Monday, February 28, 2011

Deep Squats and Deep Thoughts by Brea Sharron

"Deep Squats and Deep Thoughts"

Hey ya'll! Here's the "deep thought" part of the tittle I've got for ya'll today....
Competition is a team sport. Yes only one of you goes on stage, and blah blah blah, but we as competitors forget all the other people that help us down the road to success. I know personally there is no chance in heck (by the way, I always watch my language) I could have ever even made it to my first show without all the love, support and encouragement I had.
Dieting is hard. No, if, ands, or buts about it, and it sucks. Without the help of friends and family helping you cook, clean or simply just telling you that you look great, (even more is said for the ones understanding not to tempt you into cheating) it sucks even more. I'm am blessed with an amazing mother who really tries, she's learned to hide anything "bad" ideally chocolate my kryptonite in random places in her house so I can come over. Granted she normally ends up telling me where she's hid stuff going "do you want me to tell you where I hid the bag of mini reeses (just the mention of that luscious chocolate and peanut butter combination is currently make my mouth water) is." But hey, I'll go ahead and give her points for effort, and she does tell me when and where my "diet" foods are on sale...
Next on the agenda is training. Ahhemm cardio... Cardio sucks too, not quite as much as dieting but a close second. Without my cardio buddies with me I sure as heck wouldn't have the motivation to keep my happy tail running around like a gerbil on a wheel on that darn treadmill as much as I do. My latest thing is run for two minutes, walk (and talk) at an incline for three and not only do I get a chance to do a little socializing making it more bearable but I've almost always got some one going, time to run again, you need to run, just one more time, you can do it! That all being said I thank the Lord for my best friend Tonya who is preparing for the same shows I am. We both know we'll be right next to each other on stage in the same height class (yes, I found someone who is over the age of 12 who is also 5 feet tall....) but we still say we are a "team" and we can not let the team down! We meet before work for cardio and again at lunch to lift and keep each other accountable and motivated for our workout, saying "do another set that one wasn't hard enough." We constantly text each other throughout the day asking how the others diet is going, reminding each other that we really don't want that cookie in the kitchen at work, and when one of us cooks we cook enough for both to make food prep easier, as well as bringing each other a meal to work if the other one forgot or is out of food. She is amazing, last year it was just me doing this and I had a few buddies but no one to really be there and let me advise anyone, make a friend with a local girl in the same boat is makes things much more enjoyable!!!
On another note I've got to say something for all the coaches out there, this one goes without saying but WE DEFINITELY COULDN'T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU! Not just for all the the expertise to give us the winning edge, but the encouragement and support every step of the way!
My second to last thanks is to all the sponsors and supporters no matter how big or small they may be. The supplement companies who give us a free stuff (yay for shaker cups and samples) or even deals to help the expense of all the darn protein and vitamins, the photographers who do free shoots for us, or the clothing companies who help us make it another day without doing laundry. That being said, don't forget these guys ya'll, do what you can to help them. These are the people who saw the potential in you and helped out before anyone else did. A huge thank you to an awesome guy I'm blessed to call a friend, Mr. Adam Weidel and his new clothing line Silverback Krew (come say hi to me at our booth at the Arnold or All these guys are awesome!
Last but definitely not least is the Lord... I won't get all preachy here but there is absolutely no way I could have made it through all these of contest preps and shows without faith and patience that passes all understanding... So anyways ya'll yes it you all alone on stage but don't forget the everyone who helped you along the way and a humongous THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me!

Quote of the day:
"When it hurts to look back, and you're scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there"

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