Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jena Baldwin Interview

Photo Credits: Photos 1,2 and 5: Hex Linc Photos

After impressive wins, in her first two fights, Jena Baldwin now takes on her biggest challenge to date when she faces one of the top fighters in the area, Jessica Zomcik, at NAAFS Caged Vengeance 13 on March 30th. This is a fight that is sure to entertain as it features two fighters who are highly skilled both on their feet and on the ground. A win for Baldwin would definitely be a huge statement.

Q: Your last fight you beat Janel Kraft. It was definitely a more challenging fight than your first fight. For you as a fighter, was it important to have that more challenging fight?
A: Oh definitely! I always wanna keep stepping up and moving on.

Q: Did you learn anything about yourself or anything in that fight?
A: Yeah, I didn't do my weight cut very well. I was kinda sick but I pushed through haha.

Q: You mentioned moving up in competition, so is Jessica Zomcik that logical next step for you?
A: Yeah! She has a lot more fights than me, but don't matter, I'm still gonna kick ass haha.

Q: How do you feel you match up with Jessica?
A: She looks like she has some ground game and likes to punch and I have ground game and like to punch, so we will see how it goes.

Q: She has fought a who's who of local fighters, does her experience concern you at all?
A: Not really. I have been competing since I was like ten years old, just in a different sport. I am used to competition.

Q: Even with all her experience, is there something you bring to the cage that she has not had to deal with before?
A: I didn't watch video of all her fights, but I am pretty explosive and unpredictable, so maybe that, I don't know haha.

Q: This is one of the biggest cards that the NAAFS has ever put together, does it mean anything special to you that they wanted you to be in the only female fight on the card?
A: Yeah, I think it's awesome. We're getting like showcased, I am super excited.

Q: With the style you two bring, even on such a big card, can this be that Fight of the Night type fight?
A: Yeah, sure! If we are both willing to bring it, and I am willing to bring it.

Q: She is gonna be the local popular fighter, are you comfortable if you get a lot of boos from the crowd?
A: Yeah! I am a Pittsburgh girl and my first fight was in Cleveland, and I definitely got booed when they said "from Pittsburgh". I don't care, they were all cheering and high-fiving me after. Just gotta win them over.

Q: You do come here from a different state to fight, are you at the point where you are comfortable and not care anymore?
A: I never cared from the beginning, I'll fight wherever haha.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: Me winning.

Q: How big would a win over Jessica Zomcik be for you?
A: It would be fantastic. It would jet me up the ladder.

Q: Is the hope that it could springboard you to maybe getting a title fight at the end of the year?
A: Yeah, if I could get a title fight, that would be awesome.

Q: Do you know how active you wanna be this year?
A: As active as possible. I take fights when I can get them. I was trying to get fights since my last fight but I couldn't get anyone to stick.

Q: The important question is, if you win, will we see the back-flip?
A: Oh sure! I have a plethora of flips if you wish to see any flips.

Q: So you take requests?
A: Sure haha. As long as I can do it, I will try it.

Q: Does not getting to train with other females hamper you at all?
A: I only train with one person. I train with Eric Hibler and he is something, he is tough. He is a pro, he fought against Rich Crunkleton and Jens Pulver.

Q: You have gotten some attention with your fights, do you have to be careful not to let it get to your head?
A: I come from a large family. I don't let attention go to my head. I don't get any attention at all sadly haha.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: I have to thank my coach Eric, he puts up with me every day. My family is super supportive of me. Intimidation sent me some shirts. Nichole (Long) and the NAAFS. You are cool to.


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