Thursday, July 7, 2011

Diane's Diary by Diane Mueller

Inspiration comes in many forms and from many different sources. Sometimes being in a certain place motivates us, seeing a movie, reading a book and sometimes we are motivated by associating with a particular person. What motivates you? What things in your life make you train heavier and push harder than you normally do with your own methods? Admittedly physique competitors, meaning bodybuilders, figure or fitness competitors need to be self-motivated. There has to be a desire from deep within to create the best physique possible. Without the internal drive to become the best you possibly can be, a competitor would never follow a strict contest diet for months or make daily dates with the gym for years on end, all the while attempting to maintain as normal of a social life as possible. However, living the life of a competitor and having a social life are two terms that don’t really go together. I can recall numerous family functions, gatherings of friends and many other fun events that I’ve had to pass the opportunity to go to simply because I was prepping for a show and it wouldn’t have been in my best interest to attend. That doesn’t make me special, it simply makes me dedicated to a goal. The same can be said for practically every competitor I know. As competitors, we all recognize that for us to have the best chance of accomplishing our goal there are certain things we must do for us to have the best opportunity at success. Success is never a given, but one thing that is a given is; without discipline there will be no success as a competitor. This brings me back to the original question I posed, “What motivates you?”

Many people find motivation from conversing with other competitors, people who share the same goals and disciplines. There’s a kindred spirit quality amongst competitors that most non-competitors don’t understand. The only people who can honestly understand the sacrifices that a competitor must make are other competitors. Closely related to conversing with other competitors for motivation is working with and training with a mentor. Training with someone you admire can inspire a newfound passion and confidence than you ever thought possible. This is something I discovered last year, when I began training with the natural female bodybuilder I admired the most, and my current Coach, Jennifer Abrams. Jennifer’s massive physique was ingrained in my mind from the very first moment I saw her compete. After observing her stage presence, poise, confidence, and posing routines, it was clear to me that the woman was an artist. Artistry in her ability to perfectly sculpt her physique, to the grace in which she performs her guest posing routines, I knew she was the ideal person to help me make the necessary improvements to my own stage presence and posing concerns. Her assistance grew from working with me on my posing and routine, to helping me with my weight training. Ultimately I became a member of Team Abrams, a group of individuals that she personally prepares for their competition experience. I competed in 3 shows last year under her guidance and I had never been better prepared, more confident or more motivated to succeed in any of my previous years of competing combined. When you find the person who inspires you and is able to bring out the very best in you, then you have found your mentor. My competition life and bodybuilding career has skyrocketed since finding my mentor. Jennifer makes me believe there are no limits and that my potential is endless. Now that’s what I call: Inspiration.

Another shining example of creating motivation through working with someone you admire was evidenced by my friend, and Big Rig Supplements teammate, Jeanette Samuelson. Jeanette is currently putting the finishing touches on her prep-work for the NPC Southern States Championships. She is a veteran figure competitor who has more than enough self-motivation to compete and be successful in this show on her own accord. However, even she knows, there’s no substitute for a dose of last minute inspiration. And inspiration is exactly what she received, when she had a posing practice session with IFBB professional, Ava Cowan. A private session with an industry superstar like Ms Cowan would certainly make any amateur competitor green with envy, but for Jeanette, it was the final piece of prep-work to push her to the top. Jeanette describes the session as an amazing and extremely beneficial experience. Not only did Ava work with her to perfect her t-walk and posing, but she went so far as to practice a pose down with her. Jeanette says she was on cloud 9 the remainder of the day, and has her stage smile and signature poses ready to go. There’s no doubt in my mind that Jeanette will be a huge force to be reckoned with July 8th and 9th in Ft. Lauderdale.

Wherever your goals and passions lie, make sure you push as hard as you can and strive to be your absolute best. Always follow the dream that’s in your heart and delight in every stepping stone you cross along the way. Remember, the smallest stepping stone could turn out to be the catalyst that catapults you to the next level. Success doesn’t happen over night, it comes from years of hard work and taking advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. The simplest opportunity can yield career altering effects on your ability to reach your goals. My opportunity came from meeting and training with my mentor. Once my confidence level had improved, my entire outlook on the bodybuilding and fitness industry as a whole has improved. Now that my vision has cleared, I can see that even the sky is NOT the limit. Onward and upward.

Thank you to my sponsors: and Big Rig Supplements for your support of me and my bodybuilding goals. I would also like to thank my Coach and my mentor, Jennifer Abrams. My life has changed for the better since the day I met you and it is my pleasure to help pay your kindness forward. If you or anyone you know is interested in competing for the first time, or are already a competitor looking to take your physique to the next level or in perfecting your stage presence, please contact Jennifer at: or look her up at

Until next time, train heavy, train hard, and train NATURAL!!

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