Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Fake Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg Interview

The fake interviews I did for some people were popular, so I am doing more from time to time. Note, this is not a real interview, and neither Joe Rogan or Mike Goldberg actually had anything to do with this. It is done in humor as I actually am a big fan of both men's work.

Q: We are joined today by the UFC's main broadcast team, Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg. Guys I want to thank you for taking the time for this.
Mike: Here we go!!!!!!

Q: Mike, it's not a fight, no need for that.
Mike: Exactly

Q: Joe you have been with the UFC a long time, did you ever think it would evolve into what it has become?
Joe: We have come a long way from back when it was Tank Abbott and Paul Varlans types who just hit hard. These guys have evolved into real martial artists. Now these guys are savages who are skilled at so many different things.
Mike: Exactly!
Joe: Back then we were jamming three hundred fans into Bob's BBQ and now we are jamming twenty thousand into this big arenas.
Mike: Exactly!

Q: I think first we gotta talk about Chris Weidman and his knockout of Anderson Silva, now UFC did all they could with the promotional packages to sell fans that Weidman could win that, but did you think it was a realistic possibility.
Joe: That was the best Weidman has ever looked. Silva, it was probably the seventeenth or eighteenth best he has ever looked until he got dropped.
Mike: Anderson Silva was who I considered the pound for pound best. He got dropped with that kick and it was over.
Joe: It was a punch.
Mike: Exactly!

Q: What do you expect in the rematch?
Joe: Who knows. Are we gonna see a new Anderson Silva, a fired up Anderson Silva, a determined Anderson Silva.
Mike: Weidman is the pound for pound best, so I think it is a tough job for Silva.

Q: The biggest one on the horizon is GSP vs Johny Hendricks, Hendricks brings that one punch knockout power and GSP had been caught before by Matt Serra, can it happen again?
Joe: GSP uses great technique. His technique is so technical and when he does the technique you are just amazed at how technical the technique is. So it will be hard. But Hendricks is a savage and is capable of pulling it off.
Mike: Exactly! GSP is the pound for pound best so it is hard to bet against him but Hendricks has been on a roll and we have seen that in his recent fights, most recently his win over Carlos Condit.

Q: If GSP and Silva both win, or even if they lose, do you foresee a GSP vs Silva fight?
Mike: This place is electric.

Q: What? What place is electric?
Mike: I mean that place would be electric. What a fight that would be. The two best pound for pound fighters in the world. They have both been unbeatable.
Joe: Silva just lost.
Mike: Exactly!
Joe: It would be a real battle of technique. GSP has the best wrestling in MMA right now, so he could very well take Silva down but Silva would have the size, so does GSP have the technique to control him once he gets him down.

Q: We have also seen....
Mike: Don't forget to check out the new Kevin James movie, Too Fat to Be Fit But Fitter Than Before. Coming to theaters nationwide September 13th.

Q: Ummm, thanks. As I was saying, we have also seen women fighting in the UFC of late, what has been your take on it so far?
Joe: These are some tough chicks. These aren't two hot chicks just rolling around. This is skilled fighters displaying great technique. Ronda vs Liz was an exciting fight and it has continued to be exciting since then.
Mike: Ronda Rousey is the pound for pound best fighter in the sport. She gets those chokes...
Joe: Arm bars.
Mike: Exactly! She gets them and makes people tap out. When she fought Liz Carmouche, the place was electric.

Q: Joe, you have been vocal about both new gloves or something to help prevent eye pokes as well as the fighters needing to use the Thai cups to prevent low blows hurting so much.
Joe: Yeah, it is crazy how many low blows and eye pokes we have seen. It is dangerous.
Mike: Exactly!

Q: I guess the other big title fight is the Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson fight. Any thoughts on that one?
Mike: Johnny "Bones" Jones is the best pound for pound fighter in the world right now. This is a big step up for Gustafsson.
Joe: Jones has such technique. His technique makes him hard to beat. Gustafsson is a young fighter with nothing to lose and has good technique to. He is a savage and could be a threat to Jones.
Mike: This interview is brought to you by Harley Davidson, the only motorcycle fit to be in the Octagon.

Q: They are actually not sponsoring this interview?
Mike: Sorry, I didn't hear you, I am having a Bud Light, the official beer of the UFC.

Q: I do want to briefly talk about the last two champs to defend, first Demetrious Johnson, he
Joe: Is the fastest guy in the UFC. He is so fast, it's like you see him and then you don't. His technique is incredible. He is cleaning out the division.
Mike: Mighty Mouse may be the best pound for pound fighter in the sport.
Joe: You have said that about a lot of people.
Mike: Exactly!

Q: Also, Jose Aldo, he just beat the Korean Zombie. What did you think of his performance?
Joe: Aldo is a savage. His leg kicks are brutal. Who can forget what he did to people like Urijah Faber. He just throws those leg kicks over and over and you can't stop it.
Mike: Jose Aldo is...

Q: The pound for pound best fighter?
Mike: Exactly!

Q: Well guys, I want to thank you for taking the time out to talk, anything you want to add before we wrap it up?
Joe: Are we done with this thing?
Mike: This broadcast has been brought to you by...

Q: It's not a broadcast.
Mike: Exactly!

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