Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spotlight Interview: IFBB Pro Karly Woodle

Since winning her Pro card very early in he competing career, Karly Woodle has continued to improve with each show. She looked great this year competing at both the St. Louis Pro and the Phoenix Pro. As you will read, she knows what improvements she needs to make, and will no doubt make them. In my opinion Karly will one day be on stage at the Olympia.

Q: Were you athletic at all growing up?
A: Not really. I was a tomboy but I was rather clumsy. I think I fell of the monkey bars a few times and broke some bones.

Q: How did you start with weight training?
A: I kinda worked out on my own, but was never able to put on muscle. I found out later on t was my nutrition habits, I didn't know how to eat right. So when I met my trainer she said I had a good genetic structure to compete. So, I was kind of bored and it was something new.

Q: How long were you seriously training before you competed?
A: About a year and a half before I first got on stage.

Q: When you first started competing, did you ever think it would get to where it is now?
A: Not really. I didn't know what it was about, that it was a sport in and of itself. It was like "that looks fun, lets get on stage". I am still trying to figure out all the ins and outs of the game.

Q: Not knowing what it was about, and having done it, what was the biggest surprise about it?
A: I didn't realize your body could get that lean. It's a mental game more than a physical game. I thought it was day in and out go to the gym and eat right. There is so much more of a mental challenge to it. I think that's what a lot of people don't understand. It kind of makes it more fun.

Q: You won your Pro card at the 2009 Jr. Nationals. What went through your mind when you realized you were getting it?
A: I was really excited. It was my third show ever. I had no idea, no expectations. I had never done a National show and didn't know what it would be like. It was overwhelming.

Q: Did you think going in, that you had a shot?
A: I guess I didn't really know. I was kinda doing it because it was a fun thing, which it still is, but you put more stress on yourself knowing who you are against. At that show I was doing it just to do it.

Q: Your first Pro show, did you feel you belonged or have to convince yourself?
A: I kinda had to convince myself because there was pressure to take it up a notch. I over dieted for that show, had more stress in my life than I should have. There was more pressure definitely.

Q: For a competitor, what is the difference between amateur shows and Pro shows?
A: There is less girls. There is a level of competition at amateur shows because there are so many more girls, they are nice girls. Pro shows, we are already there, at the level we wanna be at, so it seems everyone is more friendly.

Q: This year you did the St. Louis and Phoenix Pro shows. Where you happy with how you did?
A: I think I am still trying to Figure out the right formula for the best look on stage. At St. Louis I was happier, but I carried more muscle and they weren't looking for as much. I was told to bring it down. My conditioning could have been better and I wanna work on that this year.

Q: That leads to my next question. Besides conditioning, for 2012 what improvements do you want to make?
A: I want to bring my legs down a bit, and basically bring them in That's kind of my Achilles heel you could say. My quad sweeps are too big. So to get that physique they are looking fro now, that Y shape, I wanna bring my legs down and be more conditioned.

Q: You mentioned carrying more muscle. With that being said, would you or have you considered Physique?
A: I briefly thought about it, but I wanna wear heels on stage. If they could wear heels I might try haha.

Q: For a competitor does being a Pro carry more responsibility?
A: I think in a way it does because everyone who competes, people are looking up to you. its something people cant or wont do. So as a Pro you have gone above and beyond. So at that point its better to carry yourself with more dignity. The more you got out there the more personality you have. You see that with Nicole Wilkins and Erin Stern, people know who they are. Like celebrities, they are more likely to carry themselves in a more respectable way.

Q: Can you give a brief example of your training routine?
A: Mine ha stayed pretty much the same. I do a three day split. Back and biceps, and then you have chest, shoulders and triceps, and leg days. My leg days have dropped off a bit, so its mainly hamstrings and a lot of plyometrics, so they don't grow anymore. Trying to stay heavier on shoulders and get those developed.

Q: I was told to ask you this. Someone said they always notice your shoulders and delts, so can you give her an example of your shoulder workout?
A: They get attention? haha. I usually do a military press or smith press with 40 or 50 pounds, front raises with plates, pushdowns for triceps, lateral raise, rear delts. I usually do it in a circuit. Sometimes I do two shoulder days. Heavier the first day. Whatever it takes to get it all dialed in.

Q: When you are at the gym, do you get a lot of unwanted attention?
A: You know what? I have been at the same gym for so long, I got to know everyone, and all that stuff out of the way early on. I find when you are getting ready for a show, dieted down, tired and hungry, and don't wanna talk, that's when people wanna talk, and say "whens your show" or "what are you eating". That's the only time I say "Please don't talk to me."

Q: In public, do you dress down, or show it off, or whatever you feel like that day?
A: I just do whatever I feel like. Sometimes you wanna show it off. But regular clothes or not, people can see your shape. They will make a comment, positive or negative, its their opinion. I have tried to cover up so they don't say things, but they still do. So you gotta wear what you want to and who cares what they think.

Q: Is the Olympia the ultimate goal?
A: Yeah it would be. I think more so, just getting my name out there. The Olympia is almost a crap shoot to get into, cause you have to win or be 2nd place. So it would be ideal, but if I can be a positive role model, that does more for me.

Q: Before we finish, anyone you wanna thank?
A: Definitely my trainer Patty. I was a skinny little girl when I met her, so this is all her doing. My sponsors Serious Nutrition Solutions. I started with them in August and they have great products and helped at the end of the year. My family and friends, the ones who do support me.

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