Friday, March 22, 2013

IFBB Pro Jill Rudison Interview

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Jill Rudison achieved her goal of winning her pro card at North Americans. Now with physique being added to the Olympia, Jill's next goal is to be on the Olympia stage. In her last interview she said she was on a mission to improve her legs and glutes, and says she has accomplished that. An improved Jill Rudison is definitely a legitimate Olympia contender.

Q: It hasn't been a real long time, but has it really sunk in that you are a pro now?
A: Yes! I think it really started getting real when I started prepping and the countdown. It was the wake-up call. It made me more excited to start prep.

Q: Has it made you work harder in the sense that you feel it is something you have to live up to?
A: Yes, I would say turning pro has definitely made me work harder because it took me so long to get that pro card. You want the pro card and look up to so many people that have it. You admire them for different physical features or attributes that they have. So now, to be like "these are the girls I get to share the stage with" has made me work harder. Now I am not admiring them from the audience, I am actually standing alongside them vying for the same victory. It gives you the ability to have more self encouragement. I wanna live up to my own hype, be all that and a bag of chips. I don't wanna feel like I didn't do something I could have done to improve myself.

Q: Do you feel it has given you more responsibility as far as how you interact with fans and things?
A: I think being a professional in this sport, once you go pro, it is almost like you pass through this invisible gate where you have almost a moral obligation to be aware of fans and supporters and be more attentive to them. They are the same people who cheered you on from the beginning and it has been a big help getting me where I am now. As outgoing as I am, I am also very introverted, so for me it is sometimes difficult to go out knowing that you have eyes on you or people are scrutinizing you more than they used to. You cant blend in or hide. To be in this position, you should be open and welcoming to fans and supporters, people who have questions or want to pick your brain. Everybody has their favorite athletes and heroes and you never know if you might be that person to somebody. It is important to further the awareness of the sport and fandom, to build it, it is still a new category. Everything we do the next couple years is gonna shape the division.

Q: What is the best thing about being a pro?
A: I think it's the possibilities that I have available to me now. That I could qualify to go to the Olympia this year. That is huge because before it was just a dream. It still is a dream but now because I am a pro, it is a valid possibility, it could happen. That makes it a lot cooler. This are closer to reality. It is baby steps and I am getting there.

Q: When are you making your pro debut?
A: I will be making my pro debut three weeks from tomorrow at Jon Lindsay's Muscle Contest Grand Prix in Culver City. Like five miles from my house.

Q: Last time we did this you said you were on a continual mission to improve your legs and glutes, have you furthered that mission?
A: Since the last time we spoke, yes I feel I have accomplished my mission of improving my legs and glutes. My glutes have made leaps and bounds. For a long time I had white girl no-ass-at-all syndrome. Thankfully with a lot of plyos and kickbacks and curtsy lunges and squats and walking lunges, my glutes and hamstrings I feel have made big improvements.

Q: Do you expect to be more nervous to get on a pro stage than in the past?
A: Yes! I expect to be more nervous than in a very long time. As much as everything is exactly the same, this is the first time, it will be different. I feel like I will be super excited but it is like a born-again situation, like where I have done it before but it has been awhile so let's see if I can ride this bike. I read a great quote today that says "things never happen the same way twice." While I have done it before, it is completely different. I am really excited to make my pro debut and will be more excited to get past it. It will be under my belt and the Orlando show is gonna be hot on its heels and that nervousness will be out of my system.

Q: Is there anyone you look forward to sharing a pro stage with?
A: A lot of girls. Pretty much all the girls. I am excited to share a stage with Karina Nascimento, I am a big fan of hers, Jillian Reville and I are friends and is will be exciting to share a stage with her, Toni West, I am a big fan of her physique, Patricia Mello, Juliana Malacarne, there are so many women I am excited. It's like "wow, I actually get to stand up here next to you guys, this is cool." I am gonna totally geek out.

Q: Stage presence is really important. A lot of people try and get the judges attention, but you have this look like you are demanding the judges to look at you. Is that something you work on, does it come natural or do you not even realize it?
A: Until you said it I didn't even realize I command attention rather than ask for it. I am stoked to know that is what I do. I guess it just comes naturally. I am a Leo, I am an attention whore, I like to be on stage an perform. I am textbook Leo. If you get me warmed-up, I will never shut up and never leave the stage. I am nervous till that point. I didn't realize I did that but it is awesome. For the two or three minutes I am on stage, you are stuck listening to my music, stuck watching me, stuck watching my routine, so you better enjoy it.

Q: Early on a lot of people weren't sure what the judges wanted for physique, do you think competitors are getting a better idea?
A: I still think there is some question-ability as to what exactly they are looking for. With anything, when it starts out, you have to dial it in and draw up a formula that works. You are seeing more consistency now. At first it was described as figure with muscle, it wasn't even a step down from bodybuilding, just figure with muscle. For awhile the bigger girls wouldn't do so well and everyone would scratch their heads going "wait a minute, you said this was figure with muscles so why are we getting slapped on the wrist for having muscles?" Then people started to get down to much and in recent months like at Nationals and me at North Americans, you saw the bigger girls show up and get their pro card. I don't know if it was just those particular shows cause they are known for liking a little more muscle on you or this is the direction we are going. They are starting to figure out the look. The whole question was if it was a step down from bodybuilding or step up from figure and I think now we have some amazing pros that have amazing symmetry, amazing stage presence, beautiful women who represent the sport and division. The organization might not know what is is looking for yet but when it gets on stage, they know it when they see it. So far that seems to be what is driving it. It is working so far.

Q: Safe to say the Olympia is the goal?
A: That would be the goal for this year. The real goal is win the Olympia, but the step down goal is just to compete. Winning is the big bonus goal.

Q: What is the strangest or funniest comment or remark you have heard when someone saw your physique?
A: Jason, I get creepy emails daily. I could do a pick of the day. The weirdest, which coincidentally a couple of my friends have gotten from this gentleman as well, so as special as I felt, it made me feel less special. I got an email email from this guy Juwan, whose mother works at Wall-Mart and he gets Wall-Mart gift cards. He wanted me to describe what it would be like to fart on his mother. I kid you not. I posted it on Twitter cause I thought no one would believe me. Granted, he is a sweet kid, but obviously he knows what he likes. That was probably the strangest and a couple bodybuilder friends have gotten it from him as well.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: My coach and trainer, the amazing Chris Cormier. He is awesome, he is my friend, my coach, he drives me crazy sometimes, but he always has my best interest at heart and takes care of me in this crazy industry. Also a shout out to my friend Brad Rowe who does my food prep. His company is Proformance Food. He is amazing. Thanks to family and friends who put up with my crappy attitude during prep. Thanks so a special person who has always been my biggest supporter, he knows who he is.

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