Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tecia Torres Interview

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Tecia Torres is coming off her first pro win, a unanimous decision over Kaiyana Rain. A fight in which she proved all the hype surrounding her amateur career was well deserved. On January 5th she steps back into the Invicta cage against another young talented fighter in Paige Van Zant. Torres is looking for a finish in what should be an exciting bout.

Q: Your last fight, in your pro debut, you won a unanimous decision against Kaiyana Rain. How did you feel about your performance?
A: I feel like I stuck to my game-plan and went in there looking for the win and came out with the unanimous decision. It went exactly how I thought it would go. I thought she would try and strike with me and if that didn't work she would try for the takedown. Fortunately I was able to stuff all the takedowns and keep it standing and dominate in the stand-up. I was very happy with it.

Q: Are you expecting most girls to start doing that, come out striking and then realize they need to take it down?
A: Yeah, especially at this level, the lower level of professional fighters. As I get into my third and fourth pro fight, I think the level of stand-up will become at the same level as mine and at that point my Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling and other aspects will come into play and they will be up to par.

Q: With it being your pro debut where there any extra nerves?
A: No, it was like a normal fight. It was extra excitement because it was on a bigger stage and I knew a lot of people were watching on-line and we had a big crowd.

Q: How do you feel you match up with Paige Van Zant?
A: I think it will be another tough fight. I think it will be much like the fight with Kaiyana. I don't think she will be able to out-strike me or be any stronger than I am. I think she is no tougher than the girls I've already fought so it will be another tough fight but I will be overall better, more well-rounded.

Q: Are there any past opponents you would compare her to?
A: We have a similar opponent, Amber Stautzenberger. I think she might be like her, they fought each other, she won unanimously, but it was a pretty equal fight. So maybe her, not body type wise.

Q: She has two pro wins against good opponents, but very little amateur experience, does your experience give you any edge?
A: Overall, yeah. I have more cage time than her. I think that helps me in the knowledge department. I have had twenty-eight fights and am used to a lot of different things. A lot of scenarios have played out in my fights as opposed to the few fights she has had. She hasn't been able to experience as much as I have.

Q: To me, you have fought girls like her, while she hasn't fought anyone who fights like you, would you agree?
A: Yeah, she hasn't fought anyone as fast as I am, as strong as I am at 115, I think she will notice a different the first hit I land. She will want to count her punches and kicks and make everything count.

Q: You have already dealt with all the hype that goes with Invicta, she hasn't, can that maybe cause her any nervousness?
A: No, now that she has had a couple pro fights, on decent shows, she will be ready and used to it. It will be a fun fight for her just like for me. I am happy we were able to bring her in with Invicta, I was given two opponents and chose her because stylistically we match up well. I am happy I gave her a chance to show her skills on a well thought out show.

Q: Where do you feel you hold the biggest advantage?
A: I'm gonna just say everywhere haha. I am not sure what Jiu-Jitsu belt she is, I assume a white belt. I have a lot of experience in Jiu-Jitsu, doing tournaments and feel it will be strong. I don't think she can take me to the ground but if she does, I am ready. Everywhere but stand-up the most, my foot-work will be better, I can counter attack and fight off the cage. I had fun throwing elbows last fight and and my knees landed well.

Q: A lot of people see this as a fight between two top up and comers, do you see it that way or just another fight?
A: This fight I would call another fight. My third or fourth fight, not to look past Paige, but I see my third fight being a very competitive fight to make my mark coming into the top level girls. Those opponents will be tough opponents.

Q: You recently came up here to cross train with Jessica Eye, did that help you for this fight?
A: Definitely! It was an honor to train with Jessica before her fight with Zoila at Bellator. Congratulations to her. I admired Jessica before going there and after watching all the training she does, it made me more determined to be a high level fighter and come to my camp and incorporate new aspects. It benefited me for this fight. The sky is the limit and I look forward to training with her again, we mesh well together, my stand-up is good, her wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu is really good.

Q: You are always really happy for teammates, when you train with someone like Jessica and you see her win like she did, do you get some pride from that?
A: Pride that I was able to help her. I don't think I am at that level yet, but appreciative that she looked upon me to help her fight Zoila. It makes me thinks he saw something in me and now we have a relationship, even if she isn't from my team, she is a great friend and at 125 I don't have to worry about fighting her.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: I would love for this fight to end early. I am always happy with a win and ready for fifteen minutes and have the cardio for it. I can showcase some skills with a KO or a submission.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: My Gym American Top Team, and soon to be opened Gym Moncaio Brothers Jiujitsu. My teammates, and the girls who help me tremendously India Gomes, Thais Nega, Nina Ansaroff, Jessica Aguilar, Holly Cline, and special thanks to Jessica Eye and Strongstyle. My sponsors for my 2nd Pro fight: Brawl and Maul Preformance Gear, Awakening Female Fighters, Babes of MMA, Slept Fightwear, Dawg Forever Forever Dawg DFFD, Chenoweth.com, Alexsalmeron.com

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