCoursey vs Levine
Amy: Robbins vs Gonzalez
Ashley: Robbins vs Gonzalez
Emily: Robbins vs Gonzalez
Jason: Grusander vs Priscila
Jehnn: Bennett vs Rodriguez
Jenna B: Bennett vs Rodriguez
Jenna S: Inoue vs Jandiroba
Jessica: Bennett vs Rodriguez
Kate: DeCoursey vs Levine
Katherine: Bennett vs Rodriguez
Katie: DeCoursey vs Levine
Kia: DeCoursey vs Levine
Lacey: DeCoursey vs Levine
Layla: DeCousey vs Levine
Leigh-Ann: DeCoursey vs Levine
Mallory: Robbins vs Gonzalez
Missy: Robbins vs Gonzalez
Monica: Bennett vs Rodriguez
Olivia: DeCoursey vs Levine
Rach: DeCoursey vs Levine
Rachael: Robbins vs Gonzalez
Sarah: Bennett vs Rodriguez
Serna: Robbins vs Gonzalez
Shamir: Inoue vs Jandiroba
Sophie: DeCoursey vs Levine
Stephanie: Inoue vs Jandiroba
Tamikka: DeCoursey vs Levine

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