Thursday, June 20, 2013

Erika Guerra Interview

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Photo 2: Spartan Race
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I have called Erika Guerra "The Natural". I call her that because I feel she is just that, a natural. She was made for this sport. At just twenty-one years of age she won the overall at her first ever show, The Natural Eastern USA's. She then took seventh at the Atlantic States. Clearly not the placing she hoped for, but very good for doing a show that size in your second show. Erika is going to be a very big name in the fitness industry one day.The next step in that progression will be when she steps on the stage again at North Americans.

Q: Your first show, the Natural Eastern USA's, you won the Overall. When you do that in your first show, is it hard not to get a big head?
A: I guess you could say so. Then I went into my second show and it was a letdown almost. All the expectation and you go from that high to that down.

Q: After winning and going to a bigger show, did you know you would still have to make improvements?
A: Definitely! I wanted to make a ton of improvements. I wanted to get my legs leaner and my back wider.

Q: You did the Atlantic States, how confident were you going in?
A: I was pretty confident until I got there. I wasn't expecting such a huge show, my first one was a lot smaller. I got there and it was overwhelming. My confidence wasn't as high as it was for my first show.

Q: For such a big show, besides the size of it, were there any other differences you were not expecting?
A: I think it went as expected. The only thing was the size of it, how many competitors that were there.

Q: Did that many competitors make it intimidating?
A: It was a little intimidating. There is more competition you are up against. I dealt with it fine.

Q: How did you feel about what you brought to the stage?
A: I definitely felt like I made improvements, I felt like I was more muscular. My diet was switched a little bit. It didn't come out how I wanted it to. I wasn't as cut as my first show. In the future I will go back to my original plan.

Q: You took seventh, which is good for a show that size in your second show, but was it hard for you not to be disappointed?
A: Oh yeah, definitely. I go into everything I do giving a hundred percent. I go to win. I expect a lot from myself so it was definitely disappointing.

Q: Did you get right back in the gym or take a few days to be upset?
A: I was back in on Monday. I was excited to go back, I couldn't wait to change my routine a little bit.

Q: When are you competing next?
A: End of August at North Americans.

Q: Were do you want to be better from Atlantic States to North Americans?
A: I definitely think my back still needs to be wider and thicker. Legs, still need to work on legs, they are not where I want them to be. I wanna get my shoulders bigger. Also my posing, I wanna practice my posing more.

Q: You said you are going back to how you prepped the first time, what was different about it?
A: My first show, the day before I carb depleted and had carbs the morning of. This show I carb loaded three days before and the morning of. I think it was too much and I came out not as cut. I did a full week water depletion and I think it made me hold more water.

Q: North Americans is a big show, do you expect to be any more nervous?
A: I think I am passed being nervous. I am excited to show my improvements and hard work. There is always that sense of nervousness when you get to the show but I am ready for it.

Q: I have said you will be a pro one day, but do you have some time-frame where you feel you need your pro card by?
A: I think when I first started and won my first show I felt I had to be a pro as soon as possible. Now I don't have a time limit. I am just enjoying the whole journey and don't have a set time where I need to be a pro.

Q: But the pro card is something important to you correct?
A: Yes!

Q: Is there something specific as to why?
A: The sense of accomplishment. I feel I have wanted it so long and worked so hard to get to that level. It shows my hard work and passion and dedication for the sport.

Q: We have talked before and you mention adding more muscle, is physique still a possibility for you down the line?
A: Yeah definitely. I love the physique look. I think if I can pack on some more muscle I can go into it.

Q: Someone remarked to me just today about your abs, so I have to ask what you do for abs?
A: I actually don't really train abs. People think I do a lot, but I do one ab exercise after my weight training. A lot of leg raises, planks, those are the most common ones I do. I just started doing decline bench crushes with a twenty-five pound plate. I added that and feel it helped with the thickness in my abs. Nothing crazy.

Q: Anyone you want to thank?
A: All my friends and family that support me. Supporting me and being there and understand it is my lifestyle and what I love to do.


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