Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lalani Malley Interview

I had the pleasure on February 12th of watching Lalani Malley fight Amanda Wilcoxen for the NAAFS. Lalani won in the 2nd round via TKO. As I said in her first interview, Lalani is so loaded with potential. I think she is one of the top ammy fighters around. So is Amanda, which makes Lalani's win even more impressive. I got to talk to her afterwards and also, she is a very sweet girl. Very fun to talk to. Lalani is easily one of my favorite fighters and am so excited to see her continue to progress.

Q: First, Lalani I want to thank you for taking the time to do another interview.
A: No, problem and thank you for taking the time to interview me again.

Q: For those who missed your first interview can you start out by telling a little about yourself.
A: Well, my name is Lalani Malley I am a Mancao also. I grew up in Oregon, North Carolina and Cebu, Philippines. I didn't grow up rich so everything I did, I worked hard for. I am also the grand daughter of a Judo Master.

Q: Congrats on your win against Amanda Wilcoxen. It was a great win over a talented fighter.
A: Thank you , She is a great person and very gifted on the ground.

Q: Where would you rank this fight as far as biggest accomplishments in the sport?
A: I would rank it my toughest fight yet, we took each other to the second and plus we were the main event. Not to bad for two Ammy ladies, with skills.

Q: What did you know about Amanda as far as her style and what her strengths are?
A: For me she is a ground game person, I knew she had excellent armbars. and I knew she has so much heart.

Q: Did she fight as you expected?
A: Yes, she did. I knew she wouldn't want any of my hands. I am gifted at connecting.

Q: In round one, you clearly had the striking advantage. Were you hoping to keep it standing?
A: I would have taken it either way ground or standing I just didn't want to stay in her guard because its armbar city from there, But I really wanted a KO. Because of some lady problems and being sick and so forth my hands we rent crisp. But I am not going to let that happen again

Q: At one point it looked like she had an armbar. Did she have it and if so, was it tight?
A: She had the armbar position,but I am pretty good at "getting out" of sticky situations , I got no choice because I got some long beefy arms. I pulled out right before she got it in tight.

Q: How confident were you after that first round?
A: Extremely confident, I knew I won first round because of my stand up and the nice scramble, I took her back for a minute, I really wish I would have submitted her, but she is really good on avoiding submission.

Q:You finally stopped her in round two. At one point did you know you had her?
A: From the start of round 2, I knew my hands and my sprawl would stop her. once I mounted her i knew she wouldn't get out, because I got alot of booty and mean abusive hands.

Q: What did you think of Amanda overall as a fighter?
A: Tough as nails, and very good on the ground if she gets those hands right it will suck for her next opponents. Now as a person she is a great one.

Q: What can you learn from this fight?
A: Don't go in sick and train for properly for a fight....and keep heart regardless on the sticky situation.

Q: What did you think of the people involved with the NAAFS?
A: Amazing, The really help young fighters get out their , shoot I think they are more passionate about mma than most of the actual fighters.

Q: How long after a fight do you like to take off before getting back into training hard?
A: I take one week off so I can get my mind right, its alot on a person mentally and physically. plus its draining training all the time especially when your not getting paid :-(

Q: How important is support from family and friends when getting ready to fight?
A: Very, important this time around It really lacked support,it was almost like I was all by myself. My family and I weren't on good terms I was really tore up inside,plus I was sick out of shape and just lonely. My friends though were there for me but its nothing like your blood seeing you succeed.

Q: I often ask what is the biggest misconception people have about female fighters. This time I will ask, what is the biggest misconception people have about Lalani Malley?
A: People think I am angry. In reality I am not I am kind and willing to do anything for people I love. I always have a serious face, but I am such a happy playful person. Past my exterior I am kind ,loving and full of warmth

Q: Finish this sentence. In five years Lalani Malley will be__?
A: A champion

Q: Anybody you want to thank for helping you get ready for the fight and supporting you?
A: Team One Kevin plyes Fred Big Mike Clifton Davis Adam saal John H.

Q: So whats next for you? Any idea when you will be fighting again?
A: I heard its in April can't wait

Q: Anything you want to take this time to plug or promote?
A: Scraps fightwear and 24/7 fitness

Q: Are you looking for sponsors? If so, how can they reach you and what are they getting in Lalani Malley the fighter and person?
A: Yes, I am looking if you are interested contact me on my facebook or my coaches page Kevin Plyes. You'll get an explosive passionate fighter, who never gives up.

Q: Lalani, again I want to thank you. And again, congrats on a great win. Any last words before you go?
A: Thank you God and thank you all my supporters I cant do this without all of you.

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