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Tamikka Brents Interview

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When she faces Jessica Halverson, Tamikka Brents will once again try and make her long awaited pro debut. Her most recent scheduled fight was supposed to be against Randi Miller, however Miller did not show up. While clearly angry, Tamikka handled it like a pro. Tamikka went unbeaten as an amateur and has been anxious to show what she is capable of on the pro level. Known for her striking, she brings a very well-rounded game to the cage and can adapt to wherever the fight goes. This fight will feature two fighters with many stoppages in their resume and should be fast-paced and explosive from the opening bell.

Q: Your last fight was supposed to be with Randi Miller, but she decided it would be fun not to show up, how upset were you?
A: I was pissed. I made weight, did all that, everyone knows when you gotta cut weight, it sucks. I was on the verge of tears because I was that mad. I was like "just find somebody so I can fight and take my anger out on them.

Q: You handled it professionally, was it hard for you to stay professional?
A: Definitely. I have had people back out of fights on the amateur side and just thought going pro and dealing with other professionals that I wouldn't have to deal with it. For it to happen for my first pro fight, I was pissed and shocked it would happen. Especially with someone of her caliber with her background. I definitely did not expect it at all with her.

Q: With fights seemingly never happening for you, do you go into this fight with Jessica Halverson at all worried it could happen again?
A: No, I met her at one of my home-town events. She seems ready to fight whoever and likes to fight. Plus she is pretty close to home.

Q: What do you know about her?
A: She is pretty strong, she works in construction. I watched a couple of her fights, she seems to be a striker, a banger, she has a good chin so I am excited.

Q: She fought in April, her first fight since 2009, but could she have any pro experience advantage or would that eliminate it?
A: I don't really think so. I have had plenty of amateur fights. Her last fight was against the last girl I beat. She doesn't have like twelve pro fights, so I don't think it is that beneficial that she has had a couple pro fights, plus they are spaced out, so I'm not worried about that.

Q: You both have a history of stopping opponents, does that tell you that odds are someone is getting stopped in this fight?
A: Definitely!! I think the fight is either gonna be someone is getting put out in the first round or it will be a banger the whole way. I think if to goes out of the first round it is gonna go to the judges, but anything can happen.

Q: In that situation, do you train to come out fast?
A: I think it is just my mentality, to come out fast. The way we train, we train and spar for a good ten rounds back to back to back. I am prepared to go hard for ten rounds knowing I only have to go three to five rounds. I am prepared for anything. If it ends quickly it ends quickly and if it doesn't, I am prepared for that to.

Q: With it being your pro debut, is it important to not only win, but make a statement?
A: Oh yeah, I definitely want to make a statement. I wanna make a statement to prove I am ready to be in the pro ranks, to prove that my going undefeated in the amateurs wasn't a fluke. I wanna make a statement especially to Randi Miller to tell her maybe it was a good idea that she didn't show up, you would have got angry me and that's way worse.

Q: Your brother Bobby has had a successful pro career, do you get advice on him on how to make the transition to pro?
A: We pretty much train as pros anyway. I think his advice is the same as when I was an amateur, that practice and training is the work and when we get to fight, that is the fun part. That sticks in my mind for every fight. You don't have to go for eight hours a day now, now it is just this fight, have fun and put it all out there.

Q: What is the key for you to win this fight?
A: Punch her hard in the face, kick her hard, kick anything, get a hold of her and don't let her go, inflict damage till I get pulled off.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: My prediction is I am going for the finish in the first like I always do in every fight.

Q: After this fight, how active would you like to be?
A: I would like to have a fight once a month.

Q: Now for the hard hitting stuff. If you could create your own flavor of Pop-Tart, what would it be?
A: Unicorn swirl.

Q: If M.C. Hammer was 2 Legit 2 Quit, why is he not still making music?
A: Once you go bankrupt, your legit is lost.

Q: Who sings the best song about jumping, Kriss Kross, House of Pain, The Pointer Sisters, or Van Halen?
A: I am gonna go with House of Pain because that would be my stripper song.

Q: What would you do with a drunken sailor?
A: I would try and find Sponge Bob and Bikini Bottom.

Q: Why are they called Grape Nuts, when they are neither grape nor nuts?
A: I'm not even quite sure what a grape nut actually is.

Q: Who wins a fight, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John or Michelle Pfeiffer and the dork who plays the cool guy in Grease 2?
A: Grease 2 sucked so I am going with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

Q: Why is an orange called an orange and yet a lemon is not called a yellow?
A: Because a lemon is an innovator and does what it wants.

Q: Which member of the Smurfs do you identify with?
A: Is there an angry one? Whoever is the angry one.

Q: I think Brawny was pretty grumpy.
A: There ya go.

Q: Why will Michael Myers not die?
A: Because he drank badger milk.

Q: If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about it?
A: He wrote it himself.

Q: If a man with no arms has a gun, is he armed?
A: I don't wanna know how he is holding his gun.

Q: What would be the coolest walk-out song for a fight?
A: A live performance of Never Say Never by Justin Beiber.

Q: I knew it would be something Bieber-ish.
A: Haha!

Q: If you could design your own cage, what color would the floor be?
A: Rainbow.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: My gym, Team Warrior Concepts, my second set of parents Scott and Jenn Ward, my family and friends for supporting what I do, my coaches and traveling partners, Lex James, Hunter Ansell, Trevor Ward, Frank Sloan, Morgan Becker and the rest of my teammates, the ladies in our Women's Fitness class who sweat with me. I gotta thank my amazing sponsors, Complete Nutrition, Keppler Environmental Management, Spartan Sports Park, AMB Construction Company, The Body Quest Store, Just Beds, Alliance Apparel, The Gyro Stop, Bar Oasis, Intimidation Clothing, Defense Soap, Title Shot Apparel, Scandals Night Club, my massage therapist Renee "Magic Hands" Dean, JuS TeeZn RaZor ART Salon, Marc Passoni of Green Hyundai. Finally my awesome A-Team and my beautiful girlfriend Anndrea aka Scoops for being there through my craziness. And another thank you to Jason "Sweet Cheeks" Adams for another fun interview.

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