Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jasminka Cive Interview

One of the highly anticpiated fights at the next Invicta on April 5th is Jasminka Cive vs Bec Hyatt. Made even more so by some words that have been said by both. While maybe not known as well to U.S. fans, an impressive performance where Cive shows the skill she does in facot posses, she could quickly become a very popular fighter in the U.S., and she has the right opponent as Hyatt is the kind of fighter that will make this an exciting Fight of the Night candidate.

Q: Before we talk about your upcoming fight, can you talk about how you got interested in training for the sport?
A: In my Muay Thai-time, I was referee in a MMA-fight and I was so excited about that fight, I loved it from the first time and decided to do it myself. Only 5 weeks later I made my MMA debut and won by submission!

Q: Was your family o.k. with you fighting?
A: My parents are ok with it, but my mother would rather want me to do something else, where I can´t get hurt. I guess that’s how mums are, and I love her for that.

Q: You are fighting Bec Hyatt, how do you feel you match up with her?
A: I think it will be a fun fight that can stand or go to the ground, depending on how we attack eatch other. I think it will be a good fight for the fans. I don´t know about Bec, but you can expect some fireworks on my part.

Q: Where do you feel you hold the biggest advantage?
A: I think I can knock her out, but I also train a lot on the ground, so either way I am very comfortable. I just want to put on a show, because that is what the fans want. If I have fun in there, the W will come by itself.

Q: She has said she will knock you out, do you take that as an insult, or motivation or both?
A: She said so much in the last weeks, that´s just Bec, trying to push my buttons. If you know me, I am a very calm person, that doesn't go under my skin. I´ll be ready and do my thing and do the talking in the cage.

Q: There has been a lot of talk between you guys, how did it get started?
A: It started with a joke, that is also a fact, I guess. My fiancée said (to Bec) that she should train more and not be on Facebook 24/7 otherwise she is only the Facebook Champion. Something like that. She thought he provoked her and told him that he is ugly, smack talked his tattoos, said he's on roid rage etc.
After months she brought it back up and they smack talked some more (to each other), which she tried to be the victim and make him the bad guy. I didn't see that at first, only after an Australian fan of mine, (yeah I know, ironic isn’t it?) told me via Twitter. Then a lot of people insulted me on Facebook and Twitter and said some horrible things. I don´t know if that´s what Bec wanted, or if that's her character, but I think Invicta didnt like that behavior. However, I don´t get involved in child´s play and show respect to my opponents. Never will do crap like that and on the other hand, I don't take it seriously. Why should I? I try to stay professional, that’s what I did for my whole career.

Q: When something like that happens, and you really dislike the person, when you do fight her, does it make it harder to stick to a game plan and not let anger make you do something you shouldn't do?
A: Like I said, I am a calm person and can control my emotions, which means I am all good and will stick to my game-plan. No problem there, Bec had her fun.

Q: With the style you both have, this could end up being the most exciting fight of the night, would you agree with that?
A: I totally agree and like I said before I will bring my part to make it exciting. Hopefully she doesnt only talk but does her part as well.

Q: What did you think of her performance against Carla Esparza?
A:I think she layed on her back for 5 rounds. Couldnt show much. I don´t mean this in a bad way, but that’s how it was, Carla dominated and earned that win. Even in round one Carla nearly submitted her with that rear-naked choke.

Q: Invicta is a huge thing for women's MMA. What does it mean to you to fight for Invicta?
A: I am really happy to finally get the chance to fight for Invicta. I wanted it for a really long time. I was scheduled to fight at Invicta 2, but it didnt happen because of visa problems. Finally I can catch up on it now. It was a dream of mine to fight in the U.S., and also a dream to fight at Invicta. I am really happy to be part of it.

Q: Do you have a prediction?
A: I will win this fight!

Q: After this fight, any idea what you want next, or are you just taking it one fight at a time?
A: I respect all my opponents, everyone that steps into the cage, which means I don´t make that kind of predictions and go from fight to fight. There are a lot deserving girls out there that fought longer in Invicta than me. I have to pay my dues and will take who Invicta gives me.

Q: Before we finish, anyone you wanted to thank?
A: I want to thank my German management, which made all this finally come true, also Slade Bittler from Tussle who helped out a lot as well, my sponsors that back me up for years and all my team mates for being there for me and getting me ready for this fight. I also send a special thank you to Invicta, which gave me this chance.


  1. Impressive Interview!!!!
    Good Luck Jasminka!!!

  2. Very Classy!
    Go fuck Bec up, Jasminka!!!

  3. excellent interview.

    Bec is a 23-year-old beginner, who's fighting only since 3 (!!!) years and she's also actin' like that.
    Her childish behaviour and assertions are significant for someone, who's in a blue funk...

  4. Bec is a child and very embarrassing for the sport!!!!
    Please teach her some manners, Jasminka!