Sunday, December 11, 2011

Spotlight Interview: Melody Melo

Melody Melo started powerlifting at the age of 12. It took her no time at all to realize she loved it...... and that she was damn good at it. To this day she continues to show how good she is at it, posting some amazing lifts and competition wins. Her newest goal is to compete in Physique. Her goal is to turn pro while still a teenage (she is 18). While that is a challenging goal and one that will not be easy, Melody has proven she can do the work and it would be very hard to bet against her.

Q: First, for those who may not be familiar, can you talk about how you got started in powerlifting?
A: I got started at age 12. My parents both did it. I took after my mother. My was the trainer for both of us. I went to one of her meets and as soon as she was done I said "I want to get involved in this". So ever since then I have been powerlfiting. It was different, especially for my age when I started.

Q: At that young age, did you have a lot of friends who were confused by your desire to work so hard at this?
A: Actually I did. I still do to this day. I always tell them if they are my true friend they will understand why I do this and the reason. It's something I love to do and I will never stop. So if you are a true friend you will stick by me.

Q: Did you lose friends over it?
A: I did, but I always kept good friends close to me. I have a certain amount of friends I keep close to me and they understand why I do this.

Q: Not just the age, but did you run into many people who said powerlifting was a "man" sport?
A: Oh of course. Going through high school I got negative comments and feedback. But I was raised to just push that aside and do what I love to do. If I had listened to that in eight and ninth grade I wouldn't be as successful as I am today. A lot of people say it's a man sport, but any woman can do what men do. It doesn't faze me when I hear that.

Q: A lot of people may not know just how much you have accomplished. For those people can you share some of your best lifts or achievements?
A: Of course. I started at age 12. I did my first meet at age 13. I would do all the local meets in New York. I probably did over meets. I have won every meet. First place in every single one. My record is at age 17 I deadlifted 500 pounds, I do where a suit, cause I sumo deadlift. I have not benched or squatted in a meet yet, but my records in the gym are I benched 350 and squatted 475 with the suit I wear to deadlift. So every competition I do, I go in with a positive energy. I have done three Pros vs Joe's with RX Muscle. I won in Chicago, and the one before that I won the one max deadlift challenge. I came in third in the rep competition in all three events. I did a strong woman competition at age 16 and came in third against top national competitors. Now that I am older and gained muscle maturity I want to get into Physique and am working on that now.

Q: What made you decide to compete and why physique over bodybuilding?
A: What made me decide to compete is, like any competitor in powerlifting or strong man, or anything, you can only do it for so long. Powerliftingtakes a toll on your body after so many years. I decided to do physique because I am only 5'1" an it's hard for me to gain so much weight and hold the right amount of mass. So my coach Stan Edffering who is known as the White Rhino, I was with him in Chicago over the weekend. I always wanted to do bodybuilding, but in reality I cant keep up with these women. me being my height and the muscle mass I have, physique is my best goal and a lot of people agree with that. Honestly, its more fun, with the posing, rather than Figure. Anyone who competes I respect, but I love the posing, routines and muscle mass.

Q: Are there any competitors you look up to?
A: Oh yes! I look up to Gina Stone. She is a physique competitor. I am very close to her. She has helped me out. And Dana Linn Bailey, who has her own line, Flag Nor Fail. Those are the two main girls I look up to and want to be on stage with.

Q: For you, what are the main differences in training for that and for the stage?
A: Its funny because I just started a diet so I will ease into it. With powerlifting, I can eat often, eat what I want and train how I want, focus on strength, rather than high rep and less weight. Training for physique is so much harder than getting ready for a meet. Because I can hold as much fat as I want and be as strong as I want, there are no limits. In physique you have to watch what you eat and how you train. So right now I focus on physique training.

Q: When do you want to be ready to compete?
A: Like I said, I started dieting when I got back from Chicago. I will do it for ten weeks. Dan wants me to do a show in may or April. its my first time dieting so I don't know what my body will look like. If he likes how I turn out or has to add something, we will. So I am dieting to see how my body looks. So maybe in spring time.

Q: If you were to look in a mirror right now, what improvements would you say you want to improve on your physique before you get on stage?
A: I have a lot, but my main ones are abs and build my delts, give them more shape. I have to stay off the body fat and have my body shape itself, bring out more definition pose more and get used to this lifestyle.

Q: I have seen some of your posing videos. Do you think people realize how hard it is to learn posing?
A: I will tell you what. When I was powerlifting I never thought of hitting a pose. It takes a lot out of you. People think is just posing. You have to hold them, hit it right, hit the muscle the judges want to see and hold the pose, hold the breath, squeeze, its hard, it takes a toll on your body. I have so much respect for people who can hold those poses on stage. I am prepping myself for that mentally and physically.

Q: You just started doing webcams on Her Biceps. Why did you start doing that?
A: When I do my webcam on Her Biceps, I keep it to a limit. I talk about my training, my strength, and do posing. Its to get my name out and show progress. I don't go on as often as others. I go on when I feel I am looking my best. It lets people know what you accomplished.

Q: You have some projects coming up, do you want to talk about that?
A: Yes I would love to. I am sponsored by SciLabs Nutrition. We just sponsored a new athlete, Eric Lilliebridge, he is a 21 year old powerlifter. He has a record 800 pound deadlift at age 18. I am working with him. We are doing a booth in March at the All natural show in Ohio and traveling all over. I have my own show coming out in January called Iron Princess show. Its about my lifestyle, how I train, interviews, training with people, traveling. I also work with Gas Face films. My producer and manager Rony is going to get all that together. I have my website launching. It will be linked with my online show. It will be unique, about me, my training and stuff. I will be getting ready for the Arnold's, and getting ready to compete as a physique competitor. That's my main focus now I do want to get my pro card as a teenager. I have two years for that. I have a fitness expo in Arizona January 7th. i will be a special guest with Eric. Doing demos, posing routine, and my own display table handing out supplements. My agenda is tight, but physique and diet come first.

Q: Before we finish, anyone you want to thank?
A: My family and friends, SciLabs Nutrition, RX Muscle, Species Nutrition, Iron Mulisha, Silks Athletics, Iron Asylum, Gas Face Films, Rony Orta, Eric Lilliebridge, my coach Stan Edffering and Dave Palumbo.

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