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NAAFS Proving Grounds Series 3 Report

This is my report on the NAAFS Proving Grounds Series 3 on February 12th. As I have said before, I love this series. It gives young fighters a chance to fight for a top notch organization and prove what they can do and work their way to the NAAFS bigger shows. As always, Greg Kalikas, Nichole Long and the NAAFS put on a great fan friendly show.

1. Amateur Lightweight
Michael Buck (0-0 Team Independent MMA) vs Chris Lanci (0-0 Independent)

RD 1: Lanci lands a leg kick and takes it down, but ends up on bottom. Buck gets side control and lands several nice knees to the body. Lanci makes a nice attempt at a sweep but is unable to get it. The ref warns them to get active or he will stand them. This gets Buck to move into mount. Lanci does a nice job holding him close, till Buck postures up and lands ground and pound until Lanci gives up his back. Buck begins trying for the rear naked choke until Lanci rolls back over. Buck lands more ground and pound forcing the ref to step in

Result: Michael Buck by TKO at 2:36 of RD 1

2. Amateur Middleweight
Dustin Wentz (1-0 Team Independent MMA) vs Dave Lastafka (1-0 Vanyo Fight Team)

RD 1: Lastafka has huge crowd support. Wentz gets a nice takedown and lands in guard. Lastafka tries going for an armbar from the bottom forcing Wentz to start throwing punches. Lastafka doesn't give up on the arm and gets a kimura for the tap.

Result: Dave Lastafka by tapout (Kimura) at :44 of RD 1

3. Chico Torres (1-3 Independent) vs Josh Krizan (1-0 Independent)
RD 1: Torres comes out throwing wild punches but Krizan ducks and takes him down. Krizan gets side control and then his back. Krizan is looking for the rear naked choke and then starts landing punches and forces Torres to tap.

Result: Josh Krizan by tapout (Strikes) at :57 of RD 1

4. Amateur Featherweight
Derek Schultz (0-0 Ohio BJJC) vs Troy Descenzo (1-0 Vanyo Fight Team)

RD 1: They open trading leg kicks. Descenzo works hard for a takedown and finally gets it. Schultz gets back up quickly and Descenzo again tries to get a double leg.. He gets the takedown and gets his back. Schultz defends really well. They stay in this position with little action. Descenzo gets his hooks in and flattens him but can't get the choke as the round ends.
I scored it 10-9 Descenzo

RD 2: Two front kick by Descenzo to start the round and Schultz lands some punches. Schultz throws him down and gets his back. Descenzo is able to pull guard. Schultz moves into side control and lands some hammer fists and gets his back but Descenzo again pulls guard. Schultz gets his back one more time but isn't throwing enough from this position, He finally starts throwing some good strikes and looks for the choke as the round ends
I scored it 10-9 Schultz

RD 3: Descenzo lands a good leg kick. They trade punches and Descenzo lands a good leg kick. Descenzo starts looking real tired. Schultz goes for a takedown but Descenzo gets his back from it and starts looking for the choke, but his hooks were too high. Descenzo then flattens him and lands some short punches an then gets the choke for the tap.

Result: Troy Descenzo by tapout (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:44 of RD 3

5. Amateur Heavyweight
Aaron Garrett (4-3 Independent) vs Terry Smith (4-3 Instigator Fight Team)

RD 1: Garrett lands a good leg kick. They clinch against the cage where Smith lands a couple knees, but one goes low forcing a time out. Garrett lands a great leg kick and they clinch against the cage where Garrett lands a foot stomp. Real battle for position here in the clinch. Not much action for a short time so the ref separates them. Both miss punches and clinch against the cage again as round ends.
I scored it 10-9 Garrett

RD 2: They trade hard punches and Smith forces the clinch on the cage. Smith lands good shots in the clinch. Smith then lands some light knees and then Garret lands a couple knees and Smith answers with good punches. Garret uses a foot stomp and Smith comes back with more punches.
I scored it 10-9 Smith

RD 3: Nice cross by Garrett. Smith forces the clinch against the cage again. Smith lands short body punches and Garrett gets a takedown and lands in half guard. Smith is able to avoid damage until Garrett lands a good elbow to the body. Smith uses a nice sweep to get on top and land some punches to end the round.
I scored it 10-9 Smith
My score card: 29-28 Smith

Result: Terry Smith by Unanimous Decision (29-28/29-28/29-28)

6. Amateur Light Heavyweight
Tony Hodges (2-0 Independent) vs Nick Wenzel (2-2 Vanyo Fight Team)

RD 1: Lots of feinting by both but no throwing. Hodges lands a good punch and Wenzel counters with a couple. More moving around but no action. Wenzel gets a takedown but Hodges gets right back up. Wenzel gets another takedown but Hodges hooks a guillotine for the tap.

Result: Tony Hodges by tapout (Guillotine) at 2:21 of RD 1

7. KJ Hanna (8-5 Pain Headquarters) vs Corey Ruthsatz (4-4 Evolve MMA)

RD 1: Ruthsatz gets a beautiful takedown and pushes him against the cage. He postures up and lands some strikes. He then stands up and takes his back. Hanna gets him back in half guard. Ruthsatz lands some short punches. Hanna does a good job avoiding much damage, Ruthsatz gets his back again and looks for a choke. Hanna rolls on top as the round ends.
I scored it 10-9 Ruthsatz

RD 2: Ruthsatz shoots in and gets the takedown and side control. Hanna gets him into half guard and then full guard. Hanna is more active from the bottom here. Hanna manages to shove him off and get on top and lands some good strikes from the guard. Nice job switching between body and head. Ruthsatz goes for and gets an armbar for the tap.

Result: Corey Ruthsatz by tapout (Armbar) at 2:48 of RD 2

8. Amanda Wilcoxen (6-1 Team Break It) vs Lalani Malley (3-0 Team One)

RD 1: Malley lands some good strikes. They clinch on the cage and Wilcoxen goes for a single leg takedown and drop's down and pulls guard. Nice hammer fists by Malley. Wilcoxen goes for an armbar but Malley pulls out. Malley gets her back but Wilcoxen rolls on top and then Malley gets her back again. Malley is looking for the rear naked. Malley gets the mount and lands a hammer fist to end the round.
I scored it 10-9 Malley

RD 2: Good inside leg kick by Malley and then some good punches. Wilcoxen shoots in but gets stuffed. Malley lands more strikes including a nice leg kick. She throws more strikes and Wilcoxen shoots in but Malley gets mount and lands some good ground and pound and the ref stops it.

Result: Lalani Malley by TKO at 2:41 of RD 2

Submission of the Night: Corey Ruthsatz

KO of the Night: Lalani Malley

Fight of the Night: Derek Schultz vs Troy Descenzo

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